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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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# Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 Wages of Sin Asprin, Robert B5 Sci Fi
2 Waldo and Magic, Inc. Heinlein, Robert A. B4 Sci Fi
3 Waldo and Magic, Inc. Heinlein, Robert A. B28 Sci Fi
4 Walk a Black Wind: Dan Fortune Novel Collins, Michael B1 Mystery
5 Walkers on the Sky Lake, David J. B8 Sci Fi
6 Walking on Glass Banks, Iain A71 Fiction
7 Wall Around a Star Pohl, Frederik; Williamson, Jack B8 Sci Fi
8 Wall of Serpents Camp, L. Sprague de B12 Fantasy
9 Walls of Air Hambly, Barbara B36 Fantasy
10 Walls Within Walls Tofte B22 Sci Fi
11 Wanderer Leiber, Fritz B5 Sci Fi
12 Wandering Variables Trimble; Louis; Trimble, Jacquelyn B4 Sci Fi
13 War Against the Rull Vogt, A.E. van B9 Sci Fi
14 War Against the Rull, The Vogt, A.E. Van B32 Sci Fi
15 War and Peace Tolstoy, Leo B21 Fiction
16 War and Peas Churchill, Jill B10 Mystery
17 War Ends and Means Seabury, Paul A51 Non-Fiction
18 War for Eternity, The Rowley, Christopher B24 Sci Fi
19 War Games Hansen, Karl A27 Sci Fi
20 War Games Stableford, Brian B24 Sci Fi
21 War in Hell Morris, Janet B27 Fantasy
22 War Made New Boot, Max A42 Non-Fiction
23 War of Dreams Carter, Angela B13 Fantasy
24 War of Dreams Carter, Angela B18 Sci Fi
25 War of Dreams Carter, Angela B30 Sci Fi
26 War of Honor Weber, David A29 Sci Fi
27 War of the Worlds Wells, H.G. A31 Sci Fi
28 War of the Worlds Wells, H.G. B9 Sci Fi
29 War of the Worlds and Time Machine Wells, H.G. B4 Sci Fi
30 War of Wars - Britain and France: 1789-1815 Harvey, Robert A42 History
31 War on Aleph James, Laurence B20 Sci Fi
32 War With the Newts Capek, Karel A52 Sci Fi
33 War with the Robots Harrison, Harry B3 Sci Fi
34 War World Dietz, William C. B7 Sci Fi
35 War-Gamers World Walker, Hugh B4 Sci Fi
36 Warfleets of Antiquity Nelson, R. B. A36 Game
37 Warhammer Priestley, Rick A25 Game
38 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Halliwell, Richard A35 Game
39 Warhound and the World's Pain Moorcock, Michael A75 Fantasy
40 Warhound and the World's Pain Moorcock, Michael A77 Fantasy
41 Warlock Koontz, Dean R. B32 Fantasy
42 Warlock 5 Derry, Gerald A57 Comic
43 Warlock in Spite of Himself Stasheff, Christopher B13 Fantasy
44 Warlock in Spite of Himself Stasheff, Christopher B18 Sci Fi
45 Warlock in Spite of Himself Stasheff, Christopher B30 Sci Fi
46 Warlock in Spite of Himself, The Stasheff, Christopher B32 Fantasy
47 Warlock of the Witch World Norton, Andre B7 Fantasy
48 Warlock of the Witch World Norton, Andre B34 Sci Fi
49 Warlocks and Warriors De Camp, L Sprague A76 Fantasy
50 Warlord of Mars Burroughs, Edgar Rice B4 Sci Fi
51 Warlord of Mars, The Burroughs, Edgar Rice B28 Sci Fi
52 Warlord of the Air Moorcock, Michael B12 Sci Fi
53 Warlord of the Air, The Moorcock, Michael B25 Sci Fi
54 Warlords World Anvil, Christopher B26 Sci Fi
55 Warmasters, The Weber, David; Flint, Eric; Drake, David A26 Sci Fi
56 Warp 2: Lemmings on the Edge, The Oram, Neil A4 Sci Fi
57 Warp Force Empires Gray, Steve A37 Game
58 Warp World Porter, Greg A37 Game
59 Warplanes of the Future Gunston, Bill A81 Non-Fiction
60 Warrior of World's End Carter, Lin B13 Fantasy
61 Warrior's Apprentice, The Bujold, Lois McMaster A47 Sci Fi
62 Warriors and Wizards: 5 great sagas Carter, Lin B14 Fantasy
63 Warriors Apprentice, The Bujold, Lois McMaster B37 Sci Fi
64 Warriors of Blood and Dream Zelazny, Roger B5 Sci Fi
65 Warriors of Mars Bradbury, Ray B13 Fantasy
66 Warriors of Terra, The Faucette, John B3 Sci Fi
