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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons ebook and trade paperback available on Amazon (or here).
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Authors W (Library Box Cross Ref)

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# Author Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 Wade Riffe; Winton; Wade Exploration Manual and Star Atlas A22 Game
2 Wade Riffe; Winton; Wade Traders of the Far Reach A22 Game
3 Wagnalls Funk ; Wagnalls Standard Dictionary B37 Reference
4 Wagner, Karl Edward   Bloodstone B4 Fantasy
5 Wagner, Karl Edward   Bloodstone B22 Fantasy
6 Wagner, Karl Edward   Book of Kane A68 Fantasy
7 Wagner, Karl Edward   Darkness Weaves B22 Fantasy
8 Wagner, Karl Edward   Death Angel's Shadow B22 Fantasy
9 Wagner, Karl Edward   Night Winds B22 Fantasy
10 Wagner, Matt   Grendel: Devil by the Deed A58 Comic
11 Wagner, Matt   Mage 1 Hero Discovered A58 Comic
12 Wagner, Matt   Mage 2 Hero Discovered A58 Comic
13 Wagner, Matt   Mage 3 Hero Discovered A58 Comic
14 Wagnoer, John J   Mammoth Cave A67 Non-Fiction
15 Waid, Mark   Kingdom Come A57 Graphic Novel
16 Waite, Mitchell   UNIX Papers for UNIX Developers and power users A5 Computer
17 Wajenberg, Earl   Time Riders - a Genre Book for Rolemaster and Space Master A107 Game
18 Wajenburg, Earl   Mythic Egypt: Rolemaster A36 Game
19 Waldman, Carl   Atlas of the North American Indian A66 Non-Fiction
20 Waldorf, DC   Art of Flint Knapping, The A83 Non-Fiction
21 Waldron, Lamar   Lightrunner A58 Comic
22 Waldrop, Howard Saunders, Jack; Waldrop, Howard Texas Israeli War: 1999 B4 Sci Fi
23 Waldrop, Howard   Things Will Never Be the Same A78 Sci Fi
24 Waley, Arthur   Confucius B33 Biography
25 Waliszewski, Betsy   Open Source Bibliography A85 Reference
26 Walker Kirkman; Walker; Crabtree Invincible - Vol. One - Family Matter A58 Comic
27 Walker   Woman's Dictionary, The A28 Reference
28 Walker, A.P.   Macauley's Life of Johnson B40 Fiction
29 Walker, Adrian Walker, Adrian; McCord, Michael; Sowa, John F.; Wilson, Walter G. Knowledge Systems and Prolog A1 Computer
30 Walker, Barbara G.   Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, The A84 Reference
31 Walker, Hugh   Army of Darkness Magira II B4 Fantasy
32 Walker, Hugh   War-Gamers World B4 Sci Fi
33 Walker, Mort   Beetle Bailey B19 Cartoon
34 Walker, Wendy   Secret Service A44 Fiction
35 Wall, Larry Wall, Larry; Schwartz, Randal L. Perl A6 Computer
36 Wall, Larry Wall, Larry; Schwartz, Randal L. Programming Perl A12 Computer
37 Wall, Rajendra S.   Arena! A36 Game
38 Wallace, Carol McD.   20,001 Names for Baby A84 Reference
39 Wallace, Ian   Rape of the Sun, The B22 Sci Fi
40 Wallace, Ian   World Asunder, The B22 Sci Fi
41 Wallace, Lew   Ben Hur A64 Historical Fiction
42 Waller, Reed   Omaha: Cat Dancer A49 Comic
43 Waller, Reed   Omaha: Cat Dancer Vol 3 A49 Comic
44 Wallis, G. McDonald   Light of Lilith B9 Sci Fi
45 Walsh, Len   Read Japanese Today B40 Non-Fiction
46 Walsh, Nancy   Perl/Tk A16 Computer
47 Walsh, Robb   Kingdom of the Dwarfs A66 Fantasy
48 Walton, Douglas N.   Informal Logic A18 Non-Fiction
49 Walton, Evangeline   Children of Llyr B16 Fantasy
50 Walton, Evangeline   Children of Llyr, The B22 Fantasy
51 Walton, Evangeline   Prince of Annwn B22 Fantasy
52 Walton, Evangeline   Song of Rhiannon B4 Sci Fi
53 Walton, Jo   Among Others F1 Sci Fi
54 Wang, Wallace   Steal This Computer - Book 2 A3 Computer
55 Wang, Wallace   Steal this Computer Book: Internet A12 Computer
