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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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# Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 LA con III: 1996 LA con A56 Convention
2 Lab, The Heath, Jack A28 Sci Fi
3 Labyrinth of Dreams: G.O.D. Inc #1 Chalker, Jack L B38 Sci Fi
4 Labyrinths of Iron Bobrick,Benson A63 Non-Fiction
5 Lacey and His Friends Drake, David B7 Sci Fi
6 Lady in Black, The Clarke, Anna B21 Fiction
7 Lady of Mazes Schroeder, Karl A27 Sci Fi
8 Lady of Quality Heyer, Georgette A52 Romance
9 Lady of Quality Heyer, Georgette B16 Romance
10 Lady of the Reeds Gedge, Pauline A33 Historical Fiction
11 Lady or the Tiger? Smullyan, Raymond A65 Non-Fiction
12 Lady Yesterday Estleman, Loren D. A102 Mystery
13 Lagrangists, The Reynolds, Mack A4 Sci Fi
14 Lake Wobegon Days Keillor, Garrison B9 Fiction
15 Land Leviathan Moorcock, Michael B12 Sci Fi
16 Land of Always-Night (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
17 Land of Always-Night and Mad Mesa (Nostalgia Ventures - Doc Savage 4) (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth A61 Action
18 Land of Fear (Doc Savage), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
19 Land of Hidden Men Burroughs, Edgar Rice B14 Sci Fi
20 Land of Laughs Carroll, Jonathan B38 Fantasy
21 Land of Long Ju Ju (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B22 Action
22 Land of Terror Burroughs, Edgar Rice B9 Sci Fi
23 Land of Terror Burroughs, Edgar Rice B13 Sci Fi
24 Land of Terror (Doc Savage), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
25 Land of the Rising Sun Gold, Lee A36 Game
26 Land that Time Forgot Burroughs, Edgar Rice B4 Sci Fi
27 Land that Time Forgot Burroughs, Edgar Rice B14 Sci Fi
28 Lands of Adventure Gold, Lee A24 Game
29 Lands of Adventure: Culture Pack: Mythic Greece and Medieval England Gold, Lee A24 Game
30 Landscape - An Introduction to Physical Geography Marsh, William M.; Dozier, Jeff A95 Non-Fiction
31 Language of Names, The Kaplan, Justin; Bernays, Anne A86 Non-Fiction
32 Language of the Night, the - Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction Le Guin, Ursula K. A103 Non-Fiction
33 Language Thought and Reality - Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf Whorf, Benjamin Lee; Carroll, John B. A100 Philosophy
34 Language Truth and Logic Ayer, Alfred Jules A65 Philosophy
35 Languages of Pao Vance, Jack B13 Sci Fi
36 Languages of Pao Vance, Jack B18 Sci Fi
37 Languages of Pao Vance, Jack B30 Sci Fi
38 Lanikar of Callisto Carter, Lin B14 Fantasy
39 Large, the Small and the Human Mind, The Penrose, Roger A91 Non-Fiction
40 Larousse's French-English English-French Dictionary (All-New Edition) Pocket Books A85 Reference
41 Last Battle Lewis, C.S. B8 Fantasy
42 Last Castle Vance, Jack B17 Sci Fi
43 Last Cavalier Dumas, Alexandre A78 Historical Fiction
44 Last Coin, The Blaylock, James P. B27 Fantasy
45 Last Colony Scalzi, John A71 Sci Fi
46 Last Continent, The Cooper, Edmund B19 Sci Fi
47 Last Days of Atlantis, The Scheer, K.H. B26 Sci Fi
48 Last Days of the American Empire Powe, Bruce A64 Sci Fi
49 Last Defender of Camelot Zelazny, Roger B17 Sci Fi