67 Warship Commander: Present Day Tactical Naval Combat Smigelski, Ken A37 Game
68 Washington's Dirigible Barnes, John B39 Sci Fi
69 Washington's Farewell Address and Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration Sullivan, James B40 Non-Fiction
70 Wasp Russell, Eric Frank B17 Sci Fi
71 Wasp Factory Banks, Iain A71 Fiction
72 Watch on the Rhine Ringo, John A30 Sci Fi
73 Watchmen Moore, Alan A57 Graphic Novel
74 Watchmen: for 3-5 characters: 235 Winninger, Ray A45 Game
75 Watchmen: for 4-6 characters: 227 Greenberg, Dan A45 Game
76 Watchmen: Heros: Sourcebook Mayfair Games A38 Game
77 Water Logic: Alternative to I Am Right and You Are Wrong Bono, Edward de A74 Non-Fiction
78 Waverly at Home Windows Ingham, Vicki L. A87 Non-Fiction
79 Way Home, A Sturgeon, Theodore B23 Sci Fi
80 Way of Deception, the Ostrovsky, Victor; Hoy, Claire A4 Non-Fiction
81 Way of Life Lao Jzu, The Ching, Tao Te B33 Non-Fiction
82 Way to Play Diagram Group A82 Game
83 Ways of Knowing - the Reality Club Volume 3 Brockman, John A93 Philosophy
84 We Are Not Alone Sullivan, Walter A47 Sci Fi
85 We are Not the First Tomas, Andrew B31 Non-Fiction
86 We Love You Snoopy Schulz, Charles M. B31 Cartoon
87 We Were At Pearl Harbor (1957) Sutton, Felix A64 Non-Fiction
88 Weapon Makers, The Vogt, A.E. Van B32 Sci Fi
89 Weapon Shops of Isher Vogt, AE Van B39 Sci Fi
90 Weapon Shops of Isher, The Vogt, A.E. Van B32 Sci Fi
91 Weaponeer Saxon, Kurt A46 Reference
92 Weapons and Armour: 4th edition Balent, Matthew A36 Game
93 Weapons and Warfare 01 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
94 Weapons and Warfare 02 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
95 Weapons and Warfare 03 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
96 Weapons and Warfare 04 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
97 Weapons and Warfare 05 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
98 Weapons and Warfare 06 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
99 Weapons and Warfare 07 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
100 Weapons and Warfare 08 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
101 Weapons and Warfare 09 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
102 Weapons and Warfare 10 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
103 Weapons and Warfare 11 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
104 Weapons and Warfare 12 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
105 Weapons and Warfare 13 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
106 Weapons and Warfare 14 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
107 Weapons and Warfare 15 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
108 Weapons and Warfare 16 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
109 Weapons and Warfare 17 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
110 Weapons and Warfare 18 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
111 Weapons and Warfare 19 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
112 Weapons and Warfare 20 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
113 Weapons and Warfare 21 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
114 Weapons and Warfare 22 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
115 Weapons and Warfare 23 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
116 Weapons and Warfare 24 Vim; Zulu A83 Reference
117 Weapons of Chaos: Echoes of Chaos Vardeman, Robert E. B11 Sci Fi
118 Weapons: International Encyclopedia Harding, David A83 Reference
119 Web Between the Worlds, The Sheffield, Charles B26 Sci Fi
120 Web Design in a Nutshell Niederst, Jennifer A7 Computer
