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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons ebook and trade paperback available on Amazon (or here).
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Titles I (Library Box Cross Ref)

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# Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 I am a Barbarian Burroughs, Edgar Rice B13 Sci Fi
2 I am Legend Matheson, Richard B15 Sci Fi
3 I Ching Book of Changes Legge, James B29 Paranormal
4 I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to Be Destroyed By Me - Emblems from the Pentagon's Black World Paglen, Trevor A89 Non-Fiction
5 I Gotta Go - the Commentary of Ian Shoales Shoales, Ian A93 Non-Fiction
6 I Hate to Cook Book Bracken, Peg B10 Cookbook
7 I Have No Son Trudeau, G.B. B31 Cartoon
8 I Married Adventure Johnson, Osa A63 Biography
9 I Will Fear No Evil Heinlein, Robert A. B4 Sci Fi
10 I Will Fear No Evil Heinlein, Robert A. B20 Sci Fi
11 I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You Carter, Alley A89 Fiction
12 I, Elizabeth Miles, Rosalind A33 Historical Fiction
13 I, Lucifer O'Donnell, Peter A27 Action
14 I, Robot Asimov, Isaac B13 Sci Fi
15 I, Robot Asimov, Isaac B18 Sci Fi
16 I, Robot Asimov, Isaac B30 Sci Fi
17 I, Robot Asimov, Isaac B35 Sci Fi
18 I.S.T. International Super Team Schroeck, Robert M. A22 Game
19 Ian Shoales' Perfect World Kessler, Merle A54 Non-Fiction
20 Ian Shoales' Perfect World Kessler, Merle A100 Non-Fiction
21 Ice and Iron Tucker, Wilson A64 Sci Fi
22 Ice Schooner Moorcock, Michael B12 Fantasy
23 Iceworld Clement, Hal B13 Sci Fi
24 Ides of Mad, The Unknown B19 Cartoon
25 Idiom's Delight - Fascinating Phrases and Linguistic Eccentricities (Spanish, French, Italian, Latin) Brock, Suzanne A90 Reference
26 Idlewild Sagan, Nick A68 Sci Fi
27 Idol from Passa Rhodan, Perry B17 Sci Fi
28 Idylls of the Queen Karr, Phyllis Ann B5 Fantasy
29 If I Were an Evil Overlord Greenberg, Martin H. A27 Anthology
30 If the Stars are Gods Benford; Eklund B35 Sci Fi
31 Ig Nobel Prizes, the - the Annals of Improbable Research Abrahams, Marc A99 Non-Fiction
32 IJCAI 85; AI Programming; Tutorial No. 14 IJCAI A1 Professional
33 IJCAI 85; Expert Systems Part 1; Tutorial No. 5 IJCAI A1 Professional
34 IJCAI 85; Expert Systems Part 1; Tutorial No. 9 IJCAI A1 Professional
35 IJCAI 85; Intro to AI; Tutorial No. 2 IJCAI A1 Professional
36 IJCAI 85; Intro to Prolog; Tutorial No. 11 IJCAI A1 Professional
37 IJCAI 85; Machine Learning; Tutorial No. 13 IJCAI A1 Professional
38 IJCAI 85; Proceedings of the Ninth International Joint Conference on AI; Vol. 1 IJCAI A1 Professional
39 IJCAI 85; Proceedings of the Ninth International Joint Conference on AI; Vol. 2 IJCAI A1 Professional
40 Iliad, The Homer B5 Fiction
41 Ill Fate Marshaling, An Cook, Glen B7 Fantasy
42 Ill Wind Heath, W.L. B27 Mystery
43 Illearth War Donaldson, Stephan R A76 Fantasy
44 Illegal Aliens Pollotta, Nick; Foglio, Phil B9 Sci Fi
45 Illuminated Handbook Jackson, Steve A37 Game
46 Illuminati University McCoy, Elizabeth; Milliken, Walter A21 Game
47 Illuminatus - Part 1 Shea; Wilson B34 Sci Fi
48 Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia Wilgus, Neal A54 Non-Fiction
49 Illusion Volsky, Paula B14 Fantasy
50 Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah Bach, Richard B11 Fantasy
51 Illustrated a Look Into Japan Japan Travel Bureau B40 Non-Fiction
52 Illustrated Comic Art Workshop Giordano, Dick A57 Comic
53 Illustrated Living Japanese Style Japan Travel Bureau B40 Non-Fiction
54 Illustrated Man, The Bradbury, Ray B3 Anthology