50 Last Immortal, The Jeppson, J.O. B28 Fantasy
51 Last Legends of Earth Attanasio, A A A71 Sci Fi
52 Last Magicians, The Jakes, John B28 Fantasy
53 Last Man Alive Neill, A S A63 Fiction
54 Last of the Great Dance on Earth Gulland, Sandra A79 Historical Fiction
55 Last of the Mohicans, The Cooper, James Fenimore B23 Historical Fiction
56 Last Planet Norton, Andre B4 Sci Fi
57 Last Planet, The Norton, Andre B20 Sci Fi
58 Last Stand of the DNA Cowboys, The Farren, Mick B1 Sci Fi
59 Last Voyage of Sindbad Corben, Richard A49 Comic
60 Lateral Thinking - Creativity Step by Step De Bono, Edward A104 Non-Fiction
61 Latin Composition Allen, Bernard M.; Phillips, John L. B40 Non-Fiction
62 Latin Demystified - a Self-Teaching Guide Prior, Richard A88 Non-Fiction
63 Latin Grammar (Fred Schraegle's 1908) Bennet, Charles A64 Non-Fiction
64 Latin Lessons (Fred Schraegle's high school 1913) Smith, M. L. A64 Non-Fiction
65 Laughter of Carthage, The Moorcock, Michael A103 Fiction
66 Laureates' Anthology Scientific American A60 Non-Fiction
67 Laureates' Anthology vol II Scientific American A60 Non-Fiction
68 Lavalite World Farmer, Philip Jose A47 Sci Fi
69 Lavalite, World Farmer, Phillip Jose B12 Sci Fi
70 Law for Small Businesses DuBoff, Leonard D. A15 Professional
71 Lawrence Alma-Tadema Barrow, R J A56 Art
72 Laws of the Game - How the Principles of Nature Govern Chance Eigen, Manfred; Winkler, Ruthild F1 Non-Fiction
73 Le Mot Juste - a Dictionary of Classical and Foreign Words and Phrases Various A90 Reference
74 Leaf Men, The Joyce, William A108 Fiction
75 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier Moore, Alan A61 Comic
76 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910 Moore, Alan A61 Comic
77 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: vol 1 Moore, Alan A58 Graphic Novel
78 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: vol 2 Moore, Alan A58 Graphic Novel
79 Leap in the Dark, a - the Struggle to Create the American Republic Ferling, John A104 History
80 Learn Japanese: College Text Volume I Young, John; Nakajima, Kimiko A87 Non-Fiction
81 Learn Japanese: College Text Volume II Young, John; Nakajima, Kimiko A87 Non-Fiction
82 Learn Japanese: College Text Volume III Young, John; Nakajima, Kimiko A87 Non-Fiction
83 Learning the vi Lamb, Linda A20 Computer
84 Leave it to Psmith Wodehouse, P.G. A26 Comedy
85 Lebek: City of Northern Europe Through the Ages Hernandez, Xavier A67 History
86 Ledger, The Uhnak, Dorothy B27 Thriller
87 Leeshore Reed, Robert B39 Sci Fi
88 Legacy Bear, Greg B5 Sci Fi
89 Legacy Schmitz, James H. B26 Sci Fi
90 Legacy Shannon A24 Game
91 Legacy Sniegoski, Thomas E. F1 Superhero
92 Legacy of Herot, The Various A29 Fantasy
93 Legend of Miaree, The Hughes, Zach B20 Sci Fi
94 Legend of the Duelist Etheridge, Rutledge B16 Sci Fi
95 Legends vol. 2 War of the Twins Weis, Margaret; Hickman, Tracy B11 Fantasy
96 Legion of Space, The Williamson, Jack B22 Sci Fi
97 Legion of Super Heroes Levitz, Paul A57 Comic
98 Legion of Super Heroes: Nov 1975 DC Comics A58 Comic
99 Legion of the Damned Dietz, William C. B7 Sci Fi
100 Legion of Videssos, The Turtledove, Harry B27 Sci Fi
101 Legions of Hell Cherryh, C J A52 Sci Fi
