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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons ebook and trade paperback available on Amazon (or here).
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Authors H (Library Box Cross Ref)

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# Author Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 Haber, Karen   Universe 3 B21 Anthology
2 Hackett, General Sir John   Third World War: the Untold Story, The A4 Sci Fi
3 Hagenauer, George Collins, Max Allan; Hagenauer, George Men's Adventure Magazines in Postwar America A106 Art
4 Hagger, Peter   Practical Java A12 Computer
5 Haggith, Mandy Robertson, David; Bundy, Alan; Muetzelfeldt, Robert; Haggith, Mandy; Uschold, Michael Eco-Logic - Logic-Based Approaches to Ecological Modelling A96 Computer
6 Haines, Steven   Java 2 from Scratch A20 Computer
7 Haining, Peter   American Pulp Magazines A73 Non-Fiction
8 Haining, Peter   Classic Era of Crime Fiction A73 Non-Fiction
9 Haining, Peter   Fantastic Pulps A34 Anthology
10 Halacy, H.S.   Computers the Machines We Think With B33 Non-Fiction
11 Haldeman, Joe   Forever War B4 Sci Fi
12 Haldeman, Joe   Forever War 2 A49 Graphic Novel
13 Haldeman, Joe   Mindbridge A75 Sci Fi
14 Hale, Constance   Sin and Syntax - How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose A90 Writing
15 Hale, Shannon   Rapunzel's Revenge A73 Graphic Novel
16 Hall, Archibald McClelland   Select Orations B40 Non-Fiction
17 Hall, Austin Hall, Austin; Flint, Homer Eon Blind Spot B3 Fantasy
18 Hall, Calvin s.   Freudian Psychology B14 Non-Fiction
19 Hall, Doug   Jump Start Your Brain A1 Self Help
20 Hall, Peter   New Penguin World Atlas, The A87 Reference
21 Halliday, Brett   Mike Shayne: Armed Dangerous B9 Detective
22 Halliday, Brett   Mike Shayne: Die Like a Dog A4 Sci Fi
23 Halliday, Brett   Target: Mike Shayne B9 Detective
24 Halliday, David   Physics A70 Non-Fiction
25 Halliwell, Richard   Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay A35 Game
26 Halpern, Joseph Y. Fagin, Ronald; Halpern, Joseph Y.; Moses, Yoram; Vardi, Moshe Y. Reasoning About Knowledge A8 Computer
27 Hambly, Barbara   Armies of Daylight B36 Fantasy
28 Hambly, Barbara   Silent Tower B9 Fantasy
29 Hambly, Barbara   Silicon Mage, The B19 Fantasy
30 Hambly, Barbara   Time of the Dark B36 Sci Fi
31 Hambly, Barbara   Walls of Air B36 Fantasy
32 Hamilton Bova; Hamilton; Farmer; Various Weird Heroes - vol 6 B34 Anthology
33 Hamilton, A G   Logic for Mathematicians A65 Non-Fiction
34 Hamilton, Donald   Betrayers, The B19 Mystery
35 Hamilton, Donald   Devastators, The B31 Action
36 Hamilton, Donald   Ravagers, The B31 Action
37 Hamilton, Edith   Mythology B33 Mythology
38 Hamilton, Edmond   Battle for the Stars B12 Sci Fi
39 Hamilton, Edmond   Captain Future A29 Sci Fi
40 Hamilton, Edmond   Captain Future and the Space Emperor B12 Sci Fi
41 Hamilton, Edmond   Doomstar B3 Sci Fi
42 Hamilton, Edmond   Fugitive of the Stars B14 Sci Fi
43 Hamilton, Edmond   Outlaw World B28 Fantasy
44 Hamilton, Edmond   Outside the Universe B4 Sci Fi
45 Hamilton, Edmond   Planets in Peril B28 Fantasy
46 Hamilton, Edmond   Quest Beyond the Stars B28 Fantasy
47 Hamilton, Edmond   Return to the Stars B3 Sci Fi
48 Hamilton, Edmond   Star of Life B3 Sci Fi
49 Hamilton, Edmond   Starwolf: the Closed Worlds B12 Sci Fi
50 Hamilton, Edmond   Starwolf: Weapon from Beyond B12 Sci Fi
51 Hamilton, Edmond   Starwolf: World of the Starwolves B3 Sci Fi
52 Hamilton, Laurell K.   Guilty Pleasures B5 Fantasy
53 Hamilton, Peter F   Pandora's Star B39 Sci Fi
54 Hamilton, Peter F   Reality Dysfunction: Part 2 Expansion B39 Sci Fi
55 Hamilton, Peter F.   Reality Dysfunction: part 2 Expansion B10 Sci Fi
56 Hamilton, Peter F.   Realty Disjunction, The B37 Sci Fi
57 Hamlyn   Trigan Empire: Fantastic Space Would of Adventure and Conflict A49 Comic
58 Hamm, Jim   Bows and Arrows of the Native Americans - a Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Wooden Bows A101 Non-Fiction
59 Hammack, Allan   Dungeon Module A3: Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords A11 Game
