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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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B38 (Library Box)

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#Box IDTitleAuthorsTypeTagsSearch
1 B38Alejandra VariationsCook, PaulSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
2 B38Amber NineBardner, JohnFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
3 B38Antony and CleopatraShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
4 B38Assault on AgathonCaillou, AlanFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
5 B38Blazing Adventure: Nbr. 1 Scourge of the Steel MaskHogan, Robert JFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
6 B38BoudoirAnonymousFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
7 B38Bride of the Slime MonsterGardner, Craig ShawFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
8 B38Burning ChromeGibson, WilliamSci Fi Cyberpunk, Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
9 B38Castle of Wizardry: Belgariad book 4Eddings, DavidFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
10 B38Castle PerilousDeChancie, JohnFantasy Fantasy, R(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
11 B38CastleviewWolfe, GeneSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
12 B38Coffin and CoSimon, NjamiFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
13 B38Colonies in SpaceHeppenheimer, T ANon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
14 B38Comedy of ErrorsShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
15 B38Crusader: Book I and IICleve, JohnHistorical Fiction Historical Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
16 B38Crusader: Book IIICleve, JohnHistorical Fiction Historical Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
17 B38Crusader: Book V Saladin's SpyCleve, JohnHistorical Fiction Historical Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
18 B38Dead MeetSimon, Roger L.Fiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
19 B38Demon of the Dark OnesVardeman, Robert EFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
20 B38Destroyer: Murder's ShieldSapir, RichardAction Action(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
21 B38Dreams of SteelCook, GlenFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
22 B38Empire of the EastSaberhagen, FredFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
23 B38Enchanters' End GameEddings, DavidFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
24 B38Endless Frontier vol 1Pournelle, J.E.Sci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
25 B38Falcon for a QueenGaskin, CatherineHistorical Fiction Historical Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
26 B38First FlightClaremont, ChrisSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
27 B38Four ComediesShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
28 B38Galactic ConvoyBaldwin, BillSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
29 B38Gate of IvoryEgan, DorisFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
30 B38Great DeliveranceGeorge, ElizabethMystery Mystery(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
31 B38Great ExpectationsDickens, CharlesFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
32 B38Guilt-Edged IvoryEgan, DorisFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
33 B38HamletShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
34 B38IvanhoeScott, Sir WalterHistorical Fiction Historical Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
35 B38John Eagle Expeditor: Brain ScavengersEdwards, PaulFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
36 B38Labyrinth of Dreams: G.O.D. Inc Nbr. 1Chalker, Jack LSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
37 B38Land of LaughsCarroll, JonathanFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
38 B38LiavekShetterly, WillSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
39 B38Little Myth MarkerAsprin, RobertFantasy Fantasy, R(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
40 B38M.Y.T.H. Inc. In ActionAsprin, RobertFantasy Fantasy, R(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
41 B38MacbethShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
42 B38Man Who JapedDick, Philip KSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
43 B38Marching Through GeorgiaStirling, S MSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
44 B38Masters of Space: Stellar Death PlanVardeman, Robert ESci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
45 B38Men of War: vol IIPournelle, J.E.Sci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
46 B38Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk AnthologySterling, BruceSci Fi Cyberpunk, Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
47 B38Myth-ing PersonsAsprin, RobertFantasy Fantasy, R(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
48 B38Nagasaki VectorSmith, L NeilSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
49 B38Nicholas NicklebyDickens, CharlesFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
50 B38Nift the Lean: Raiders of the Infernal Domains!Shea, MichaelFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
51 B38Only in L ASinclair, MurrayFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
52 B38Othello: Moor of VeniceShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
53 B38Pawn of ProphecyEddings, DavidFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
54 B38Pearl, The: Journal of Voluptuous ReadingAnonymousFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
55 B38Pride of ChanurCherryh, C JSci Fi R, Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
56 B38Radio Free AlbemuthDick, Philip KSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
57 B38Revenge of the Fluffy BunniesGardner, Craig ShawFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
58 B38Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPlay Play(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
59 B38Romance of LustAnonymousFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
60 B38Sacred Pipe - Oglala SiouxBlack ElkNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
61 B38Shadow of a Broken ManChesbro, George CMystery Mystery(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
62 B38Slaves of the Volcano GodGardner, Craig ShawFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
63 B38Stalking the Wild Pendulum - On the Mechanics of ConsciousnessBentov, ItzhakNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, R(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
64 B38Stone DogsStirling, S MSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
65 B38SugartownEstleman, Loren DMystery Mystery(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
66 B38SummertideSheffield, CharlesSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
67 B38Tough Luck L ASinclair, MurrayFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
68 B38Two Songs this Archangel Sings: Mongo MysteryChesbro, George CMystery Mystery(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
69 B38Under the YokeStirling, S MSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
70 B38Vang: Military FormRowley, ChristopherSci Fi R, Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
71 B38Vintage StuffSharpe, TomComedy Comedy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
72 B38Who Killed You Cindy Castle? Hitman Nbr. 1Carr, KirbyAction Action(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
73 B38Wild Cards: Vol VII Dead man's HandMartin, George R RSci Fi Sci Fi, Wild Cards (series)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
74 B38Wild Cards: Vol VIII One-Eyed JacksMartin, George R RSci Fi Sci Fi, Wild Cards (series)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
75 B38Wild Cards: Vol XII Turn of the CardsMilan, VictorSci Fi Sci Fi, Wild Cards (series)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
76 B38Wizardry CursedCook, RickFantasy Fantasy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
77 B38Women on TopFirday, NancyNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
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