102 Leigniz Philosophical Writings Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm; Parkinson, G.H.R. A100 Philosophy
103 Lensman Barrett, Sean A80 Game
104 Lest Earth Be Conquered Long, Frank Belknap B3 Sci Fi
105 Lester Dent's Zeppelin Tales Dent, Lester A61 Action
106 Let Me Call You Sweetheart Clark, Mary Higgins B19 Mystery
107 Let the Galaxy Burn Gascoigne, Marc A42 Anthology
108 Let's Be Human Fleischman, Harry A51 Non-Fiction
109 Lethal Interface Odom, Mel A4 Sci Fi
110 Lets Face the Facts About Flying Saucers Green, Gabriel B29 Non-Fiction
111 Letter of Mary King, Laurie R. A33 Mystery
112 Letter of Mary, A King, Laurie R. B19 Historical Fiction
113 Letters from the Earth DeVoto, Bernard B27 Historical Fiction
114 Lever of Riches, the - Technological Creativity and Economic Progress Mokyr, Joel A104 History
115 Leviathan Shea, Robert B26 Sci Fi
116 Leviathan Westerfeld, Scott A89 Sci Fi
117 lex and yacc Levine, John R.; Mason, Tony; Brown, Doug A8 Computer
118 Lexical Ambiguity Resolution Small, Steven I.; Cottrell, Garrison W.; Tanenhaus, Michael K. A9 Computer
119 Liar Fry, Stephen A50 Non-Fiction
120 Liar Speaks the the Truth, the - a Defense of the Revision Theory of Truth Yaqub, Aladdin M. A94 Philosophy
121 Liavek Shetterly, Will B38 Sci Fi
122 Lichlords Sellers, Lynn A11 Game
123 Liege-Killer Hinz, Christopher B10 Sci Fi
124 Liege-Killer Hinz, Christopher B36 Sci Fi
125 Lies of Locke Lamora Lynch, Scott A47 Fantasy
126 Life and Energy Asimov, Isaac B33 Non-Fiction
127 Life for the Stars Blish, James B35 Sci Fi
128 Life in Darwin's Universe - Evolution and the Cosmos Bylinsky, Gene A106 Non-Fiction
129 Life of an Amorous Man, The Ihara, Saikaku B27 Adventure
130 Life on Other Worlds Jones, H. Spencer B33 Non-Fiction
131 Life on the Mississippi Twain, Mark A47 Fiction
132 Life Saving and Water Safety American Red Cross A103 Non-Fiction
133 Life, A: A. J. Ayer Rogers, Ben A54 Biography
134 Life, the Universe and Everything Adams, Douglas B27 Sci Fi
135 Lifeboat White, James B37 Sci Fi
136 Lifelines - Famous Contemporaries from 600 B.C. to the Present Weis, Frank W. A87 Reference
137 Lifesaving Rescue and Water Safety American Red Cross A103 Non-Fiction
138 Light Harrison, John M A78 Sci Fi
139 Light Ages MacLeod, Ian R A76 Fantasy
140 Light Fantastic, The Pratchett, Terry B27 Fantasy
141 Light of Lilith Wallis, G. McDonald B9 Sci Fi
142 Light on the Sound Sucharitkul, Somtow B11 Sci Fi
143 Light that Never Was Biggle, Lloyd Jr B35 Sci Fi
144 Light That Never Was Biggle, Lloyd Jr. B13 Sci Fi
145 Light That Never Was Biggle, Lloyd Jr. B18 Sci Fi
146 Light That Never Was Biggle, Lloyd Jr. B30 Sci Fi
147 Lightrunner Waldron, Lamar A58 Comic
148 Like a Hole in the Head Banbury, Jen A75 Mystery
149 Limbo Wolfe, Bernard B20 Fantasy
150 Lincoln Hunters, The Tucker, Wilson B27 Sci Fi
151 Linear Algebra Agnew, Jeanne L.; Knapp, Robert C. A5 Computer
152 Linear Algebra Lipschutz, Seymour A9 Computer
153 Linear Algebra and Its Applications (Second Edition) Strang, Gilbert A91 Non-Fiction
154 Linux Unleashed 3rd Edition Parker, Tim A5 Computer
155 Lion Game, The Schmitz, James H. B26 Sci Fi
156 Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Lewis, C.S. B32 Fantasy