60 Hammack, Allan   Dungeon Module C2: Ghost Tower of Inverness A11 Game
61 Hammet, Dashiell   Continental Op B16 Detective
62 Hammett, Dashiell   Big Knockover and Other Stories A47 Anthology
63 Hammett, Dashiell   Glass Key, The B24 Action
64 Hammett, Dashiell   Maltese Falcon, The B24 Detective
65 Hammett, Dashiell   Red Harvest A26 Action
66 Hammond, Stefan   Hollywood East - Hong Kong Movies and the People Who Make Them A90 Non-Fiction
67 Hamper, Stan   Wilderness Survival - a Manual of Basic Survival Techniques A91 Non-Fiction
68 Handford, Martin   Great Waldo Search A67 Game
69 Handford, Martin   Pranks: Devious Deeds A67 Game
70 Handy, Charles   Age of Unreason, The A102 Non-Fiction
71 Hansen, Karl   War Games A27 Sci Fi
72 Hara, Tameichi   Japanese Destroyer Captain B33 Biography
73 Harbinson, W.A.   Genesis B27 Fiction
74 Harbison-Briggs, Karan McGraw, Karen L.; Harbison-Briggs, Karan Knowledge Acquisition A16 Computer
75 Hardcastle, Gary L. Hardcastle, Gary L.; Reisch, George A. Bullshit and Philosophy A93 Philosophy
76 Harding, David   Weapons: International Encyclopedia A83 Reference
77 Harding, Lee   Ursula K. LeGuin's Sci Fi Writing Workshop: the Altered I A44 Writing
78 Hardison Jr, O.B.   Disappearing Through the Skylight - Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century A98 Non-Fiction
79 Hardwick, Michael   Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes A63 Fiction
80 Hardy, David A   Visions of Space: Artists Journey A67 Art
81 Hardy, Lyndon   Master of the Five Magics B1 Fantasy
82 Hargrave, David   Runes of Doom, The C1 Game
83 Hargrave, David A.   Arduin Grimoire, The C1 Game
84 Hargrave, David A.   Compleat Arduin: Book 1 Rules A32 Game
85 Hargrave, David A.   Compleat Arduin: Book 2 Resources A32 Game
86 Hargrave, David A.   Dark Dreams C1 Game
87 Hargrave, David A.   House of the Rising Sun C1 Game
88 Hargrave, David A.   Lost Grimoire, The C1 Game
89 Hargrave, David A.   Shadowlands C1 Game
90 Hargrave, David A.   Welcome to Skull Tower C1 Game
91 Hargrave, David A.   Winds of Chance, The C1 Game
92 Haring, Scott D.   GURPS Horror A107 Game
93 Harkey, Dan Orfali, Robert; Harkey, Dan; Edwards, Jeri Instant Corba A15 Computer
94 Harlick, Bruce   More Supervillains: Enemies II A45 Game
95 Harman, Andrew   101 Damnations B5 Fantasy
96 Harmon, Paul Harmon, Paul; Morrissey, William Object Technology Casebook A10 Computer
97 Harms, David   JSP, Servlets, and MySQL A8 Computer
98 Harms, David Harms, David; Fiske, Barton C.; Rice, Jeffery C. Web Site Programming with Java A19 Computer
99 Harold, Elliotte Rusty   Java Network Programming A20 Computer
100 Harper Colophon Books   Amazing Mazes A24 Game
101 Harrington, Steven   Computer Graphics A5 Computer
102 Harris, Timothy   Good Night and Good-bye B36 Fiction
103 Harris, Timothy   KYD for Hire B9 Mystery
104 Harris, Tony Vaughn, Brian K.; Harris, Tony; Feister, Tom; Ex Machina 1 - the First Hundred Days A108 Comic
105 Harris, Tony Vaughn, Brian K.; Harris, Tony; Feister, Tom; Ex Machina 2 - Tag A108  
106 Harrison DeBono; Brunner; Dick; Disch; Garner; Harrison; LeGuin; Nicholls; Sheckley; Taylor; Toffler; Various Explorations of the Marvelous B9 Non-Fiction
107 Harrison, Allen F.   Art of Thinking, The B33 Non-Fiction
108 Harrison, Harry   Astounding: John w. Campbell Memorial Anthology B3 Anthology
109 Harrison, Harry Harrison, Harry; Aldiss, Brian W. Best SF: 1969 B3 Anthology
110 Harrison, Harry   Captive Universe B3 Sci Fi
111 Harrison, Harry   Daleth Effect B3 Sci Fi
112 Harrison, Harry   Deathworld Trilogy A79 Sci Fi
113 Harrison, Harry   Stainless Steel Rat For President, The B24 Sci Fi
114 Harrison, Harry   Stainless Steel Rat is Born, A B24 Sci Fi
115 Harrison, Harry   Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World, The B28 Sci Fi
116 Harrison, Harry   Stainless Steel Rat Wants You B36 Sci Fi
117 Harrison, Harry   Stainless Steel Rat, The A27 Sci Fi
118 Harrison, Harry   Star Smashes of the Galaxy Rangers B28 Sci Fi
119 Harrison, Harry   To the Stars A76 Sci Fi
120 Harrison, Harry   Turning Option, The B23 Sci Fi
121 Harrison, Harry   War with the Robots B3 Sci Fi
122 Harrison, John M   Light A78 Sci Fi