55 Image of the Beast Farmer, Phillip Jose B7 Horror
56 Image of the Beast Farmer, Phillip Jose B12 Fantasy
57 Images - Japanese Mind Hibi, Sadao; Nakayashiro, Noriko A108 Non-Fiction
58 Imaginary Homelands Rushdie, Salman A41 Fiction
59 Immortal of World's End: Third Book of Gondwane Carter, Lin B13 Fantasy
60 Immortal: Invisible War Precedence A21 Game
61 Immortals Gunn, James B3 Sci Fi
62 Impeach the President - the Case Against Bush and Cheney Loo, Dennis; Philips, Peter A105 Non-Fiction
63 Imperative Programming Languages Brainerd, Walt A18 Computer
64 Imperfect Spy, An Cross, Amanda B21 Mystery
65 Imperial Earth Clarke, Arthur C. B14 Sci Fi
66 Imperial Stars Smith, E.E. Doc B13 Sci Fi
67 Imperial Stars Smith, E.E. Doc B18 Sci Fi
68 Imperial Stars Smith, E.E. Doc B22 Sci Fi
69 Imperial Stars Smith, E.E. Doc B30 Sci Fi
70 Implementing Functional Languages Jones, Simon L.; Peyton; Lester, David A2 Computer
71 Implied Spaces Williams, Walter Jon A30 Sci Fi
72 Importing the European Army Ralston, David A63 History
73 Improbable Machine Campbell, Jeremy A65 Non-Fiction
74 Improbable Machine Campbell, Jeremy A74 Non-Fiction
75 Improvised Munitions Black Book - Volume 1 Desert Publications A95 Non-Fiction
76 Improvised Munitions Black Book - Volume 2 Desert Publications A95 Non-Fiction
77 Improvised Munitions Black Book Vol 3 Desert Publications A83 Non-Fiction
78 In Big Trouble Lippman, Laura B10 Detective
79 In Death Ground Weber, David B39 Sci Fi
80 In Enemy Hands Weber, David A27 Sci Fi
81 In Other Worlds Attanasio, A.A. B1 Sci Fi
82 In Search of Ancient Mysteries Landsburg, Sally B31 Paranormal
83 In Search of Wonder - Second Edition Knight, Damon A103 Non-Fiction
84 In Ten Little Wizards Kurland, Michael B25 Fantasy
85 In the Balance Turtledove, Harry B32 Sci Fi
86 In the Blink of an Eye Parker, Andrew A79 Non-Fiction
87 In the Country of the Blind Flynn, Michael A27 Sci Fi
88 In the Country of the Blind Flynn, Michael B2 Sci Fi
89 In the Country of the Blind Flynn, Michael B7 Sci Fi
90 In the Courts of the Crimson Kings Stirling, S. M. A85 Sci Fi
91 In the Cube Smith, David Alexander A52 Sci Fi
92 In the Garden of Iden Baker, Kage B37 Sci Fi
93 In the Green Star's Glow Carter, Lin B14 Fantasy
94 In the Kingdom of the Beasts Stableford, Brian M. B13 Sci Fi
95 In the Kingdom of the Beasts Stableford, Brian M. B18 Fantasy
96 In the Kingdom of the Beasts Stableford, Brian M. B30 Sci Fi
97 In the Labyrinth: Game Master's Module Metagaming A24 Game
98 In the Ocean of Night Benford, Gegory A101 Sci Fi
99 In the Ocean of Night Benford, Gregory B36 Sci Fi
100 In the Oriental Style Freeman, Michael A80 Non-Fiction
101 In the Shadow of Omizantrim Vardeman, Robert E.; Milan, Victor B11 Fantasy
102 Incal 1 Giraud, Jean A49 Comic
103 Incal 2 Giraud, Jean A49 Comic
104 Incal 3 Giraud, Jean A49 Comic
105 Incident At Exeter Fuller, John G. B31 Paranormal
106 Incomplete Enchanter Camp, L. Sprague de B12 Fantasy
107 Incomplete Enchanter Camp, L. Sprague de B13 Fantasy
108 Incomplete Enchanter de Camp, L. Sprague B18 Fantasy
109 Incomplete Enchanter de Camp, L. Sprague B30 Fantasy
110 Incredible Comparisons Ash, Russell A46 Non-Fiction
111 Incredible Cross-Sections Biesty, Stephen A46 Non-Fiction
112 Indecent Exposure Sharpe, Tom A69 Comedy
113 Indemnity Only Paretsky, Sara A4 Detective
114 Independent Consultant Holtz, Herman A16 Professional
115 India Fan, The Holt, Victoria B21 Adventure
116 Indistinguishable from Magic Forward, Robert L. B5 Sci Fi
117 Inevitable Illusions - How Mistakes of Reason Rule Our Minds Piattelli-Palmarini, Massimo A93 Non-Fiction