157 Liquidator, The Gardner, John A52 Fiction
158 LISP Gentle Intro to Symbolic Computation Touretzky, David S. A18 Computer
159 Literary Swordsmen and Sorcerers: Makers of Heroic Fantasy de Camp, L. Sprague A31 Non-Fiction
160 Litith: a Snake in the Grass Chalker, Jack L. B13 Sci Fi
161 Little Book of Chinese Proverbs, The Clements, Jonathan A103 Non-Fiction
162 Little Brother Doctorow, Cory A82 Sci Fi
163 Little Fuzzy Poper, H. Beam B34 Sci Fi
164 Little Helliad Morris, Janet B7 Fantasy
165 Little Java, a Few Patterns Felleisen, Matthias; Friedman, Daniel P. A12 Computer
166 Little Myth Marker Asprin, Robert A76 Fantasy
167 Little Myth Marker Asprin, Robert B38 Fantasy
168 Live and Let Die Fleming, Ian B32 Action
169 Live Without a Net Baxter, Stephen; Varioius A26 Anthology
170 Lives of a Cell, the - Notes of a Biology Watcher Thomas, Lewis A99 Non-Fiction
171 Living Fore Menace (Doc Savage), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
172 Living God Duncan, Dave B11 Fantasy
173 Living Land: Sourcebook of Primitive Reality West End Games A25 Game
174 Living Language Traveltalk Italian Phrasebook Dictionary Ciolli, Marco A84 Non-Fiction
175 Living Next Door to the God of Love Robson, Justina A71 Sci Fi
176 Living Steel: High-Tech Adventure Leading Edge A23 Game
177 Llana of Gathol Burroughs, Edgar Rice B13 Sci Fi
178 Locke Berkeley Hume - Central Themes Bennett, Jonathan A100 Philosophy
179 Locus Awards: Thirty Years of the Best in Sci Fi and Fantasy Brown, Charles N A42 Anthology
180 Logic Hurley A8 Computer
181 Logic and Representation Moore, Robert C. A96 Non-Fiction
182 Logic for Mathematicians Hamilton, A G A65 Non-Fiction
183 Logic for Problem Solving Kowalski, Robert A9 Computer
184 Logic of Computation Schwichtenberg, Helmut A2 Computer
185 Logic of Typed Feature Structures Carpenter, Bob A16 Computer
186 Logic, Logic, and Logic Boolos, George A93 Non-Fiction
187 Logic-Based Knowledge Representation Jackson, Peter; Reichgelt, Han; Van Harmelen, Frank A96 Computer
188 Logical Design of Operating Systems, The Shaw, Alan C. A7 Computer
189 Lonely Silver Rain: Travis McGee Novel MacDonald, John D A48 Detective
190 Long Arm of Gil Hamilton Niven, Larry B12 Sci Fi
191 Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Adams, Douglas A68 Sci Fi
192 Long Result, The Brunner, John B1 Sci Fi
193 Long Shot for Rosinante Gilliland, Alexis A. B7 Sci Fi
194 Long Twilight Laumer, Keith A78 Sci Fi
195 Long Twilight Laumer, Keith B8 Sci Fi
196 Long View, The Busby, F.M. B23 Sci Fi
197 Longest War, the - the Iran-Iraq Military Conflict Hiro, Dilip A91 History
198 Look to Windward Banks, Iain M. B37 Sci Fi
199 Looking Backward 2000-1887 Bellamy, Edward A59 Sci Fi
200 Looking for Atlantis Thompson, Colin A73 Sci Fi
201 Looking Forward: Life in the Twentieth Century as Predicted in the Pages of American Magazines from 1895 to 1905 Brosseau, Ray A46 Non-Fiction
202 Loom of Language Bodmer, Frederick A48 Non-Fiction
203 Lord Foul's Bane Donaldson, Stephen R. B2 Fantasy
204 Lord Foul's Bane Donaldson, Stephen R. B12 Fantasy
205 Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen Piper, H. Beam B8 Sci Fi