123 Harrison, John M.   Pastel City B3 Sci Fi
124 Harrison, Kim   For a Few Demons More A30 Fantasy
125 Harrison, M. John   Centauri Device B7 Sci Fi
126 Harrison, M. John   Pastel City, The A27 Fantasy
127 Harrison, Neil Harrison, Neil; Foote, Brian; Rohnert, Hans Pattern Languages of Program Design 4 B6 Computer
128 Harry, Eric L   Society of the Mind A68 Sci Fi
129 Hart Parker; Hart Wizard of ID, The B19 Cartoon
130 Hart, B.H. Liddell   Strategy B5 Non-Fiction
131 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Big Wheel B31 Cartoon
132 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Cave In B31 Cartoon
133 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Dip in Road B31 Cartoon
134 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Great Zot I'm Beautiful B31 Cartoon
135 Hart, Johnny   B.C. is Alive and Well B31 Cartoon
136 Hart, Johnny   B.C. It's a Funny World B31 Cartoon
137 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Life is a Seventy-Five Cent Paperback B31 Cartoon
138 Hart, Johnny   B.C. on the Rocks B19 Cartoon
139 Hart, Johnny   B.C. One More Time B31 Cartoon
140 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Right On B31 Cartoon
141 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Strikes Back B31 Cartoon
142 Hart, Johnny   B.C. Truckin on Down B31 Cartoon
143 Hart, Johnny   Back to B.C. B31 Cartoon
144 Hart, Johnny   Hey! B.C. B31 Cartoon
145 Hart, Johnny   Hurray For B.C. B31 Cartoon
146 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny King is a Fink, The B31 Cartoon
147 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Peasants are Revolting, The B31 Cartoon
148 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Remember the Golden Rule B31 Cartoon
149 Hart, Johnny   Take a Bow B.C. B31 Cartoon
150 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny There's a Fly in My Swill B31 Cartoon
151 Hart, Johnny   What's New, B.C.? B31 Cartoon
152 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Wizard of ID #10, The B31 Cartoon
153 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Wizard of ID #7, The B31 Cartoon
154 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Wizard of ID #8, The B31 Cartoon
155 Hart, Johnny   Wizard of ID #9, The B31 Cartoon
156 Hart, Johnny   Wizard of ID, The B31 Cartoon
157 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Wizards Back, The B31 Cartoon
158 Hart, Johnny Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny Wondrous Wizard of ID, The B31 Cartoon
159 Hartas, Leo   This Old House - Picture Book A82 Kids
160 Harter, Jim   Animals: Pictorial Archive A73 Non-Fiction
161 Hartlove, Jay   Supergame A38 Game
162 Hartwell Hartwell; Cramer Hard SF Renaissance A34 Anthology
163 Hartwell Hartwell; Cramer Space Opera Renaissance A34 Anthology
164 Hartwell, David G   Color of Evil A47 Anthology
165 Hartwell, David G   Evolution of Horror: Dark Descent A78 Anthology
166 Hartwell, David G.   Science Fiction Century A40 Anthology
167 Hartwell, David G.   World Treasury of Science Fiction A30 Anthology
168 Harvey, Robert   "A Few Bloody Noses" - the Realities and Mythologies of the American Revolution A91 History
169 Harvey, Robert   War of Wars - Britain and France: 1789-1815 A42 History
170 Hasemer, Tony Hasemer, Tony; Domingue, John Common Lisp Programming for AI A7 Computer
171 Hasumi, Masaaki Hasumi, Masaaki; Chambers, Quintin Stick Fighting - Techniques of Self-Defense A91 Non-Fiction
172 Hatto, A.T.   Nibelungenlied, The B19 Adventure
173 Hauser, Travis L.   Writing the Research and Term Paper B27 Writing
174 Hawke, Simon   Ivanhoe Gambit, The B2 Fantasy
175 Hawke, Simon   Pimpernel Plot, The A4 Sci Fi
176 Hawke, Simon   Timekeeper Conspiracy, The B25 Sci Fi
177 Hawke, Simon   Wizard of 4th Street, The B24 Fantasy
178 Hawke, Simon   Zenda Vendetta, The B27 Sci Fi
179 Hawkes, Jacquetta   Atlas of Ancient Archeology A66 History
180 Hawking, Stephen   Brief History of Time, A A53 Non-Fiction
181 Hawksley, Lucinda   Essential Pre-Raphaelites A56 Art
182 Hawthorne, Nathaniel   House of Seven Gables (1898), The A65 Fiction
183 Hay, G E   Vector and Tensor Analysis A51 Non-Fiction