56 Wang, Wallace   Steal This File Sharing Book A3 Computer
57 War Department (USA)   Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry of the Army of the United States 1917 (Changes no. 1) B40 Reference
58 Ward Kuntz ; Ward Dungeons and Dragons Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes C1 Game
59 Ward, Barbara   Spaceship Earth A101 Non-Fiction
60 Ward, James   Advanced D and D: Deities and Demigods A35 Game
61 Ward, James M. Ward, James M.; Breault, Mike Dungeons and Dragons: Book of Lairs A11 Game
62 Ward, James M.   Metamorphosis Alpha A22 Game
63 Ward, Robert   Debugging C A17 Computer
64 Ward-Perkins, J.B.   Planning and Cities of Ancient Greece and Italy A39 History
65 Ware, James R.   Sayings of Confucius, The B33 Non-Fiction
66 Warmer, Jos Warmer, Jos; Kleppe, Anneke Object Constraint Language A10 Computer
67 Warren, Mark D   Lusitania: Cunard Turbine Driven Quadruple Screw Atalantic Liner A46 Non-Fiction
68 Warren, Mark D   Mauretania: Cunard Turbine-Driven Quadruple-Screw Atalantic Liner A46 Non-Fiction
69 Warren, Nigel Warren, Nigel; Bishop, Philip Java in Practice A14 Computer
70 Warrick, Patricia Olander, Joseph D.; Greenberg, Martin Harry; Warrick, Patricia School and Society Through Science Fiction A103 Sci Fi
71 Washington, Peter   Erotic Poems A84 Poetry
72 Watanabe, Jiichi Watanabe, Jiichi; Avakian, Lindy Secrets of Judo, The A93 Non-Fiction
73 Waters, Galadriel   New Clues to Harry Potter: Book 5 A79 Non-Fiction
74 Waters, Galadriel   Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Mysteries of Harry Potter A79 Non-Fiction
75 Watkins, William John   Centrifugal Rickshaw Dancer B11 Sci Fi
76 Watson, Ian   Death Hunter B16 Fantasy
77 Watson, Mark   AI Agents in Virtual Reality Worlds A13 Computer
78 Watson, Mark   Java Programming for Windows A3 Computer
79 Watson, Mark   Portable GUI Development With C++ A94 Computer
80 Watt-Evans, Lawrence   Lure of the Basilisk, The B20 Fantasy
81 Watterson, Bill   Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster A72 Cartoon
82 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes A72 Cartoon
83 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book A72 Cartoon
84 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes Scientific Progress goes Boink A72 Cartoon
85 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes Something Under the bed is Drooling A72 Cartoon
86 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes the Days are Just Packed A72 Cartoon
87 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes Weirdos from Another Planet A72 Cartoon
88 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes Yukon Ho A72 Cartoon
89 Watterson, Bill   Calvin and Hobbes: Revenge of the Babysat A80 Cartoon
90 Watterson, Bill   Essential Calvin and Hobbes A72 Cartoon
91 Watts, Peter   Maelstrom A28 Sci Fi
92 Wayman, Tony Russell   World of the Sleeper B13 Sci Fi
93 Wayman, Tony Russell   World of the Sleeper B18 Sci Fi
94 Wayman, Tony Russell   World of the Sleeper B30 Sci Fi
95 Weatherly, Richard Kuhl, Frederick; Weatherly, Richard Creating Computer Simulation Systems A16 Computer
96 Weber, Dave   Off Armageddon Reef A42 Sci Fi
97 Weber, David   Apocalypse Troll B39 Sci Fi
98 Weber, David   Armageddon Inheritance B14 Sci Fi
99 Weber, David   Ashes of Victory A29 Sci Fi
100 Weber, David   At All Costs A27 Sci Fi
101 Weber, David   Crusade B39 Sci Fi
102 Weber, David   Echoes of Honor A27 Sci Fi
103 Weber, David   Field of Dishonor B37 Sci Fi
104 Weber, David   Flag in Exile A27 Sci Fi
