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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Titles H (Library Box Cross Ref)

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# Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 Hacker and the Ants Rucker, Rudy B10 Sci Fi
2 Hadon of Ancient Opar Farmer, Phillip Jose B3 Fantasy
3 Hagakure Wilson, William Scott B33 Historical Fiction
4 Halcyon Drift Stableford, Brian M. B13 Sci Fi
5 Halcyon Drift Stableford, Brian M. B18 Sci Fi
6 Halcyon Drift Stableford, Brian M. B30 Sci Fi
7 Halfling and Other Stories, The Brackett, Leigh A26 Anthology
8 Hallowed Hunt, The Bujold, Lois McMaster A26 Fantasy
9 Halting State Stross, Charles A68 Sci Fi
10 Hamlet Shakespeare, William B27 Script
11 Hamlet Shakespeare, William B38 Play
12 Hammer of Darkness Modesitt Jr, L.E. B29 Sci Fi
13 Hammer of Darkness, The Modesitt Jr, L.E. B23 Sci Fi
14 Hammer's Slammers First Book Drake, David B12 Sci Fi
15 Hammer's Slammers Rolling Hot Drake, David B11 Sci Fi
16 Hammerhead Mayo, James B23 Adventure
17 Hammers Slammers: At Any Price Drake, David B7 Sci Fi
18 Hanafuda: Flower Card Game Japan Publications A24 Game
19 Hand Book of Traps and Tricks, The Ezzell, Ben C1 Game
20 Hand of Fu Manchu, The Rohmer, Sax B23 Fiction
21 Hand of Oberon, The Zelazny, Roger B22 Fantasy
22 Handbook for Boys Boy Scouts of America A103 Non-Fiction
23 Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, the - Volume I Barr, Avron; Feigenbaum, Edward A. A94 Computer
24 Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, the - Volume II Barr, Avron; Feigenbaum, Edward A. A94 Computer
25 Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, the - Volume III Cohen, Paul R.; Feigenbaum, Edward A. A94 Computer
26 Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, the - Volume IV Barr, Avron; Cohen, Paul R.; Feigenbaum, Edward A. A94 Computer
27 Handbook of Magic Kaye, Marvin A4 Magic
28 Handbook of Model Rocketry Stine, G Harry A65 Non-Fiction
29 Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammar McClain, Yoko M A48 Non-Fiction
30 Handy Book of Indoor Games, The Mott-Smith, Geoffrey B31 Game
31 Hannibal and the Enemies of Rome Connolly, Peter A60 Non-Fiction
32 Happy Are the Poor in Spirit Greeley, Andrew M. B21 Mystery
33 Happy Killers (The Avenger), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
34 Harbrace Handbook of English Hodges, John C. A84 Writing
35 Hard Boiled #1 Miller, Frank A58 Comic
36 Hard Boiled #2 Miller, Frank A58 Comic
37 Hard Boiled #3 Miller, Frank A58 Comic
38 Hard Boiled Detective Stories from Black Mask Magazine 1920-1951 Ruhm, Herbert B16 Anthology
39 Hard Science Fiction Rabkin, Eric S. A28 Anthology
40 Hard SF Renaissance Hartwell; Cramer A34 Anthology
41 Hard Way Up Chandler, A. Bertram B14 Sci Fi
42 Hard-Boiled Detectives: from Dime Detective Magazine Gramercy A31 Anthology
43 Hard-Boiled: Crime Stories Pronzini, Bill A43 Anthology
44 Hard-Boiled: Three Tough cases for the Private Eye With Smarts Dichiara, Robert A75 Fiction
45 HardWired Williams, Walter Jon B24 Sci Fi
46 Harn Crossby, N. Robin A11 Game
47 Harpist in the Wind McKillip, Patricia A. B12 Fantasy
48 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Rowling, J K A79 Youth
49 Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets Rowling, J K A79 Youth
50 Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Rowling, J K A79 Youth
51 Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Rowling, J K A79 Youth
52 Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Rowling, J K A79 Youth
53 Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix Rowling, J K A79 Youth
54 Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J K A79 Youth