184 Hay, Henry   Amateur Magician's Handbook, The B23 Magic
185 Hayakawa, S.I.   Choose the Right Word - a Modern Guide to Synonyms A84 Reference
186 Haywood, John   Atlas of World History A55 History
187 Haywood, John   Historical Atlas of the 20th Century A73 History
188 Heard, Beatrice Heard, Bruce; Heard, Beatrice Dungeons and Dragons: Into the Maelstrom A11 Game
189 Heard, Bruce Heard, Bruce; Heard, Beatrice Dungeons and Dragons: Into the Maelstrom A11 Game
190 Hearn, Lian   Harsh Cry of the Heron A43 Historical Fiction
191 Heath, Jack   Lab, The A28 Sci Fi
192 Heath, Kory Looney, Andrew; Cooper, John; Heath, Kory; Davenport, Jacob; Looney, Kristin Playing with Pyramids - 12 Games for Icehouse Pieces A103 Game
193 Heath, Peter   Assassins from Tomorrow B20 Sci Fi
194 Heath, W.L.   Ill Wind B27 Mystery
195 Heath, W.L.   Violent Saturday A4 Mystery
196 Heelan, Patrick A.   Space-Perception and the Philosophy of Science A103 Non-Fiction
197 Heilman, Elizabeth   Harry Potters World A79 Non-Fiction
198 Heinlein, Robert A   Stranger in a Strange Land A59 Sci Fi
199 Heinlein, Robert A.   6xH B4 Sci Fi
200 Heinlein, Robert A.   Assignment in Eternity B9 Sci Fi
201 Heinlein, Robert A.   Assignment in Eternity B20 Sci Fi
202 Heinlein, Robert A.   Beyond This Horizon B20 Sci Fi
203 Heinlein, Robert A.   Citizen of the Galaxy B21 Sci Fi
204 Heinlein, Robert A.   Day After Tomorrow B13 Sci Fi
205 Heinlein, Robert A.   Day After Tomorrow B18 Sci Fi
206 Heinlein, Robert A.   Day After Tomorrow B30 Sci Fi
207 Heinlein, Robert A.   Day After Tomorrow, The B9 Sci Fi
208 Heinlein, Robert A.   Day After Tomorrow, The B28 Sci Fi
209 Heinlein, Robert A.   Double Star B20 Sci Fi
210 Heinlein, Robert A.   Farnham's Freehold B19 Sci Fi
211 Heinlein, Robert A.   Farnham's Freehold B20 Sci Fi
212 Heinlein, Robert A.   Friday B24 Sci Fi
213 Heinlein, Robert A.   Glory Road B28 Sci Fi
214 Heinlein, Robert A.   Have Space Suit-Will Travel B21 Sci Fi
215 Heinlein, Robert A.   Have Space Suit-Will Travel B28 Sci Fi
216 Heinlein, Robert A.   I Will Fear No Evil B4 Sci Fi
217 Heinlein, Robert A.   I Will Fear No Evil B20 Sci Fi
218 Heinlein, Robert A.   Man Who Sold the Moon, The B20 Sci Fi
219 Heinlein, Robert A.   Menace from Earth B16 Sci Fi
220 Heinlein, Robert A.   Menace from Earth, The B28 Sci Fi
221 Heinlein, Robert A.   Methuselah's Children B20 Sci Fi
222 Heinlein, Robert A.   Orphans of the Sky B9 Sci Fi
223 Heinlein, Robert A.   Podkayne of Mars B28 Sci Fi
224 Heinlein, Robert A.   Puppet Masters, The B20 Sci Fi
225 Heinlein, Robert A.   Revolt in 2010 B20 Sci Fi
226 Heinlein, Robert A.   Rolling Stones, The A27 Sci Fi
227 Heinlein, Robert A.   Rolling Stones, The B21 Sci Fi
228 Heinlein, Robert A.   Rolling Stones, The B28 Sci Fi
229 Heinlein, Robert A.   Star Beast, The B37 Sci Fi
230 Heinlein, Robert A.   Starman Jones B4 Sci Fi
231 Heinlein, Robert A.   Starship Troopers B4 Sci Fi
232 Heinlein, Robert A.   Starship Troopers B28 Sci Fi
233 Heinlein, Robert A.   Stranger in a Strange Land B16 Sci Fi
234 Heinlein, Robert A.   Time Enough for Love B28 Sci Fi
235 Heinlein, Robert A.   Time for the Stars B28 Sci Fi
236 Heinlein, Robert A.   Tomorrow, the Stars B20 Sci Fi
237 Heinlein, Robert A.   Tunnel in the Sky B21 Sci Fi
238 Heinlein, Robert A.   Waldo and Magic, Inc. B4 Sci Fi
239 Heinlein, Robert A.   Waldo and Magic, Inc. B28 Sci Fi
240 Heinlein, Robert A.   Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein, The B20 Sci Fi
241 Helm   Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser A22 Game
242 Helm, Matt   Poisoners, The B29 Adventure
243 Hemenway, Kevin Hemenway, Kevin; Calishain, Tara Spidering Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools A96 Computer
244 Hempel, Marc   Gregory A57 Comic
245 Henderson McPherson; Henderson Course in General Chemistry (Fred Schraegle 1921) A64 Non-Fiction
246 Henderson, Zenna   Anything Box, The B20 Fantasy
247 Henderson, Zenna   Holding Wonder B9 Sci Fi
248 Henderson, Zenna   Holding Wonder B20 Fantasy
249 Henderson, Zenna   People, the - No Different Flesh B20 Fantasy
250 Henderson, Zenna   People: No Different Flesh B4 Sci Fi