105 Weber, David   Flag in Exile B37 Sci Fi
106 Weber, David   Hells Gate A27 Fantasy
107 Weber, David   Honor Among Enemies A27 Sci Fi
108 Weber, David   Honor Among Enemies B37 Sci Fi
109 Weber, David   Honor of the Queen, The B37 Sci Fi
110 Weber, David   In Death Ground B39 Sci Fi
111 Weber, David   In Enemy Hands A27 Sci Fi
112 Weber, David   Insurrection B39 Sci Fi
113 Weber, David   Mutineer's Moon B16 Sci Fi
114 Weber, David   On Basilisk Station A27 Sci Fi
115 Weber, David   Short Victorious War, A B37 Sci Fi
116 Weber, David   War of Honor A29 Sci Fi
117 Weber, David Weber, David; Flint, Eric; Drake, David Warmasters, The A26 Sci Fi
118 Weber, Ken   Five Minute Mysteries A79 Mystery
119 Weber, Ken   More Five-Minute Mysteries A30 Anthology
120 Webster's   Dictionary - 1957 A48 Reference
121 Webster, David Locke   General Physics for College - 1923 A48 Non-Fiction
122 Webster, Graham   Roman Imperial Army A64 History
123 Wechsler, Herman J.   Gods and Goddesses in Art and Legend B27 Mythology
124 Weinberg, Amy S. Berwick, Robert C.; Weinberg, Amy S. Grammatical Basis of Linguistic Performance A16 Computer
125 Weinberg, Gerald M.   Secrets of Consulting A15 Professional
126 Weinberg, Robert   100 Astounding Little Alien Stories A54 Anthology
127 Weinberg, Robert   100 Crooked Little Crime Stories A54 Anthology
128 Weinberg, Robert   100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories A59 Anthology
129 Weinberg, Robert   100 Wild Little Weird Tales A54 Anthology
130 Weinberger, Caspar w   Soviet Military Power A83 Non-Fiction
131 Weiner, Joan   Frege A51 Philosophy
132 Weingarten, Arthur David Sawyer, Tom; Weingarten, Arthur David Plots Unlimited A88 Writing
133 Weir, Alison   Children of Henry VIII, the A33 History
134 Weis, Frank W.   Lifelines - Famous Contemporaries from 600 B.C. to the Present A87 Reference
135 Weis, Margaret Weis, Margaret; Hickman, Tracy Legends vol. 2 War of the Twins B11 Fantasy
136 Weiss   Free and Inexpensive Things For Teens B31 Non-Fiction
137 Weiss, Al Weiss, Al; Philbin, Tom Clan of Death: Ninja B33 Fiction
138 Weiss, Dorrie Sommer, Elyse; Weiss, Dorrie Metaphors Dictionary A88 Reference
139 Weiss, Mark Allen   Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++ A17 Computer
140 Weiss, Michael J.   Clustering of America, the - a Vivid Portrait of the Nation's 40 Neighborhood Types A98 Non-Fiction
141 Welch, Brent B.   Tcl and Tk A15 Computer
142 Weller, Tom   Science Made Stupid A60 Comedy
143 Wellman, Manly Wade   Solar Invasion, The B22 Sci Fi
144 Wells, H.G.   Food of the Gods, The B20 Sci Fi
145 Wells, H.G.   Invisible Man, The B22 Sci Fi
146 Wells, H.G. Wells, H.G.; Doyle; Bradbury; Du Maurier Strange Beasts and Unnatural Monsters B4 Anthology
147 Wells, H.G.   Time Machine, The A26 Sci Fi
148 Wells, H.G.   Time Machine, The B22 Sci Fi
149 Wells, H.G.   War of the Worlds A31 Sci Fi
150 Wells, H.G.   War of the Worlds B9 Sci Fi
151 Wells, H.G.   War of the Worlds and Time Machine B4 Sci Fi
152 Wells, H.G.   When the Sleeper Wakes B22 Sci Fi
153 Wendland, Albert   Science, Myth, and Fictional Creation of Alien Worlds A63 Non-Fiction
154 Wenz, Chrisitian   JavaScript Phrasebook - Essential Code and Commands A85 Reference
155 Wenz, Chrisitian   PHP Phrasebook - Essential Code and Commands A85 Reference
156 West End Games   Creatures of Aysle A22 Game
157 West End Games   Creatures of Orrorsh A22 Game
158 West End Games   Crucible of Pain A22 Game
159 West End Games   Gaunt Man Returns A22 Game