118 Infamous Army Heyer, Georgette B39 Historical Fiction
119 Infamous Army, An Heyer, Georgette A4 Historical Fiction
120 Infernal Devices Jeter, K.W. B7 Fantasy
121 Inferno Niven, Larry B12 Fantasy
122 Inferno Niven, Larry B25 Fantasy
123 Inferno, The Ciardi, John B27 Fantasy
124 Infinitive of Go Brunner, John B15 Sci Fi
125 Infinity and the Mind - the Science and Philosophy of the Infinite Rucker, Rudy A96 Non-Fiction
126 Infinity Flight Rhodan, Perry B17 Sci Fi
127 Infinity Gambit Hogan, James P. B5 Sci Fi
128 Infinity RolePlaying System Charrette, Derrick A36 Game
129 Infinity Two Hoskins, Robert B20 Sci Fi
130 Infinity's Shore Brin, David A47 Sci Fi
131 Infinity’s Shore Brin, David B29 Sci Fi
132 Informal Logic Walton, Douglas N. A18 Non-Fiction
133 Information Retrieval Frakes, William B.; Baeza-Yates, Ricardo A12 Computer
134 Inhabited Universe, The Gatland, Kenneth W. B33 Non-Fiction
135 Inherit the Earth Nunes, Claude B34 Sci Fi
136 Inherit the Earth Stableford, Brian B37 Sci Fi
137 Inimitable Jeeves, The Wodehouse, P.G. B19 Comedy
138 Injustice for All Jance, J.A. B21 Mystery
139 Inkspell Funke, Cornelia A79 Youth
140 Inner Circle: a Hacker's Guide to Computer Security Landreth, Bill A3 Computer
141 Inner Sanctum Frey, Stephen B10 Fiction
142 Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 4 Scott, A. Carlisle; Klahr, Philip A105 Non-Fiction
143 Inorganic Chemistry Latimer; Hildebrand A48 Non-Fiction
144 Inquiry Into the Colonial Policy of the European Powers, An - Volume 1 Brougham, Lord A101 Non-Fiction
145 Inquiry Into the Colonial Policy of the European Powers, An - Volume 2 Brougham, Lord A101 Non-Fiction
146 Inside Smalltalk - Volume 1 LaLonde, Wilf R.; Pugh, John R. A20 Computer
147 Inside Smalltalk - Volume 2 LaLonde, Wilf R.; Pugh, John R. A20 Computer
148 Inside the Hindenburg: Giant Cutaway Book Majoor, Mireille A46 Non-Fiction
149 Inside Visual C++ Kruglinski, David J. A13 Computer
150 Instant Corba Orfali, Robert; Harkey, Dan; Edwards, Jeri A15 Computer
151 Insurrection Weber, David B39 Sci Fi
152 Integral Trees Niven, Larry B7 Sci Fi
153 Integration Models: Templates for Business Transformation Brown, Laura A10 Computer
154 Intelligent Databases - Object-Oriented, Deductive Hypermedia Technologies Parsay, Kamran; Chignell, Mark; Khoshafian, Setrag; Wong, Harry A96 Computer
155 Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks Dagli, Cihan H. A19 Computer
156 Intelligent Life in the Universe Sagan, Carl; Schklovskii, I.S. A106 Non-Fiction
157 Interaction - the Journal of Role Playing and Storytelling Systems - Issue 1 Various A103 Magazine
158 Interface Bury, Stephen B5 Fiction
159 Interface Stephenson, Neal A30 Sci Fi
160 Internet Agents Cheong, Fah-Chun A18 Computer
161 Internet Architectures Minoli, Daniel, Schmidt, Andrew B6 Computer
162 Intersections Rabkin, Eric S. A28 Anthology
163 Intersections - the Sycamore Hill Anthology Kessel, John; Van Name, Mark L.; Butner, Richard A102 Anthology
164 Interstellar Travel, Past, Present, and Future Macvey, John W A47 Non-Fiction
165 Intimate Play Betcher, William B33 Romance
166 Into Deepest Space Hoyle, Fred A65 Non-Fiction
167 Into the Alternate Universe Chandler, A. Bertram B14 Sci Fi
168 Into the Slave Nebula Brunner, John B28 Sci Fi
169 Into the Wilderness Donati, Sara A33 Fiction
170 Intro to Differential Equations Boyce, William E.; DiPrima, Richard C. A19 Non-Fiction
171 Intro to Glorantha Book 5 Avalon Hill Game A24 Game
172 Introduction to AI Charniak, Eugene; McDermott, Drew B6 Computer