121 Web of Murder Whittington, Harry B33 Mystery
122 Web of the Chozen Chalker, Jack L. B13 Sci Fi
123 Web of the Witch World Norton, Andre B34 Fantasy
124 Web Pages that Suck Flanders, Vincent; Michael, Willis A2 Computer
125 Web Performance Tuning Killelea, Patrick A7 Computer
126 Web Security and Commerce Garfinel, Simson A7 Computer
127 Web Security, Privacy, and Commerce Garfinel, Simson A3 Computer
128 Web Site Programming with Java Harms, David; Fiske, Barton C.; Rice, Jeffery C. A19 Computer
129 WebMage McCullough, Kelly B39 Fantasy
130 Webmaster in a Nutshell Spainhour, Stephen; Quercia, Valerie A12 Computer
131 Webster's 21st Century Dictionary of the English Language Kidney, Walter C. A84 Reference
132 Webster's Biographical Dictionary (First Edition) (1943) Various A86 Reference
133 Webster's Concise World Atlas and Almanac Pankova, Marie A84 Reference
134 Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary Unabridged - Second Edition - Deluxe Color McKechnie, Jean L. A95 Reference
135 Webster's New World Thesaurus Laird, Charlton A85 Reference
136 Wee Free Men Pratchett, Terry B39 Fantasy
137 Weetzie Bat Block, Francesca Lia B32 Youth
138 Weird Heroes - vol 1 Farmer; Goodwin; Goulart B34 Anthology
139 Weird Heroes - vol 2 Farmer; Ellison; White; Various B34 Anthology
140 Weird Heroes - vol 3 Goulart, Ron B34 Anthology
141 Weird Heroes - vol 4 King, Tappan B34 Anthology
142 Weird Heroes - vol 5 Wolfman, Marv B34 Anthology
143 Weird Heroes - vol 6 Bova; Hamilton; Farmer; Various B34 Anthology
144 Weird Heroes - vol 8 Farmer; Moorcock; Various B34 Anthology
145 Weird of the White Wolf Moorcock, Michael B12 Fantasy
146 Weird Rooms Vertikioff, Alexander A55 Non-Fiction
147 Weirwoods, The Swann, Thomas Burnett B23 Fantasy
148 Welcome to Skull Tower Hargrave, David A. C1 Game
149 Welcome to the Monkey House Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. B4 Anthology
150 Werewolf Among Us Koontz, Dean R. B8 Fantasy
151 Werewolf Principle Simak, Clifford D. B9 Sci Fi
152 Werewolf Principle Simak, Clifford D. B17 Sci Fi
153 Werewolf: the Apocalypse Steve Jackson Games A23 Game
154 West of Everything Tompkins, Jane A42 Non-Fiction
155 West World Crichton, Michael B16 Sci Fi
156 WesterCon 42: 1989 WesterCon A21 Convention
157 Western Hero Forbeck, Matt A107 Game
158 Western Intellectual Tradition Bronowski, J A31 Philosophy
159 Westward Ho! or, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight Kingsley, Charles B40 Non-Fiction
160 Wetware Rucker, Rudy B36 Sci Fi
161 Whack on the Side of the Head, A von Oech, Roger A2 Self Help
162 What a Great Idea: Key Steps Creative People Take Thompson, Charles A70 Non-Fiction
163 What Counts - the Complete Harper's Index Conn, Charis; Silverman, Hena A99 Non-Fiction
164 What Dreams May Come Matheson, Richard B10 Fantasy
165 What Entropy Means to Me Effinger, Geo Alec B12 Sci Fi
166 What Fantastic Fiction Do I read next? Barron, Neil A62 Reference
167 What Happened in History Childe, Gordon B23 History
168 What Happened to Emily Goode after the Great Exhibition Moore, Raylyn A29 Sci Fi
169 What If? - the World's Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been Cowley, Robert A101 History
170 What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew Pool, Daniel A90 Reference
171 What Men Really Want Bakos, Susan Crain A52 Non-Fiction
172 What Might Have Been: Alternate Empires Benford, Gregory; Greenberg, Martin H. B2 Anthology
173 What Minds Can Do Jacob, Pierre A74 Philosophy
174 What Mystery Do I Read Next? 2nd Edition Stilwell, Steven A A62 Non-Fiction
175 What Price Glory Danker, John ; Lauffenburger C1 Game