160 West End Games   Kanawa Heavy Weapons: Arms Catalog for the Possibility Wars A25 Game
161 West End Games   Kanawa Personal Weapons: Arms Catalog for the Possibility Wars A25 Game
162 West End Games   Living Land: Sourcebook of Primitive Reality A25 Game
163 West End Games   Los Angeles City Book A22 Game
164 West End Games   Master Book: Key that Unlocks Adventure A21 Game
165 West End Games   Nippon Tech: Sourcebook of Mega-Corp Reality A25 Game
166 West End Games   Orrorsh A22 Game
167 West End Games   Paranoia: Adventure Handbook A22 Game
168 West End Games   Paranoia: Gamemaster Handbook A22 Game
169 West End Games   Paranoia: Player Handbook A22 Game
170 West End Games   Shatterzone A38 Game
171 West End Games   Space Gods A22 Game
172 West End Games   Star Wars: Imperial Sourcebook A25 Game
173 West End Games   Star Wars: Rebel Alliance Sourcebook A25 Game
174 West End Games   Star Wars: Roleplaying Game A25 Game
175 West End Games   Star Wars: Sourcebook A25 Game
176 West End Games   Terra A22 Game
177 West End Games   Tharkold: Sourcebook of Techno-Horror Reality A23 Game
178 West End Games   TORG Pixaud's Practical Grimoire - Arcane Knowledge from the Realm of Aysle A107 Game
179 West End Games   Torg: Land Below A22 Game
180 West End Games   TORG: the Cyberpapacy: Source Book A37 Game
181 West End Games   TORG: the Godnet: Virtual Reality in Cyberpapacy A37 Game
182 West, James E. West, James E.; Hillcourt, William Scout Field Book A103 Non-Fiction
183 West, Wallace   Bird of Time, The B29 Sci Fi
184 West, Wallace   Lord of Atlantis B20 Fantasy
185 West, Wallace   Memory Bank, The B32 Sci Fi
186 Westbrook, Adele Ratti, Oscar; Westbrook, Adele Secrets of the Samurai - a Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan A108 Non-Fiction
187 WesterCon   Conosaurus Westercon 42: 1989 A21 Convention
188 WesterCon   WesterCon 42: 1989 A21 Convention
189 Westerfeld, Scott   Killing of Worlds - Book 2 of Succession A44 Sci Fi
190 Westerfeld, Scott   Leviathan A89 Sci Fi
191 Westerfeld, Scott   Risen Empire: Book 1 of Succession A44 Sci Fi
192 Westlake, Donald E   Score, The B39 Thriller
193 Weyuker, Elaine J. Davis, Martin D.; Sigal, Ron; Weyuker, Elaine J. Computability, Complexity, and Languages A8 Computer
194 Wharton, Edith   Custom of the Country A79 Fiction
195 Wharton, Edith   Ethan From B21 Fiction
196 Wheatley, Dennis   Malinsay Massacre A32 Game
197 Whelan, Michael   Wonderworks: Sci Fi and Fantasy Art A73 Art
198 Whipple, Mark B. Sullins, Benjamin G.; Whipple, Mark B. EJB Cookbook A6 Computer
199 White Farmer; Ellison; White; Various Weird Heroes - vol 2 B34 Anthology
200 White Wolf   Combat: World of Darkness A21 Game
201 White Wolf   Story Paths: Path of Intrigue Deck II A45 Game
202 White Wolf   White Wolf: Annual Fantasy Issue Aug/Sep 1991 A37 Game
203 White, James   Aliens Among Us, The B37 Sci Fi
204 White, James   Futures Past B37 Sci Fi
205 White, James   Lifeboat B37 Sci Fi
206 White, James   Monsters and Medics B22 Sci Fi
207 White, James   Secret Visitors, The B29 Sci Fi
208 White, Lionel   Killing, The B33 Fiction
209 White, Ray White, Ray; Lindsay, Duane How I Got Published - Famous Authors Tell You in Their Own Words F1 Writing
210 White, Steve   Shiva Option B39 Sci Fi
211 White, T H   Sword in the Stone A76 Fantasy
212 White, Ted   Android Avenger B13 Sci Fi
213 White, Ted   Android Avenger B18 Sci Fi
214 White, Ted   Android Avenger B28 Sci Fi
215 White, Ted   Android Avenger B30 Sci Fi
216 White, Ted   Captain America the Great Gold Steal B29 Sci Fi