173 Introduction to Formal Languages Revesz, Gyorgy E. A93 Non-Fiction
174 Introduction to Hydrology (Second Edition) Viessman Jr, Warren A91 Non-Fiction
175 Introduction to Knowledge Systems Stefik, Mark A96 Computer
176 Introduction to Linguistics Crane, L. Ben A39 Non-Fiction
177 Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy Russell, Bertrand A48 Non-Fiction
178 Introduction to OO Programming and C++, An Wiener, Richard S.; Pinson, Lewis J. A1 Computer
179 Introduction to Symbolic Logic and Its Applications Carnap, Rudolf A93 Non-Fiction
180 Introductory Graph Theory Chartrand, Gary A91 Non-Fiction
181 Invaders from Rigal Pratt, Fletcher B20 Sci Fi
182 Invaders from the Infinite Campbell, John W. B18 Sci Fi
183 Invaders from the Infinite Campbell, John W. B30 Sci Fi
184 Invaders from the Infinite Campbell, John W. Jr. B13 Sci Fi
185 Invasion - Book One of the Secret World Chronicle Lackey, Mercedes; Libbey, Steve; Martin, Cody; Lee, Dennis F1 SF
186 Invasion from 2500 Edwards, Norman B12 Sci Fi
187 Invention and Evolution - Design in Nature and Engineering French, M.J. A93 Non-Fiction
188 Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Selznick, Brian A75 Fantasy
189 Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla Martin, Thomas Commerford A77 Non-Fiction
190 Inversions Banks, Iain M A76 Sci Fi
191 Inversions Banks, Iain M. B37 Sci Fi
192 Inverted World Priest, Christopher A69 Sci Fi
193 Invincible - Vol. One - Family Matter Kirkman; Walker; Crabtree A58 Comic
194 Invisible Death Carter, Lin B14 Sci Fi
195 Invisible Man, The Wells, H.G. B22 Sci Fi
196 Ion War Kapp, Colin B34 Sci Fi
197 Ipcress File Deighton, Len B1 Action
198 Iron Afloat - the Story of the Confederate Armorclads Still Jr, William N. A105 History
199 Iron Castle Rosney, J.H. B20 Fantasy
200 Iron Cow of Zen, The Low, Albert A90 Philosophy
201 Iron Dragon's Daughter Swanwick, Michael B36 Fantasy
202 Iron Flute, the - 100 Zen Koans Senzaki, Nyogen; McCandless, Ruth Strout A86 Non-Fiction
203 Iron Ghost, The Dixon, Chuck; Cariello, Sergio; Henry, Flint A108 Comic
204 Iron Lords, The Offut, Andrew J. A27 Fantasy
205 Iron Man: Crash Saenz, Mike A49 Comic
206 Iron Man: the Armor Trap Cox, Greg A85 Sci Fi
207 Iron Wind Fenlon, Peter C. A11 Game
208 Ironcastle Farmer, Phillip Jose B10 Fantasy
209 Ironwood Theatrix A21 Game
210 Is Anyone There? Asimov, Isaac A47 Non-Fiction
211 Is Anyone There? Asimov, Isaac B33 Non-Fiction
212 is for Alibi, A Grafton, Sue B10 Mystery
213 Is Nothing Sacred Wilson, Gahen A72 Cartoon
214 Islam Guillaume, Alfred B33 Non-Fiction
215 Island of the Mighty, The Panshin, Alexei B20 Fantasy
216 Island Worlds Kotani, Eric; Roberts, John Maddox B9 Sci Fi
217 Islands on the Net Sterling, Bruce B25 Sci Fi
218 Isle of the Dead Zelazny, Roger B17 Sci Fi
219 Isms - a Compendium of Concepts, Doctrines, Traits, and Beliefs Von Altendorf, Alan; Von Altendorf, Theresa A100 Reference
220 Issola Brust, Steven B39 Sci Fi
221 It Can't Be My Grave Dean, S.F.X B21 Mystery
222 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Rice, Scott B40 Non-Fiction
223 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: the Final Conflict Rice, Scott B40 Non-Fiction
224 It's a Conspiracy! - the Shocking Truth About America's Favorite Conspiracy Theories! National Insecurity Council, The A100 Non-Fiction
225 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy Laumer, Keith B8 Sci Fi
226 Ivanhoe Scott, Sir Walter B38 Historical Fiction
227 Ivanhoe Gambit, The Hawke, Simon B2 Fantasy
228 Iytean Menace (Doctor Who) Fasa A22 Game

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