251 Henderson-Sellers, Brian   OO Metrics B6 Computer
252 Henderson-Sellers, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Brian; Unhelkar, Bhuvan Open Modeling with UML A10 Computer
253 Hendler, James Allen, James; Hendler, James; Tate, Austin Readings in Planning A9 Computer
254 Hennessy, John L. Hennessy, John L.; Patterson, David A. Computer Architecture a Quantitative Approach A3 Computer
255 Henry, Flint Dixon, Chuck; Cariello, Sergio; Henry, Flint Iron Ghost, The A108 Comic
256 Henry, Thomas R.   Strangest Things in the World, The B29 Mystery
257 Heppenheimer, T A   Colonies in Space B38 Non-Fiction
258 Heppenheimer, T.A.   Colonies in Space A39 Non-Fiction
259 Herber, Keith   Rogue Mistress A37 Game
260 Herbert, Frank   Destanation: Void B20 Sci Fi
261 Herbert, Frank   Destination: Void B16 Sci Fi
262 Herbert, Frank   Dosadi Experiment, The B21 Sci Fi
263 Herbert, Frank   Dosadi Experiment, The B28 Sci Fi
264 Herbert, Frank   Dragon in the Sea B9 Sci Fi
265 Herbert, Frank   Dragon in the Sea, The B20 Sci Fi
266 Herbert, Frank   Dune B24 Sci Fi
267 Herbert, Frank   Dune Messiah B20 Sci Fi
268 Herbert, Frank   Godmakers, The B28 Sci Fi
269 Herbert, Frank   Whipping Star B13 Sci Fi
270 Herbert, Frank   Whipping Star B30 Sci Fi
271 Herbert, Frank   Whipping Start B18 Sci Fi
272 Herck, Paul Van   Where Were You Last Pluterday? B32 Sci Fi
273 Herge   Blue Lotus A62 Comic
274 Heritage Models   Barsoomian Battle Manual A22 Game
275 Heritage USA   Swordbearer: Book 1 Characters A22 Game
276 Heritage USA   Swordbearer: Book V Racial Index A22 Game
277 Herman, Jack   Villains and Vigilantes: Most Wanted vol 1 2008 A45 Game
278 Herman, Jack   Villains and Vigilantes: There's a Crisis at Crusader Citadel 2002 A45 Game
279 Hernandez, Xavier   Barmi: Mediterranean City Through the Ages A73 History
280 Hernandez, Xavier   Lebek: City of Northern Europe Through the Ages A67 History
281 Hernandez, Xavier   San Rafael: Central American City Through the Ages A67 History
282 Hero Games   Bestiary A24 Game
283 Hero Games   Champions A21 Game
284 Hero Games   Champions A22 Game
285 Hero Games   Champions II: Super supplement A22 Game
286 Hero Games   Champions III: Another supplement A22 Game
287 Hero Games   Champions in 3D A22 Game
288 Hero Games   Champions: Corporations: You're all Fired A23 Game
289 Hero Games   DC Heroes: Third Edition A22 Game
290 Hero Games   Enemies for Hire: Sourcebook for Champions A23 Game
291 Hero Games   Fantasy Hero A23 Game
292 Hero Games   Fantasy Hero Companion: Sourcebook A24 Game
293 Hero Games   Fantasy Hero II Companion: Sourcebook A24 Game
294 Hero Games   Gadgets: Supplement Number 1 A22 Game
295 Hero Games   Magic Items A24 Game
296 Hero Games   Mystic Masters: Campaign Supplement for Champions A22 Game
297 Hero Games   Spell Book A24 Game
298 Herrigel, Eugen   Zen in the Art of Archery B40 Non-Fiction
299 Herzig, Peter   DragonQuest Adventure 1: Palace of Ontoncle A45 Game
300 Hess, Joan   Maggody Militia A52 Fiction
301 Hess, Joan   Miracles in Maggody A52 Fiction
302 Hetherington, Stephen Cade   Knowledge Puzzles - An Introduction to Epistemology A94 Philosophy
303 Heuman, William   Wonder Boy B14 Fiction
304 Heyer, Georgette   April Lady B15 Romance
305 Heyer, Georgette   Arabella B15 Romance
306 Heyer, Georgette   Arabella B19 Romance
307 Heyer, Georgette   Bath Tangle B15 Romance
308 Heyer, Georgette   Beauvallet B9 Historical Fiction
309 Heyer, Georgette   Behold, Here's Poison B15 Mystery
310 Heyer, Georgette   Black Moth B15 Romance
311 Heyer, Georgette   Black Sheep B15 Romance
312 Heyer, Georgette   Blunt Instrument B15 Mystery
313 Heyer, Georgette   Blunt Instrument, A A52 Mystery
314 Heyer, Georgette   Charity Girl B15 Romance
315 Heyer, Georgette   Charity Girl B19 Romance
316 Heyer, Georgette   Civil Contract B15 Romance
317 Heyer, Georgette   Conqueror, The B19 Historical Fiction
318 Heyer, Georgette   Conqueror, The B23 Romance
319 Heyer, Georgette   Convenient Marriage, A A4 Romance
320 Heyer, Georgette   Corinthian B15 Romance
321 Heyer, Georgette   Corinthian, The B19 Romance
322 Heyer, Georgette   Cotillion B15 Romance
323 Heyer, Georgette   Cousin Kate B10 Romance