217 White, Ted   Phoenix Prime B22 Sci Fi
218 White, Ted   Sideslip B22 Sci Fi
219 White, Ted   Sorceress of Qar, The B20 Sci Fi
220 White, Ted   Star Wolf B20 Sci Fi
221 White, Thomas M.   Three Golden Pearls on a String - the Esoteric Teaching of Karate-Do and the Mystical Journey of a Warrior Priest A90 Non-Fiction
222 White, W B   Neighbors in Space A77 Sci Fi
223 Whitfield, Raoul   Green Ice B39 Mystery
224 Whitney, Lyle   Robot Warriors - the Mechanics of Boobytrapping A95 Non-Fiction
225 Whitten, Neal   Managing Software Development Projects A15 Computer
226 Whittingham, Harry   Doomsday Affair, The B29 Sci Fi
227 Whittington, Harry   Devil Wears Wings B11 Fantasy
228 Whittington, Harry   Fire That Destroy B11 Mystery
229 Whittington, Harry   Moment to Prey, A B33 Sci Fi
230 Whittington, Harry   Web of Murder B33 Mystery
231 Whittow, John   Dictionary of Physical Geography A104 Reference
232 Whorf, Benjamin Lee Whorf, Benjamin Lee; Carroll, John B. Language Thought and Reality - Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf A100 Philosophy
233 Wibberley, Leonard   Mouse on the Moon B4 Sci Fi
234 Wibberley, Leonard   Mouse that Roared B36 Sci Fi
235 Wieck, Stewart   Mage: the Ascension A32 Game
236 Wieck, Stewart   White Wolf: Temples, Demons, and Ships of War A35 Game
237 Wiener, Richard S. Wiener, Richard S.; Pinson, Lewis J. Introduction to OO Programming and C++, An A1 Computer
238 Wiener, Tom   Book of Video Lists A44 Reference
239 Wiesner, David   7 Sector A82 Sci Fi
240 Wiley, E.O. Brooks, Daniel R.; Wiley, E.O. Evolution as Entropy - Toward a Unified Theory of Biology (Second Edition) A93 Non-Fiction
241 Wilgus, Neal   Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia A54 Non-Fiction
242 Wilhelm, Kate   Killer Thing B13 Sci Fi
243 Wilhelm, Kate   Killer Thing B18 Sci Fi
244 Wilhelm, Kate   Killer Thing B30 Sci Fi
245 Wilkinson, Philip   Amazing Buildings A46 Non-Fiction
246 Williams Turtledove; Stirling; Gentle; Williams Worlds That Weren't A30 Anthology
247 Williams, Alan   Headline Book of Spy Fiction, The A93 Fiction
248 Williams, Geoff Barrett, Jim; Williams, Geoff Test Your Own Aptitude - Exploring Your Career Potential A94 Non-Fiction
249 Williams, Jay   Danny Dunn and the Anti-gravity Paint A44 Sci Fi
250 Williams, Jay   Hero from Otherwhere B4 Sci Fi
251 Williams, Liz   Snake Agent A42 Fantasy
252 Williams, Paul O.   Breaking of Northwall, The B27 Fantasy
253 Williams, Paul O.   Ends of the Circle, The B27 Fantasy
254 Williams, Robert Moore   Hive of Hell B17 Sci Fi
255 Williams, Robert Moore   Star Wasps B13 Sci Fi
256 Williams, Robert Moore   Star Wasps B18 Sci Fi
257 Williams, Robert Moore   Star Wasps B30 Sci Fi
258 Williams, Robert Moore   Vigilante 21st Century B13 Sci Fi
259 Williams, Robert Moore   Vigilante 21st Century B18 Sci Fi
260 Williams, Robert Moore   Vigilante 21st Century B30 Sci Fi
261 Williams, Robert Wayne   Dell Cross-Word Dictionary (Revised), The A85 Reference
262 Williams, Sean   Evergence B37 Sci Fi
263 Williams, Sean   Saturn Returns B39 Sci Fi
264 Williams, Sheila Dozois, Gardner; Lee, Tina; Schmidt, Stanley; Strock, Ian Randal; Williams, Sheila Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy - 20 Dynamic Essays by Today's Top Professionals A85 Writing
265 Williams, Walter Jon   Angel Station B27 Sci Fi
266 Williams, Walter jon   Aristoi B39 Sci Fi
267 Williams, Walter Jon   Crown Jewels B5 Sci Fi
268 Williams, Walter Jon   Days of Atonement B11 Sci Fi