176 What Strange Stars and Skies Davidson, Avaram B18 Sci Fi
177 What Strange Stars and Skies Davidson, Avaram B30 Sci Fi
178 What Strange Stars and Skies Davidson, Avram B13 Sci Fi
179 What We Really Know About Flying Saucers Binder, Otto B31 Paranormal
180 What's New, B.C.? Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
181 What's What - a Visual Glossary of Everyday Objects Bragonier Jr., Reginald; Fisher, David A88 Reference
182 Whats Going on Here: Harpers Magazine Book of Annotations Lapham, Lewis H A81 Non-Fiction
183 Wheels of Commerce: Civilization and Capitalism 15th - 18th Century vol 2 Braudel, Fernand A39 Non-Fiction
184 When Axioms Collide: Outcome is Murder Torg A22 Game
185 When Gravity Fails Ackerman, Moss, Hockabout A38 Game
186 When Gravity Falls Effinger, George Alec B25 Sci Fi
187 When Harlie was One Gerrold, David B3 Sci Fi
188 When Heaven Fell Barton, William B36 Sci Fi
189 When the Green Star Calls Carter, Lin B13 Fantasy
190 When the Sleeper Wakes Wells, H.G. B22 Sci Fi
191 When the Star King Die Jakes, John B20 Sci Fi
192 When the Star Kings Die Jakes, John B4 Sci Fi
193 When Worlds Collide Wylie, Philip; Balmer, Edwin B17 Sci Fi
194 When Worlds Collide <dated 1932> Balmler, Edwin A54 Non-Fiction
195 Where do we Go from Here Asimov, Isaac B35 Sci Fi
196 Where Eagles Dare MacLean, Alistair B31 Adventure
197 Where Were You Last Pluterday? Herck, Paul Van B32 Sci Fi
198 While My Pretty One Sleeps Clark, Mary Higgins B19 Mystery
199 Whipping Star Herbert, Frank B13 Sci Fi
200 Whipping Star Herbert, Frank B30 Sci Fi
201 Whipping Start Herbert, Frank B18 Sci Fi
202 Whiskey River Estleman, Loren D. B5 Mystery
203 Whisper from the Stars Sutton, Jeff B23 Sci Fi
204 Whispering Mountain Aiken, Joan A71 Fantasy
205 White Bear and Red Moon Stafford, Greg A22 Game
206 White Hart Springer, Nancy B13 Fantasy
207 White Hart Springer, Nancy B18 Fantasy
208 White Hart Springer, Nancy B30 Fantasy
209 White Rose, The Cook, Glen B2 Fantasy
210 White Serpent Castle Namioka, Lensey B7 Historical Fiction
211 White Wolf: Annual Fantasy Issue Aug/Sep 1991 White Wolf A37 Game
212 White Wolf: Temples, Demons, and Ships of War Wieck, Stewart A35 Game
213 Whitelands Affair, The Clarke, Anna B21 Mystery
214 Who Censored Roger Rabbit Wolf, Gary B25 Fantasy
215 Who Did What - Illustrated Biographical Dictionary Beazley, Mitchell A92 Reference
216 Who Goes Here? Shaw, Bob B26 Sci Fi
217 Who Killed Robert Prentice? Murder Mystery Links, J. G. A32 Game
218 Who Killed You Cindy Castle? Hitman #1 Carr, Kirby B38 Action
219 Who Put the Butter in Butterfly Feldman, David A48 Non-Fiction
220 Who Speaks of Conquest? Wright, Lan B23 Sci Fi
221 Who's Afraid of Beowulf? Holt, Tom B23 Fantasy
222 Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge McNaughton, Colin A82 Kids
223 Who's Who in Egyptian Mythology Mercatante, Anthony S A48 Mythology
224 Who's Who in Wodehouse Garrison, Daniel H. A90 Reference
225 Who? Budrys, Algis B4 Sci Fi
226 Who? Budrys, Algis B28 Sci Fi
227 Whodunit? - a Guide to Crime, Suspense and Spy Fiction Keating, H.R.F. A102 Reference
228 Whole Internet Krol, Ed B6 Computer
229 Whole Man Brunner, John B3 Sci Fi
230 Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? and other Imponderables Feldman, David A102 Non-Fiction
231 Why Shoot a Butler Heyer, Georgette B15 Mystery
232 Wicked Problems, Righteous Solutions DeGrace, Peter; Stahl, Leslie Hulet B6 Computer
233 Widening Gyre, The Parker, Robert B. B21 Action
234 Wild Cards Shiner, Lewis A57 Comic
235 Wild Cards: Ace in the Hole Martin, George R. R. B2 Anthology
236 Wild Cards: Aces Abroad Martin, George R. R. B25 Sci Fi
