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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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B33 (Library Box)

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#Box IDTitleAuthorsTypeTagsSearch
1 B33Art of Thinking, TheHarrison, Allen F.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction, Thinking(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
2 B33Beyond Good and EvilNietzsche, FriedrichPhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
3 B33Book of Survival, TheGreenbank, AnthonyNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Survival(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
4 B33Breakthroughs in MathematicsWolff, PeterNon-Fiction Mathematics, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
5 B33Challenge of a Liberal FaithMarshall, George N.Philosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
6 B33Civilization of Rome, TheDudley, Donald R.History History, Rome(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
7 B33Clan of Death: NinjaWeiss, Al; Philbin, TomFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
8 B33Computers the Machines We Think WithHalacy, H.S.Non-Fiction Computer, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
9 B33ConfuciusWaley, ArthurBiography Biography, Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
10 B33Crossword Puzzle DictionaryNewman, Frank EatonReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
11 B33Daily Life in Ancient RomeCarcopino, JeromeHistory History, Rome(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
12 B33Double Planet, TheAsimov, IsaacSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
13 B33Early Theories of the UniverseColeman, James A.Non-Fiction Cosmology, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
14 B33Elements, TheMeyer, Jerome S.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
15 B33End of Sex, TheLeonard, GeorgeNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
16 B33Fact and FancyAsimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
17 B33FossilsUnknownNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
18 B33Greek MythsKirk, G.S.Mythology Greek, Mythology(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
19 B33Growth of Physical Science, TheJeans, JamesNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
20 B33HagakureWilson, William ScottHistorical Fiction Historical Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
21 B33High Frontier, TheO'Neill, Gerard K.Sci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
22 B33History of Electronic Warfare - Instruments of Darkness, ThePrice, AlfredNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
23 B33How to Buy StockEngel, LouisNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
24 B33How to Make and Fly Paper AirplanesBarnaby, Ralph S.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
25 B33How to Stay Alive in the WoodAngier, BradfordNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
26 B33Inhabited Universe, TheGatland, Kenneth W.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
27 B33Intimate PlayBetcher, WilliamRomance Romance(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
28 B33Is Anyone There?Asimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, SETI(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
29 B33IslamGuillaume, AlfredNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
30 B33Japanese Destroyer CaptainHara, TameichiBiography Biography(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
31 B33Jefferson a Mentor BookPadover, Saul K.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
32 B33Killing, TheWhite, LionelFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
33 B33Life and EnergyAsimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
34 B33Life on Other WorldsJones, H. SpencerNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
35 B33Magic ExplainedGibson, WalterMagic Magic(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
36 B33Magic Tricks for AmateursDexter, WillMagic Magic(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
37 B33Makers of RomePlutarchHistory History, Rome(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
38 B33Making of Star Trek, TheRoddenberry, GeneNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Star Trek(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
39 B33Matters Great and Small, TheAsimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
40 B33Memory Book, TheLucas, Jerry; Lorayne, HarryNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
41 B33Microbe HuntersKruif, Paul DeNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
42 B33Modern Science and Modern ManConant, James B.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
43 B33Moment to Prey, AWhittington, HarrySci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
44 B33MythologyHamilton, EdithMythology Mythology(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
45 B33Myths of the Space AgeCohan, DanielNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
46 B33Nature of the Universe, TheHoyle, FredNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
47 B33Of Time, Space, and Other ThingsAsimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
48 B33On Earth and in the SkyLey, WillyNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
49 B33On Understanding ScienceConant, James B.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
50 B33Opus 100Asimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
51 B33Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian PersonalityEllebigan, Glenn C.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
52 B33Oriental AlchemyChzashige, MasumiNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
53 B33Pissing in the SnowRandolph, VanceFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
54 B33Profiles of the FutureClarke, Arthur C.Non-Fiction Futurism, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
55 B33Reptiles and AmphibiansSchusterNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
56 B33SamuraiSaki, SaburoNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
57 B33Sayings of Confucius, TheWare, James R.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction, Quotations(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
58 B33Science Fiction: What It's All AboutLundwall, Sam J.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction, Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
59 B33Scientific Analysis of Personality, TheCattell, Raymond B.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction, Psychology(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
60 B33Sheep Look Up, TheBrunner, JohnSci Fi R, Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
61 B33SleepOswald, IanParanormal Paranormal(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
62 B33Spiders and Their KinLeviNon-Fiction Biology, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
63 B33Spy CatcherWright, PeterNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Spy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
64 B33Stamps and StoriesUnknownNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
65 B33Stars Courses, TheAsimov, IsaacSci Fi Sci Fi(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
66 B33Straight Dope, TheAdams, CecilReference Reference(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
67 B33Surley You're Joking, Mr. FeynmanFeynman, Richard P.Biography Biography(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
68 B33SybillSchreiber, Flora RhetaParanormal Paranormal(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
69 B33Thomas Jefferson on DemocracyPadover, Saul K.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction, Politics(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
70 B33Time Probe: The Sciences in Science FictionClarke, Arthur C.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
71 B33Today and Tomorrow and...Asimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
72 B33Tradition and Innovation in Renaissance ItalyBurke, PeterHistory History(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
73 B33Tunnels of Cuchi, TheMangold, Tom; Penycate, JohnHistory History, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
74 B33Understanding Physics: The Electron Proton, and NeutronAsimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Physics(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
75 B33Universe, TheAsimov, IsaacNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
76 B33Way of Life Lao Jzu, TheChing, Tao TeNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
77 B33Web of MurderWhittington, HarryMystery Mystery(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
78 B33Worlds Strangest Crimes, TheMaine, C.E.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
79 B33Worlds Strangest Mysteries, TheFurneaux, RupertNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
80 B33X-Craft RaidGallagher, ThomasNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
81 B33Yellow Cloud (Doc Savage), TheRobeson, KennethAction Action, Action-Adventure, Doc Savage, Doc Savage (series)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
82 B33Your Next Fifty YearsPrehoda, Robert W.Futurism Futurism(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
83 B33Zen BuddhismSuzuki, D.T.Philosophy Philosophy, Zen(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
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