269 Williams, Walter jon   Dread Empire's Fall - the Praxis B39 Sci Fi
270 Williams, Walter Jon   Dread Empires Fall A26 Sci Fi
271 Williams, Walter Jon   HardWired B24 Sci Fi
272 Williams, Walter Jon   Implied Spaces A30 Sci Fi
273 Williams, Walter Jon   Rock of Ages B5 Sci Fi
274 Williams, Walter Jon   Voice of the Whirlwind B25 Sci Fi
275 Williamson, J.N.   How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction A88 Writing
276 Williamson, Jack   Bright New Universe B23 Sci Fi
277 Williamson, Jack   Brother to Demons Brother to Gods B19 Sci Fi
278 Williamson, Jack   Cometeers, The B37 Sci Fi
279 Williamson, Jack   Darker Than You Think B39 Sci Fi
280 Williamson, Jack Pohl, Frederik; Williamson, Jack Farthest Star B8 Sci Fi
281 Williamson, Jack   Golden Blood B4 Sci Fi
282 Williamson, Jack   Golden Pond B4 Sci Fi
283 Williamson, Jack   Legion of Space, The B22 Sci Fi
284 Williamson, Jack   Not-men B13 Sci Fi
285 Williamson, Jack   Not-men B18 Sci Fi
286 Williamson, Jack   Not-men B30 Sci Fi
287 Williamson, Jack   One Against the Legion B37 Sci Fi
288 Williamson, Jack   People Machines B4 Sci Fi
289 Williamson, Jack   Reign of Wizardry B13 Fantasy
290 Williamson, Jack   Reign of Wizardry B18 Sci Fi
291 Williamson, Jack   Reign of Wizardry B30 Fantasy
292 Williamson, Jack   Seetee Ship B22 Sci Fi
293 Williamson, Jack   Seetee Shock B4 Sci Fi
294 Williamson, Jack   Seetee Shock B22 Sci Fi
295 Williamson, Jack Pohl, Frederik; Williamson, Jack Wall Around a Star B8 Sci Fi
296 Williangham, Bill   Elementals: the Natural Orders A57 Comic
297 Willingham, bill   Villains and Vigilantes: Death Duel wit the Destroyers 2003 A45 Game
298 Willingham, bill   Villains and Vigilantes: Island of Doctor Apocalypse 2004 A45 Game
299 Willingham, Medina Willingham, Medina; Various Fables: Legends in Exile A58 Comic
300 Willis Willis; Costley Non-Player Character: Basic Module A35 Game
301 Willis, Connie   New Hugo Winners: vol III A52 Anthology
302 Willis, L.W. Willis, L.W. ; Costley, K.D. Non-Player Character, The C1 Game
303 Willis, L.W. Willis, L.W. ; Costley, K.D. T.H.E. Fighter C1 Game
304 Wills, Alan Cameron D'Souza, Desmond Francis; Wills, Alan Cameron Objects, Components, and Frameworks w/ UML B6 Computer
305 Wills, Christopher   Runaway Brain: Evolution of Human Uniqueness A39 Non-Fiction
306 Wilson Shea; Wilson Illuminatus - Part 1 B34 Sci Fi
307 Wilson Wilson; Locke University Handbook A63 Reference
308 Wilson, Charles   Masters of Mind: Judges Guild A37 Game
309 Wilson, Colin   Space Vampires B13 Sci Fi
310 Wilson, Colin   Space Vampires B16 Sci Fi
311 Wilson, Colin   Space Vampires B18 Sci Fi
312 Wilson, Colin   Space Vampires B30 Sci Fi
313 Wilson, F. Paul   Dydeetown World B24 Sci Fi
314 Wilson, F. Paul   Healer B27 Sci Fi
315 Wilson, Gahen   Is Nothing Sacred A72 Cartoon
316 Wilson, Johnny L   SimCity - Planning Commission Handbook A65 Non-Fiction
317 Wilson, Joyce   Complete Book of Palmistry, The B31 Paranormal
318 Wilson, N Scarlyn   Spanish A47 Non-Fiction
319 Wilson, Robert Anton   Earth Will Shake vol 1 of Historical Illuminatus Chronicles A78 Sci Fi
320 Wilson, Robert Anton   New Inquisition, the - Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science A91 Non-Fiction
321 Wilson, Robin   Those Who Can - Sci Fi Reader A42 Anthology
322 Wilson, Steve   Dealers Move B27 Action
323 Wilson, Steve   Dealers War B27 Action
324 Wilson, Walter G. Walker, Adrian; McCord, Michael; Sowa, John F.; Wilson, Walter G. Knowledge Systems and Prolog A1 Computer
325 Wilson, William Scott   Hagakure B33 Historical Fiction