206 Lord of Atlantis West, Wallace B20 Fantasy
207 Lord of Blood Van Arnam, Dave B13 Sci Fi
208 Lord of Blood Van Arnam, Dave B18 Sci Fi
209 Lord of Blood Van Arnam, Dave B30 Sci Fi
210 Lord of Castle Black Brust, Steven B39 Fantasy
211 Lord of Light Zelazny, Roger B22 Sci Fi
212 Lord of Swords Blackston, Daniels E A44 Anthology
213 Lord of the Trees Farmer, Phillip Jose B12 Fantasy
214 Lord of the Trees Farmer, Phillip Jose B13 Fantasy
215 Lord of the Trees Farmer, Phillip Jose B18 Fantasy
216 Lord of the Trees Farmer, Phillip Jose B30 Sci Fi
217 Lord of the Troll Bats Gilliland, Alexis A. B11 Fantasy
218 Lord of Thunder Norton, Andre B13 Sci Fi
219 Lord of Thunder Norton, Andre B18 Sci Fi
220 Lord of Thunder Norton, Andre B30 Sci Fi
221 Lord of Thunder Norton, Andre B34 Sci Fi
222 Lord Tyqer Farmer, Phillip Jose B3 Sci Fi
223 Lord Tyqer Farmer, Phillip Jose B4 Sci Fi
224 Lord Valentine's Castle Silverberg, Robert B17 Sci Fi
225 Lords of Creation: Rule book Avalon Hill A32 Game
226 Lords of Space Gregory, J.A. A21 Game
227 Lords of Terror: Cults of Dorastor Runequest A21 Game
228 Lords of the Starship Geston, Mark S. B3 Sci Fi
229 Lords Temporal Delany, Joseph H. B10 Sci Fi
230 Lorna Doone Blackmore B27 Fiction
231 Los Angeles City Book West End Games A22 Game
232 Lost Abbey of Calthonwey Carter, Norman A11 Game
233 Lost Continent of MU, The Churchward, James B32 Paranormal
234 Lost Continent, The Burroughs, Edgar Rice B20 Sci Fi
235 Lost Grimoire, The Hargrave, David A. C1 Game
236 Lost in Space Smith, George O. B32 Sci Fi
237 Lost Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci Castle Falkerstein A23 Game
238 Lost Oasis (Doc Savage), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
239 Lost Oasis and Sargasso Ogre (Nostalgia Ventures - Doc Savage 7) (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth A61 Action
240 Lost on Venus Burroughs, Edgar Rice B13 Sci Fi
241 Lost Prince, The Zimmer, Paul Edwin B22 Fantasy
242 Lost Traveller, The Steve Wilson B24 Sci Fi
243 Lost Worlds of Cronus Kapp, Colin B9 Sci Fi
244 Lothair Beaconsfield, Earl of A76 Fiction
245 Lottery Winner, The Clark, Mary Higgins B37 Mystery
246 Lotus and the Wind, The Masters, John A102 Historical Fiction
247 Louis XI - the Universal Spider Kendall, Paul Murray A93 Biography
248 Lover Boy Berestain's, Stanley and Janice B19 Comedy
249 Lovers, The Farmer, Phillip Jose B3 Sci Fi
250 Low Bite Soracco, Sin A101 Thriller
251 Luck of the Bodkins, The Wodehouse, P.G. A26 Comedy
252 Lucky Starr and the Big Sun Mercury Asimov, Isaac B35 Sci Fi
253 Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter Asimov, Isaac B28 Sci Fi
254 Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus Asimov, Isaac B28 Sci Fi
255 Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids Asimov, Isaac B35 Sci Fi
256 Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn Asimov, Isaac B35 Sci Fi
257 Lud of Lunden Mundy, Talbot B20 Mystery
258 Lure of the Basilisk, The Watt-Evans, Lawrence B20 Fantasy
259 Lusitania: Cunard Turbine Driven Quadruple Screw Atalantic Liner Warren, Mark D A46 Non-Fiction
260 Lyrec Frost, Gregory B1 Fantasy

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