324 Heyer, Georgette   Cousin Kate B15 Romance
325 Heyer, Georgette   Death in the Stocks B10 Mystery
326 Heyer, Georgette   Death in the Stocks B15 Mystery
327 Heyer, Georgette   Devil's Cub B15 Romance
328 Heyer, Georgette   Duplicate Death B10 Mystery
329 Heyer, Georgette   Duplicate Death B15 Mystery
330 Heyer, Georgette   Envious Casca A52 Mystery
331 Heyer, Georgette   Envious Casca B9 Mystery
332 Heyer, Georgette   Faro's Daughter B15 Romance
333 Heyer, Georgette   Footsteps in the Dark A52 Mystery
334 Heyer, Georgette   Footsteps in the Dark B9 Mystery
335 Heyer, Georgette   Foundling B15 Romance
336 Heyer, Georgette   Foundling, The B19 Romance
337 Heyer, Georgette   Frederica B15 Romance
338 Heyer, Georgette   Friday's Child B15 Romance
339 Heyer, Georgette   Grand Sophy B15 Romance
340 Heyer, Georgette   Grand Sophy, The B19 Romance
341 Heyer, Georgette   Infamous Army B39 Historical Fiction
342 Heyer, Georgette   Infamous Army, An A4 Historical Fiction
343 Heyer, Georgette   Lady of Quality A52 Romance
344 Heyer, Georgette   Lady of Quality B16 Romance
345 Heyer, Georgette   Masqueraders, The A4 Romance
346 Heyer, Georgette   Masqueraders, The A27 Romance
347 Heyer, Georgette   No Wind of Blame A52 Mystery
348 Heyer, Georgette   No Wind of Blame B10 Mystery
349 Heyer, Georgette   No Wind of Blame B15 Mystery
350 Heyer, Georgette   Nonesuch B15 Romance
351 Heyer, Georgette   Penhallow B15 Mystery
352 Heyer, Georgette   Penhallow B39 Mystery
353 Heyer, Georgette   Powder and Patch B15 Romance
354 Heyer, Georgette   Quiet Gentleman B15 Romance
355 Heyer, Georgette   Regency Buck B15 Romance
356 Heyer, Georgette   Reluctant Widow B15 Romance
357 Heyer, Georgette   Royal Escape B9 Historical Fiction
358 Heyer, Georgette   Royal Escape B19 Historical Fiction
359 Heyer, Georgette   Spanish Bride A52 Romance
360 Heyer, Georgette   Spanish Bride, The A4 Historical Fiction
361 Heyer, Georgette   Sprig Muslin B15 Romance
362 Heyer, Georgette   Sylvester B15 Romance
363 Heyer, Georgette   Sylvester or the Wicked Uncle B19 Romance
364 Heyer, Georgette   Talisman Ring B39 Romance
365 Heyer, Georgette   These Old Shades B15 Romance
366 Heyer, Georgette   These Old Shades B19 Romance
367 Heyer, Georgette   They Found Him Dead B10 Mystery
368 Heyer, Georgette   They Found Him Dead B15 Mystery
369 Heyer, Georgette   They Found Him Dead B19 Mystery
370 Heyer, Georgette   Toll-Gate B15 Romance
371 Heyer, Georgette   Unfinished Clue, The A4 Mystery
372 Heyer, Georgette   Unknown Ajax B15 Romance
373 Heyer, Georgette   Venetia B15 Romance
374 Heyer, Georgette   Why Shoot a Butler B15 Mystery
375 Heyerdahl, Thor   Kon-Tiki B29 Non-Fiction
376 Hiaasen, Carl   Naked Came the Manatee A79 Mystery
377 Hibi, Sadao Hibi, Sadao; Nakayashiro, Noriko Images - Japanese Mind A108 Non-Fiction
378 Hickman, Laura Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Mod I3: Pharaoh A45 Game
379 Hickman, Laura Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Mod I5: Lost Tomb of Martek A45 Game
380 Hickman, Laura Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Nightventures: Pharaoh: Play supplement A45 Game
381 Hickman, Laura Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Nightventures: Rahasia: Characters Level 1-2 A45 Game
382 Hickman, Tracy Weis, Margaret; Hickman, Tracy Legends vol. 2 War of the Twins B11 Fantasy
383 Hickman, Tracy Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Mod I3: Pharaoh A45 Game
384 Hickman, Tracy Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Mod I5: Lost Tomb of Martek A45 Game
385 Hickman, Tracy Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Nightventures: Pharaoh: Play supplement A45 Game
386 Hickman, Tracy Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura Nightventures: Rahasia: Characters Level 1-2 A45 Game
387 High, Philip   No Trace With Terra B20 Sci Fi
388 High, Philip   Prodigal Sun, The B23 Sci Fi
389 High, Philip   Rim Mercenaries, The B28 Sci Fi
390 High, Philip   These Savage Futurians B20 Sci Fi
391 Hildebrand Latimer; Hildebrand Inorganic Chemistry A48 Non-Fiction