326 Windinger, Ray   Under Ground: Its 2021 and the Dream is Dead A25 Game
327 Windling, Terri   Borderland B25 Fantasy
328 Windling, Terri Windling, Terri; Arnold, Mark Alan Bordertown B11 Sci Fi
329 WindyCon   WindyCon XVIII A21 Convention
330 Wingrove, David   Chung Kuo, Middle Kingdom B36 Sci Fi
331 Wingrove, David   Science Fiction Source Book, The A101 Reference
332 Winkler, Ruthild Eigen, Manfred; Winkler, Ruthild Laws of the Game - How the Principles of Nature Govern Chance F1 Non-Fiction
333 Winks, Robin W.   Historian As Detective, the - Essays on Evidence A100 History
334 Winninger, Ray   Nile Empire - the Sourcebook of Pulp Reality, The A107 Game
335 Winninger, Ray   Watchmen: for 3-5 characters: 235 A45 Game
336 Winokur, Jon   Curmudgeon's Garden of Love A103 Non-Fiction
337 Winokur, Jon   Friendly Advice A103 Non-Fiction
338 Winokur, Jon   Portable Curmudgeon Redux, The A103 Non-Fiction
339 Winokur, Jon   Portable Curmudgeon, The A103 Non-Fiction
340 Winokur, Jon   Writers on Writing A84 Writing
341 Winter, Steve   Boot Hill - 3rd Edition - Wild West Role-Playing Game A107 Game
342 Winton Riffe; Winton; Wade Exploration Manual and Star Atlas A22 Game
343 Winton Riffe; Winton; Wade Traders of the Far Reach A22 Game
344 Wise, Terence   Saxon, Viking and Norman A83 Non-Fiction
345 Wise, WM. H.   World's Greatest Books - Twentieth Century Series A102 Anthology
346 Witten, Ian H. Witten, Ian H.; Frank, Eibe Data Mining A10 Computer
347 Witzig, Fritz   Munich and Its Surroundings B40 Non-Fiction
348 Wodehouse, P.G.   Carry on, Jeeves A26 Fiction
349 Wodehouse, P.G.   Enter Jeeves A29 Comedy
350 Wodehouse, P.G.   Enter Jeeves - 15 Early Stories A85 Comedy
351 Wodehouse, P.G.   Inimitable Jeeves, The B19 Comedy
352 Wodehouse, P.G.   Jeeves B24 Comedy
353 Wodehouse, P.G.   Jeeves and the Tie that Binds A100 Comedy
354 Wodehouse, P.G.   Jeeves in the Morning A47 Fiction
355 Wodehouse, P.G.   Jeeves Omnibus A34 Comedy
356 Wodehouse, P.G.   Leave it to Psmith A26 Comedy
357 Wodehouse, P.G.   Luck of the Bodkins, The A26 Comedy
358 Wodehouse, P.G.   Mating Season A59 Comedy
359 Wodehouse, P.G.   Mating Season, The B25 Comedy
360 Wodehouse, P.G.   Meet Mr Mulliner A42 Comedy
361 Wodehouse, P.G.   Most of P.G. Wodehouse A34 Comedy
362 Wodehouse, P.G.   Mulliner Nights A26 Comedy
363 Wodehouse, P.G.   Return of Jeeves, The A26 Comedy
364 Wodehouse, P.G.   Tales from the Drones Club A28 Comedy
365 Wodehouse, P.G.   Wodehouse on Crime A59 Comedy
366 Wodehouse, P.G.   World of Jeeves A59 Comedy
367 Wodehouse, P.G.   Young Men in Spats A42 Comedy
368 Wodehouse, P.G.   Young Men in Spats A47 Comedy
369 Wolf, Fred Alan   Parallel Universes: Search for Other Worlds A54 Non-Fiction
370 Wolf, Gary   Who Censored Roger Rabbit B25 Fantasy
371 Wolf, Gary K.   Space Vulture A28 Sci Fi
372 Wolfe, Bernard   Limbo B20 Fantasy
373 Wolfe, Gene   Castleview B38 Sci Fi
374 Wolfe, Gene   Citadel of the Autarch, The B22 Sci Fi
375 Wolfe, Gene   Claw of the Conciliator B17 Sci Fi
376 Wolfe, Gene   Free Live Free B11 Sci Fi
377 Wolfe, Gene   Nightside the Long Sun A4 Sci Fi
378 Wolfe, Gene   Shadow of the Torturer, The B22 Sci Fi
379 Wolfe, Gene   Sword of the Lictor B17 Sci Fi
380 Wolferen, Karl van   Enigma of Japanese Power A51 Non-Fiction
381 Wolff, Peter   Breakthroughs in Mathematics B33 Non-Fiction
382 Wolfman   New Teen Titans, The B32 Sci Fi
383 Wolfman, Marv   Weird Heroes - vol 5 B34 Anthology
384 Wolfram, Stephen   New Kind of Science A39 Non-Fiction