237 Wild Cards: Aces High Martin, George R. R. B7 Sci Fi
238 Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards Martin, George R. R. A4 Anthology
239 Wild Cards: Card Sharks: Book I of a New Cycle Martin, George R. R. B11 Sci Fi
240 Wild Cards: Dealer's Choice Vol. XI Martin, George R. R. B2 Anthology
241 Wild Cards: Double Solitaire Vol. X Martin, George R. R. B2 Anthology
242 Wild Cards: Down and Dirty Martin, George R. R. B25 Sci Fi
243 Wild Cards: Jokers Wild Martin, George R. R. B25 Sci Fi
244 Wild Cards: Jokertown Shuffle Martin, George R. R. B2 Anthology
245 Wild Cards: Vol VII Dead man's Hand Martin, George R R B38 Sci Fi
246 Wild Cards: Vol VIII One-Eyed Jacks Martin, George R R B38 Sci Fi
247 Wild Cards: Vol XII Turn of the Cards Milan, Victor B38 Sci Fi
248 Wild Seed Butler, Octavia E. B29 Fantasy
249 Wildcards Game Miller, John J. A22 Game
250 Wilderness Survival - a Manual of Basic Survival Techniques Hamper, Stan A91 Non-Fiction
251 Wilt Sharpe, Tom B27 Comedy
252 Wilt Alternative, The Sharpe, Tom B27 Comedy
253 Wind in the Door L'Engle, Madeleine A65 Sci Fi
254 Wind Whales of Ishmael Farmer, Phillip Jose B12 Fantasy
255 Window X System Jones, Oliver A17 Computer
256 Windows Annoyances Karp, David A. A15 Computer
257 Windows Hothouse Clarkson, Mark A17 Computer
258 Winds of Chance, The Hargrave, David A. C1 Game
259 Winds of Limbo Moorcock, Michael B14 Sci Fi
260 WindyCon XVIII WindyCon A21 Convention
261 Wings of Omen Abbey, Lynn B28 Fantasy
262 Winning Colors Moon, Elizabeth B37 Sci Fi
263 Winter of the Raven Johnson, Janice Kay B10 Mystery
264 Winter of the World Anderson, Poul A69 Fantasy
265 Wisdom of Harry Potter Kern, Edmund M A79 Philosophy
266 Witch Baby Block, Francesca Lia B36 Fantasy
267 Witch World Norton, Andre B7 Fantasy
268 Witch World Norton, Andre B34 Fantasy
269 Witches of Karres, The Schmitz, James H. B26 Sci Fi
270 Witches Three Leiber, Fritz A59 Fantasy
271 With a Tangled Skein Anthony, Piers B2 Fantasy
272 Witness Uhnak, Uhnak B15 Fiction
273 Wittenstein's Tractatus Kolak, Daniel A93 Philosophy
274 Wittgenstein's Poker Edmonds, David; Eidinow, John B40 Non-Fiction
275 Wizard Varley, John B22 Sci Fi
276 Wizard in Waiting, The Hughes, Robert Don B27 Fantasy
277 Wizard of 4th Street, The Hawke, Simon B24 Fantasy
278 Wizard of Anharitte, The Kapp, Colin B20 Fantasy
279 Wizard of Earthsea Le Guin, Ursula K. B30 Fantasy
280 Wizard of Earthsea Leguin, Ursula K. B4 Fantasy
281 Wizard of Earthsea, The Le Guin, Ursula K. B13 Fantasy
282 Wizard of Earthsea, The Le Guin, Ursula K. B18 Fantasy
283 Wizard of ID #10, The Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
284 Wizard of ID #7, The Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
285 Wizard of ID #8, The Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
286 Wizard of ID #9, The Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
287 Wizard of ID, The Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
288 Wizard of ID, The Parker; Hart B19 Cartoon
289 Wizard of Lemuria Carter, Lin B14 Fantasy
290 Wizard of Linn, The Vogt, A.E. Van B32 Sci Fi
291 Wizard of Venus Burroughs, Edgar Rice B14 Fantasy
292 Wizard of Zao, The Carter, Lin B13 Fantasy
293 Wizard War Cook, Hugh B1 Fantasy
294 Wizard's Bane Cook, Rick B1 Fantasy
295 Wizardry Compiled Cook, Rick B1 Fantasy
296 Wizardry Cursed Cook, Rick B38 Fantasy
297 Wizards Bakshi, Ralph A24 Game
298 Wizards Back, The Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
299 Wizards of Senchuria, The Bulmer, Kenneth B28 Sci Fi
300 Wizenbeak Gilliland, Alexis A A52 Fantasy
301 Wodehouse on Crime Wodehouse, P.G. A59 Comedy
