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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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A83 (Library Box)

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#Box IDTitleAuthorsTypeTagsSearch
1 A83Advanced Technology WarfareFriedman, Col Richard SNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
2 A83Anarchist CookbookPowell, WilliamNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
3 A83Ancient and Medieval WarfareGriess, Thomas EHistory History, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
4 A83Army of Hadrian's WallDobson, BrianHistory History(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
5 A83Art of Flint Knapping, TheWaldorf, DCNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
6 A83Catapult: Harry and I Build a Siege WeaponPaul, JimNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
7 A83Complete Spy: Insiders Guide to the Latest in High-Tech Espionage, TheMcGarvey, RobertNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
8 A83Exotic WeaponsHoy, MichaelNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
9 A83Greek and Persian War 500-323 bCCassin-Scott, JackHistory History(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
10 A83Housesteads in the Days of the RomansEmbleton, RonaldHistory History(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
11 A83Improvised Munitions Black Book Vol 3Desert PublicationsNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
12 A83Kitchen Improvised Plastic ExplosivesLewis, TimNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
13 A83Poor Man's James Bond vol 2Saxon, KurtNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
14 A83Roman Army from Caesar to TrajanSimkins, MichaelNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
15 A83Samurai Armies 1550 - 1615Turnbull, S RNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
16 A83Saxon, Viking and NormanWise, TerenceNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
17 A83See Inside a CastleUnstead, R JNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
18 A83See Inside a GalleonUnstead, R JNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
19 A83See Inside a Roman TownUnstead, R JNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
20 A83See Inside an Ancient Chinese TownUnstead, R JNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
21 A83See Inside an Ancient Greek TownUnstead, R JNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
22 A83See Inside an Egyptian TownUnstead, R JNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
23 A83Sling for Sport and SurvivalSavage, CliffNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
24 A83Soviet Military PowerWeinberger, Caspar wNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
25 A83Weapons and Warfare 01Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
26 A83Weapons and Warfare 02Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
27 A83Weapons and Warfare 03Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
28 A83Weapons and Warfare 04Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
29 A83Weapons and Warfare 05Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
30 A83Weapons and Warfare 06Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
31 A83Weapons and Warfare 07Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
32 A83Weapons and Warfare 08Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
33 A83Weapons and Warfare 09Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
34 A83Weapons and Warfare 10Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
35 A83Weapons and Warfare 11Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
36 A83Weapons and Warfare 12Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
37 A83Weapons and Warfare 13Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
38 A83Weapons and Warfare 14Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
39 A83Weapons and Warfare 15Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
40 A83Weapons and Warfare 16Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
41 A83Weapons and Warfare 17Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
42 A83Weapons and Warfare 18Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
43 A83Weapons and Warfare 19Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
44 A83Weapons and Warfare 20Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
45 A83Weapons and Warfare 21Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
46 A83Weapons and Warfare 22Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
47 A83Weapons and Warfare 23Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
48 A83Weapons and Warfare 24Vim; ZuluReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
49 A83Weapons: International EncyclopediaHarding, DavidReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
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