55 Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone Rowling, J K A79 Youth
56 Harry Potters World Heilman, Elizabeth A79 Non-Fiction
57 Harsh Cry of the Heron Hearn, Lian A43 Historical Fiction
58 Harvest of Stars Anderson, Poul B21 Sci Fi
59 Hate Genius (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B36 Action
60 Haunted Earth Koontz, Dean R. B8 Fantasy
61 Haunted Ocean (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
62 Have Space Suit-Will Travel Heinlein, Robert A. B21 Sci Fi
63 Have Space Suit-Will Travel Heinlein, Robert A. B28 Sci Fi
64 Haven: Secrets of the Labyrinth Trautvetter, Janet A11 Game
65 Hawaiian UFO Aliens Gilden, Mel B11 Sci Fi
66 Hawks of Arcturus, The Snyder, Cecil B32 Sci Fi
67 Hawksbill Station Silverberg, Robert B17 Sci Fi
68 Hawthorne's Twice-told Tales Scott, J Hubert A64 Fantasy
69 He Could Stop the World (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B17 Action
70 Headline Book of Spy Fiction, The Williams, Alan A93 Fiction
71 Healer Wilson, F. Paul B27 Sci Fi
72 Heart of the Sunken Lands Kraft, Rudy A11 Game
73 Heat Transfer Textbook Lienhard, John H. A70 Non-Fiction
74 Heath Handbook of English Christ, Henry L.; Starkey, Margaret M.; Tressler, J.C. A99 Reference
75 Heaven's Command - An Imperial Progress Morriss, James A91 Biography
76 Heavens Reach Brin, David B29 Fantasy
77 Heavy Time Cherryh, C.J. B7 Sci Fi
78 Heechee Rendezvous Perry, Steve B15 Sci Fi
79 Heechee Rendezvous Pohl, Frederik B15 Sci Fi
80 Heinlein's Children Major, Joesph T. A28 Non-Fiction
81 Heir of Sea and Fire McKillip, Patricia A. B12 Fantasy
82 Heist Society Carter, Alley A89 Fiction
83 Helix Brown, Eric A27 Sci Fi
84 Hell below and Lost Giant (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B36 Action
85 Hell's Gate Koontz, Dean R. B8 Sci Fi
86 Hell's Hoofprints - the Complete Western Trails Tales of Lester Dent Dent, Lester A85 Western
87 Hellburner Cherryh, C.J. B7 Sci Fi
88 Hellpits of Nightfang Jaquays, Paul A11 Game
89 Hells Gate Weber, David A27 Fantasy
90 Hellsman, The Baldwin, Bill B19 Sci Fi
91 HellWalker Vesser,Carolyn B24 Sci Fi
92 Henley's Formulas for Home and Workshop Hiscox, Gardner D. A43 Reference
93 Henry Martyn Smith, Neil L. B25 Sci Fi
94 Hercules and Other Tales from Greek Myths Coolidge, Olivia E A80 Mythology
95 Here be Demons Friesner, Esther B11 Fantasy
96 Here Comes Charlie Brown! Schulz, Charles M. B31 Cartoon
97 Here Comes Snoopy Schulz, Charles M. B31 Cartoon
98 Here There Be Tigers Dockery, Kevin; Schroeder, Robert A107 Game
99 Here's to Yous Charlie Brown Schulz, Charles M. B31 Cartoon
100 Heritage of the Lizard People; Death's Demand Rhodan, Perry B17 Sci Fi
101 Hero Moore, Perry F1 Sci Fi
102 Hero Alliance Juaire, Kevin A49 Comic
103 Hero from Otherwhere Williams, Jay B4 Sci Fi
104 Hero System Rulesbook MacDonald, George A36 Game
105 Heroes and Heroines: Comic Book Role Playing Game Rules Guide Freel, James E. III A21 Game
106 Heroes and Monsters of Greek Myth Evslin; Evslin; Hoopes A80 Mythology
107 Heroes and Monsters: Foggy Mountain #4 Farmer, Randy A37 Game
108 Heroes in Hell Morris, Janet B7 Fantasy
109 Heroes Now Task Force A23 Game
110 Heroes Unlimited Siembieda, Kevin A38 Game
111 Heroes: Gamemaster's manual Mayfair Games A38 Game
112 Heroes: Player's Manual Mayfair Games A38 Game
113 Heroes: Powers and Skills Mayfair Games A38 Game
114 Heroes: Special Addition Titan's Challenge Mayfair Games A38 Game
115 Heroic Fantasy Page; Reinhardt B34 Fantasy
116 Heroic Worlds - History and Guide to Role-playing Schick, Lawrence A43 Game
117 Hex (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B17 Action
118 Hex and Running Skeletons (Nostalgia Ventures - Doc Savage 21) (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth A61 Action