302 Woken Furies Morgan, Richard K A69 Sci Fi
303 Woken Furies Morgan, Richard K A78 Sci Fi
304 Wolf of the Steppes: vol 1 Lamb, Harold A77 Fiction
305 Wolf Worlds, The Cole, Allan; Bunch, Chris B1 Sci Fi
306 Wolverine Claremont, Chris A57 Comic
307 Wolverine: Nick Fury: the Scorpio Connection Goodwin, Archie A49 Comic
308 Woman in White, The Collins, Wilkie B23 Mystery
309 Woman Who Knew Too Much, The Clarins, Dana B9 Mystery
310 Woman's Dictionary, The Walker A28 Reference
311 Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, The Walker, Barbara G. A84 Reference
312 Women of the Ages Finlay, Virgil A56 Art
313 Women on Top Firday, Nancy B38 Non-Fiction
314 Wonder Boy Heuman, William B14 Fiction
315 Wonder War, The Janifer, Laurence M. B28 Sci Fi
316 Wonderflower of Utik Rhodan, Perry B22 Sci Fi
317 Wonderful Life - the Burgess Shale and the Nature of History Gould, Stephen Jay A98 Non-Fiction
318 Wonders of Victorian Engineering Andrews, Allen A89 History
319 Wonderworks: Sci Fi and Fantasy Art Whelan, Michael A73 Art
320 Wondrous Wizard of ID, The Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
321 Wooden Spaceships, The Shaw, Bob B24 Sci Fi
322 Word Finder, The Rodale, J.J. A88 Reference
323 Word Origins and their Romantic Stories Funk, Wilfred A31 Non-Fiction
324 Word-Bringer Llewellyn, Edward B25 Sci Fi
325 Words in the Mind - An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon Aitchison, Jean A93 Non-Fiction
326 Words in Time: Social History of the English Vocabulary Hughes, Geoffrey A74 Non-Fiction
327 Wordsworth Dictionary of First Names, The Mcleod, Iseabail; Freedman, Terry A90 Reference
328 Wordsworth Dictionary of Proverbs, The Apperson, G.L. A89 Reference
329 Work This Out Longley-Cook, L.H. B31 Non-Fiction
330 World Action and Adventure: Official Guide Kinney, Gregory L. A36 Game
331 World Aflame, A Kern, Gregory B20 Sci Fi
332 World and Man Ray, Forest A63 Non-Fiction
333 World Asunder, The Wallace, Ian B22 Sci Fi
334 World Called Camelot Landis, Arthur H. B8 Sci Fi
335 World Gone Mad, A Rhodan, Perry B22 Sci Fi
336 World is Round, The Rothman, Tony B17 Sci Fi
337 World of Difference Conquest, Robert B14 Sci Fi
338 World of Jeeves Wodehouse, P.G. A59 Comedy
339 World of M.C. Escher Locher, J L A56 Art
340 World of Mathematics, the - Volume 1 Newman, James R. A95 Reference
341 World of Mathematics, the - Volume 2 Newman, James R. A95 Reference
342 World of Mathematics, the - Volume 3 Newman, James R. A95 Reference
343 World of Mathematics, the - Volume 4 Newman, James R. A95 Reference
344 World of Mazes Vardeman, Robert E. B22 Sci Fi
345 World of Null-A, The Vogt, A.E. Van B32 Sci Fi
346 World of Synnibarr: Transgenre Gaming McCracken, Raven A36 Game
347 World of the Sleeper Wayman, Tony Russell B13 Sci Fi
348 World of the Sleeper Wayman, Tony Russell B18 Sci Fi
349 World of the Sleeper Wayman, Tony Russell B30 Sci Fi
350 World of the Strange Smith, Susy B2 Sci Fi
351 World of Tiers Farmer, Philip Jose A69 Fantasy
352 World of Trouble, A Toomey, Robert E. B32 Fiction
353 World Treasury of Science Fiction Hartwell, David G. A30 Anthology
354 World Unknown Clagett, John B16 Sci Fi
355 World War: Tilting the Balance Turtledove, Harry A78 Sci Fi
356 World Wreckers Bradley, Marion Zimmer B13 Sci Fi
357 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 1 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
358 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 10 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
359 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 2 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