392 Hilgemann, Werner Kinder, Hermann; Hilgemann, Werner Anchor Atlas of World History Volume 1, the - from the Stone Age to the Even of the French Revolution A90 Reference
393 Hilgemann, Werner Kinder, Hermann; Hilgemann, Werner Anchor Atlas of World History Volume 2, the - from the French Revolution to the American Bicentennial A90 Reference
394 Hill, Douglas   Fraxilly Fracas A71 Sci Fi
395 Hill, John   ABC of Espionage B29 Action
396 Hillcourt, William   Field Book of Nature Activities A89 Non-Fiction
397 Hillcourt, William West, James E.; Hillcourt, William Scout Field Book A103 Non-Fiction
398 Hilton, Timothy   Pre-Raphaelites, The A93 Art
399 Hines, Jim C   Goblin Quest A47 Fantasy
400 Hingley, Ronald   Russian Secret Police A74 Non-Fiction
401 Hinnen, Bryan   Campaign Hexagon System: Map 1 A45 Game
402 Hinnen, Bryan   Judges Guild: Mines of Custalcon: Wilderness book 1 A45 Game
403 Hinnen, Bryan   Judges Guild: Village book 1: Campaign Hexagon Sub-system no 104 A45 Game
404 Hinnen, Bryan   Judges Guild: Village book 2: Campaign Hexagon Sub-system no 104 A45 Game
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408 Hinz, Christopher   Liege-Killer B10 Sci Fi
409 Hinz, Christopher   Liege-Killer B36 Sci Fi
410 Hinz, Christopher   Paratwa B36 Sci Fi
411 Hirai, Kiyoshi   Feudal Architecture of Japan A39 Non-Fiction
412 Hirasuna, Delphine   Flavors of Japan A41 Cookbook
413 Hiro, Dilip   Longest War, the - the Iran-Iraq Military Conflict A91 History
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419 Hitchcock, Alfred   Stories to be Read With the Door Locked A28 Anthology
420 Hite, Shere   Hite Report on Male Sexuality A47 Non-Fiction
421 Hite, Shere   Hite Reports, The B37 Non-Fiction
422 Hoare, C.A.R.   Micro Prolog: Programming in Logic A7 Computer
423 Hobsbawm, Eric   Age of Empire, the - 1875-1914 A100 History
424 Hocking, John C   Conan and the Emerald Lotus A59 Fantasy
425 Hocking, John C   Conan and the Emerald Lotus A71 Fantasy
426 Hocking, John C.   Conan and the Emerald Lotus A103 Fantasy
427 Hocking, John C. Olsen; Hocking, John C. Detroit Noir A34 Anthology
428 Hocking, John G.   Topology A54 Non-Fiction
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430 Hodge, Brian   Death Grip B5 Fiction
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433 Hodgell, P.C.   Dark of the Moon B25 Fantasy
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436 Hodgman, Charles D   Mathematical Tables from Handbook of Chemistry and Physics B40 Reference
437 Hoff, Benjamin   Tao of Pooh, The B40 Philosophy
438 Hoffman, Abbie   Steal This Book A47 Non-Fiction
439 Hoffman, Arthur Sullivant   Fundamentals of Fiction Writing F1 Non-Fiction
440 Hoffman, Donald   Frank Lloyd Wright A66 Non-Fiction
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445 Hofstadter, Douglas R.   Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern A51 Philosophy
446 Hofstadter, Douglas R.   Mind's I A31 Philosophy
447 Hogan, James P.   Code of the Life Maker B7 Sci Fi
448 Hogan, James P.   Genesis Machine, The B28 Sci Fi
449 Hogan, James P.   Infinity Gambit B5 Sci Fi
450 Hogan, James P.   Minds, Machines and Evolution A4 Non-Fiction
451 Hogan, James P.   Proteus Operation A4 Sci Fi
452 Hogan, Robert J   Blazing Adventure: #1 Scourge of the Steel Mask B38 Fantasy
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455 Holland, Cecelia   Floating Worlds B28 Sci Fi
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457 Holland, Dorothy Holland, Dorothy; Quinn, Naomi Cultural Models in Language and Thought A104 Non-Fiction
458 Holland, John H.   Hidden Order - How Adaptation Builds Complexity A104 Non-Fiction
459 Holland, Mark Combs, Allan; Holland, Mark Synchronicity - Science, Myth, and the Trickster A93 Non-Fiction
460 Holly, J. Hunter   Mind Traders, The B20 Sci Fi
461 Holly, J. Hunter   Time Twisters, The B20 Sci Fi
462 Holmer, Mark   Judges Guild: Wilderlands of the Magic Realm A45 Game
463 Holmer, Mark   Judges Guild: Wilderlands of the Magic Realm #92 A45 Game
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465 Holmes, J. Eric   Fantasy Role Playing Games A103 Non-Fiction
466 Holmes, John Eric   Mahars of Pellucidar B20 Sci Fi