385 Wollheim, Donald   1972 Annual World's best SF A75 Anthology
386 Wollheim, Donald   1973 World's Best SF A75 Anthology
387 Wollheim, Donald   1974 Annual World's Best SF A69 Anthology
388 Wollheim, Donald   1975 Annual Worlds Best SF A69 Anthology
389 Wollheim, Donald   1976 Annual World's Best SF A76 Anthology
390 Wollheim, Donald   1977 Annual Worlds Best SF A69 Anthology
391 Wollheim, Donald A.   1974 Annual World's Best SF, The B9 Anthology
392 Wollheim, Donald A.   1986 Annual World's Best SF, The A40 Anthology
393 Wollheim, Donald A.   Ace Sci Fi Reader B13 Anthology
394 Wollheim, Donald A.   Ace Science Fiction Reader B36 Sci Fi
395 Wollheim, Donald A.   Adventures on Other Planets B36 Sci Fi
396 Wollheim, Donald A.   Earth in Peril, The B23 Sci Fi
397 Wollheim, Donald A.   Pocketbook of Sci Fi B36 Sci Fi
398 Wollheim, Donald A. Wollheim, Donald A.; Carr, Terry Worlds Best Sci-Fi 1970 B4 Anthology
399 Wong, Harry Parsay, Kamran; Chignell, Mark; Khoshafian, Setrag; Wong, Harry Intelligent Databases - Object-Oriented, Deductive Hypermedia Technologies A96 Computer
400 Wong, Henry Oaks, Scott; Wong, Henry Jini in a Nutshell A9 Computer
401 Wong, William   Plug and Play Programming A10 Computer
402 Wood, Gaby   Edison's Eve - a Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life A99 Non-Fiction
403 Woodcock, P. G.   Short Dictionary of Mythology A84 Reference
404 Woodhouse, S. C.   New Handy Dictionary of the Latin and English Languages A90 Reference
405 Woods, Paula   Star Hero A38 Game
406 Woolfson, Michael M. Dormand, John R.; Woolfson, Michael M. Origin of the Solar System, the - the Capture Theory A106 Non-Fiction
407 Worzel, Bill   Morrow Project: Ruins of Chicago A45 Game
408 Wrede, Patricia Wrede, Patricia; Stevermer, Caroline Grand Tour, The A27 Fantasy
409 Wrede, Patricia C.   Sorcery and Cecelia: Enchanted Chocolate Pot A47 Fantasy
410 Wren, M.K.   House of the Wolf B9 Sci Fi
411 Wren, M.K.   Shadow of the Swan B24 Fantasy
412 Wren, M.K.   Sword of the Lamb B24 Fantasy
413 Wright, Lan   Who Speaks of Conquest? B23 Sci Fi
414 Wright, Matthew Patchett, Craig; Wright, Matthew CGI/Perl Cookbook A15 Computer
415 Wright, Peter   Spy Catcher B33 Non-Fiction
416 Wright, Ronald   Scientific Romance A71 Sci Fi
417 Wrigley, E.A.   Population and History A100 History
418 Wu, Karl   Shadow Tech A32 Game
419 Wujcik, Erick   Amber A32 Game
420 Wujcik, Erick   Ninjs and Superspies A107 Game
421 Wujcik, Erick   Palladium Book of Weapons and Assassins A36 Game
422 Wujcik, Erick   Shadow Knight: Supplemental A32 Game
423 Wurman, Richard Saul   Yellow Brick Road, the - Learning to Give, Take, and Use Instructions A94 Non-Fiction
424 Wyatt, George   Case of the Counterfeit Coin, The: a Brains Benton Mystery B40 Youth
425 Wyatt, George   Case of the Roving Rolls, The: a Brains Benton Mystery B40 Youth
426 Wycherley, R.E.   How the Greeks Built Cities - the Relationship of Architecture and Town Planning to Everyday Life in Ancient Greece A104 History
427 Wycoff, Joyce   Mindmapping: Exploring Creativity and Problem Solving A81 Non-Fiction
428 Wylie, Philip   Triumph B20 Sci Fi
429 Wylie, Philip Wylie, Philip; Balmer, Edwin When Worlds Collide B17 Sci Fi
430 Wyndham, John   Chocky B20 Sci Fi
431 Wyndham, John   Day of the Triffids, The B20 Sci Fi
432 Wyss, Johann   Swiss Family Robinson, The B19 Fiction
433 Wyss, Johann David   Swiss Family Robinson B39 Fiction
434 Wyss, Johann David   Swiss Family Robinson, The B31 Fiction

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