360 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 3 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
361 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 4 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
362 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 5 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
363 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 6 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
364 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 7 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
365 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 8 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
366 World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories, the (in Ten Volumes - 1929): Vol. 9 Thwing, Eugene B40 Anthology
367 World's Best Travel Games Barry, Sheila Anne A51 Game
368 World's Fair Goblin (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B17 Action
369 World's Greatest Books - Twentieth Century Series Wise, WM. H. A102 Anthology
370 World-Building - a writer's guide to constructing star systems and life-supporting planets Gillett, Stephen L. A86 Writing
371 Worlds Best Sci-Fi 1970 Wollheim, Donald A.; Carr, Terry B4 Anthology
372 Worlds Best Science Fiction 1967 Pohl, Frederik B23 Sci Fi
373 Worlds Best Science Fiction 1970 Leiber, Fritz B20 Anthology
374 Worlds Best Science Fiction 1971 Sturgeon, Theodore B20 Anthology
375 Worlds for the Taking Bulmer, Kenneth B2 Sci Fi
376 Worlds of A.E. van Vogt Vogt, A.E. van B4 Anthology
377 Worlds of Jack Vance Vance, Jack B4 Anthology
378 Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein, The Heinlein, Robert A. B20 Sci Fi
379 Worlds of the Imperium Laumer, Keith B16 Sci Fi
380 Worlds Strangest Crimes, The Maine, C.E. B33 Non-Fiction
381 Worlds Strangest Mysteries, The Furneaux, Rupert B33 Non-Fiction
382 Worlds That Weren't Turtledove; Stirling; Gentle; Williams A30 Anthology
383 Wrack and Roll Denton, Bradley B2 Sci Fi
384 Wrinkle in Time L'Engle, Madeleine A71 Sci Fi
385 Write Stuff - Evaluations of Graphology - the Study of Handwriting Analysis, The Byeyerstein, Barry L.; Beyerstein, Dale F. A84 Non-Fiction
386 Writer's Circle, the - Reading, Thinking, Writing Morgan, Sarah; Vivion, Michael A88 Writing
387 Writer's Digest Character Naming Source Book, The Kenyon, Sherrilyn A90 Writing
388 Writer's Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition through World War II, The McCutcheon, Marc A90 Writing
389 Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's, The McCutcheon, Marc A90 Writing
390 Writer's Little Helper, The Smith Jr., James V. A90 Writing
391 Writers on Writing Winokur, Jon A84 Writing
392 Writing a Thriller (Second Edition) Jute, Andre A90 Writing
393 Writing for Results - in Business, Government, the Sciences and the Professions (2nd Ed.) Ewing, David W. A93 Writing
394 Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters Brown, P.J. A2 Computer
395 Writing Philosophy Papers Seech, Zachary A74 Writing
396 Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy - 20 Dynamic Essays by Today's Top Professionals Dozois, Gardner; Lee, Tina; Schmidt, Stanley; Strock, Ian Randal; Williams, Sheila A85 Writing
397 Writing the Natural Way Rico, Gabriele Lusser A88 Writing
398 Writing the Research and Term Paper Hauser, Travis L. B27 Writing
399 Writing the Thriller Skillman, T. Macdonald A88 Writing
400 Writing With Style - Conversations on the Art of Writing Trimble, John R. A104 Writing
401 Writing Word Macros Roman, Steven A96 Computer
402 Wyrms Footnotes Stafford, Greg A22 Game

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