467 Holt, Tom   Expecting Someone Taller B7 Fantasy
468 Holt, Tom   Flying Dutch B5 Fantasy
469 Holt, Tom   Who's Afraid of Beowulf? B23 Fantasy
470 Holt, Victoria   India Fan, The B21 Adventure
471 Holtz, Herman   Independent Consultant A16 Professional
472 Holub, Allen I.   Compiler Design in C A14 Computer
473 Holub, Allen I.   Taming Java Threads A20 Computer
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475 Holzner, Steve   Eclipse Cookbook A13 Computer
476 Holzner, Steve   Java 2 Back Book A14 Computer
477 Homer   Iliad, The B5 Fiction
478 Homer   Odyssey, The B5 Fiction
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481 Hooker, Richard   M-A-S-H Goes to Maine B19 Comedy
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483 Hoopes Evslin; Evslin; Hoopes Heroes and Monsters of Greek Myth A80 Mythology
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488 Hopkins, Marane S Hopkins, Harry A; Hopkins, Marane S Fandom Directory No. 12 A98 Reference
489 Hoskins, Robert   Infinity Two B20 Sci Fi
490 Hoskins, Robert   Strange Tomorrows B20 Sci Fi
491 Hoult, Janet   Short History of the Dragon, A C1 Game
492 Howard, Joan   Story of Mark Twain, The A99 Biography
493 Howard, Robert E.   Bran Mak Moran B20 Adventure
494 Howard, Robert E. Howard, Robert E.; Nyberg; De Camp, L. Sprague Conan of Cimmera B28 Fantasy
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496 Howard, Robert E.   Conan of Cimmeria B30 Fantasy
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498 Howard, Robert E. Howard, Robert E.; Nyberg; De Camp, L. Sprague Conan the Avenger B28 Fantasy
499 Howard, Robert E. Howard, Robert E.; Nyberg; De Camp, L. Sprague Conan the Conqueror B28 Fantasy
500 Howard, Robert E. Howard, Robert E.; Nyberg; De Camp, L. Sprague Conan the Usurper B28 Fantasy
501 Howard, Robert E. Howard, Robert E.; Nyberg; De Camp, L. Sprague Conan the Wanderer B28 Fantasy
502 Howard, Robert E.   Conan the Warrior B28 Fantasy
503 Howard, Robert E.   Cormac Mac Art B5 Fantasy
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505 Howarth, Matt   Changes A58 Graphic Novel
506 Howarth, Matt   Disturbing the Neighbors A58 Comic
507 Howarth, Matt   Those Annoying Post Brothers: Das Loot A58 Graphic Novel
508 Howe, Neil   13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? A56 Non-Fiction
509 Howell, Dave   Primal Order: Chessboards: Planes of Possibility A23 Game
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513 Hoy, Michael   Exotic Weapons A83 Non-Fiction
514 Hoyle, Fred   Black Cloud, The B20 Sci Fi
515 Hoyle, Fred   Into Deepest Space A65 Non-Fiction
516 Hoyle, Fred   Molecule Men A65 Non-Fiction
517 Hoyle, Fred   Nature of the Universe, The B33 Non-Fiction
518 Hoyle, Fred   October the First is Too Late B28 Sci Fi
519 Hoyle, Fred   Rockets in Ursa Major A65 Sci Fi
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521 Hubbard   Ole Doc Methuselah B28 Sci Fi
522 Hubbard, L. Ron   Seven Steps to the Arbiter B20 Sci Fi
523 Hubbard, L. Ron   Slaves of Sleep B4 Sci Fi
524 Hubbard, L. Ron   Slaves of Sleep B20 Sci Fi
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526 Huffman, Art Gonick, Larry; Huffman, Art Cartoon Guide to Physics, The A92 Non-Fiction
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532 Hughes, Robert Don   Wizard in Waiting, The B27 Fantasy
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534 Hughes, Zach   Legend of Miaree, The B20 Sci Fi
535 Hulke, Malcolm   and the Doomsday Weapon (Doctor Who) B36 Sci Fi
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538 Hume, Paul   Aftermath! Book 2 : Survivors of the Aftermath A37 Game
539 Hume, Paul   Aftermath! Book 3 : Gamemasters guide A37 Game
540 Hume, Paul   Bushido C1 Game
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542 Hume, Paul   Grimoire: 15th edition 2053 A32 Game
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551 Hutchison, Don   Great Pulp Heroes, The A103 Non-Fiction
552 Huxley, Aldous   Brave New World A71 Sci Fi
553 Huxley, Aldous   Brave New World B20 Sci Fi
554 Hyatt, Victoria   Book of Demons A39 Paranormal

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