119 Hey! B.C. Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
120 Hibernate Iverson, Will A13 Computer
121 Hidden Order - How Adaptation Builds Complexity Holland, John H. A104 Non-Fiction
122 Hidden World Coblentz, Stanton A. B9 Sci Fi
123 Hidden World Coblentz, Stanton A. B13 Sci Fi
124 Hiding Place Boatner, Charlie A57 Comic
125 Hiero's Journey Pohl, Frederik B8 Sci Fi
126 High Crusade Anderson, Poul B9 Sci Fi
127 High Crusade Anderson, Poul B35 Sci Fi
128 High Deryni Kurtz, Katherine B20 Fantasy
129 High Fantasy Dillow, Jeffery C. A32 Game
130 High Fantasy Dillow, Jeffrey C. A103 Game
131 High Frontier, The O'Neill, Gerard K. B33 Sci Fi
132 High Level Language Computer Architecture Milutinovic, Veljko M. A9 Computer
133 High Lords' Guide to the Possibility Wars - the GM's Guide to Torg, The Farshtey, Greg; Olmesdahl, Bill A107 Game
134 High Society Sim, Dave A41 Graphic Novel
135 High Sorcery Norton, Andre B20 Fantasy
136 High Stepping Through the Neighborhood Amerongen, Jerry Van A72 Cartoon
137 High Tech: Sourcebook of Weapons and Epuipment Hurst, Michael A37 Game
138 High Tension Ing, Dean B28 Sci Fi
139 High Valley Read, Kenneth E. B14 Sci Fi
140 High Weirdness By Mail Stang, Ivan A92 Non-Fiction
141 Higher Superstition - the Academic Left and Its Quarrels With Science Gross, Paul R.; Levitt, Norman A101 Non-Fiction
142 Highways in Hiding Smith, George O. B22 Sci Fi
143 Hindenburg: Illustrated History, The Archbold, Rick A73 Non-Fiction
144 His Burial Too Aird, Catherine B21 Mystery
145 Historian As Detective, the - Essays on Evidence Winks, Robin W. A100 History
146 Historical Atlas of the 20th Century Haywood, John A73 History
147 Historical Geographical Dictionary of Japan Papinot, E. A85 Reference
148 History of Electronic Warfare - Instruments of Darkness, The Price, Alfred B33 Non-Fiction
149 History of Fascism 1914-1945 Payne, Stanley G A42 History
150 History of the American Nation McLaughlin A31 History
151 History of the Balkans Schevill, Ferdinand A65 History
152 History of the Byzantine State Ostrogorsky, George A1 History
153 History of the Future - a Chronology Lorie, Peter; Murray-Clark, Sidd A89 History
154 History of the Science Fiction Magazine - vol 2 Ashley, Michael A30 Non-Fiction
155 History of the Science Fiction Magazine: vol 1: 1926 - 1935 Ashley, Michael A44 Non-Fiction
156 Hit or Mysth Asprin, Robert A71 Fantasy
157 Hit or Myth Asprin, Robert A50 Fantasy
158 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adams, Douglas B35 Sci Fi
159 Hite Report on Male Sexuality Hite, Shere A47 Non-Fiction
160 Hite Reports, The Hite, Shere B37 Non-Fiction
161 Hitman Diaries King, Danny A59 Fiction
162 Hive of Hell Williams, Robert Moore B17 Sci Fi
163 Hobbit, The Tolkien, J.R.R. B22 Fantasy
164 Holding Wonder Henderson, Zenna B9 Sci Fi
165 Holding Wonder Henderson, Zenna B20 Fantasy
166 Hole Delver's Catalog Task Force Games A11 Game
167 Holidays in Hell O'Rourke, P.J. A102 Non-Fiction
168 Hollow Earth, The Bernard, Raymond B31 Paranormal
169 Hollywood East - Hong Kong Movies and the People Who Make Them Hammond, Stefan A90 Non-Fiction
170 Home Welding Todd, John A43 Non-Fiction
171 Homeworld: Mechanoid Invasion: book 3 Siembieda, Kevin A25 Game
172 Honey in His Mouth Dent, Lester A26 Mystery
173 Hong Kong Action Theater Skarka, Gareth-Michael A37 Game
174 Honor Among Enemies Weber, David A27 Sci Fi
175 Honor Among Enemies Weber, David B37 Sci Fi
176 Honor of the Queen, The Weber, David B37 Sci Fi
177 Honorable Treachery - a History of U.S. Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the CIA O'Toole, G.J.A. A99 Non-Fiction
178 Hook: Boosted Man Zetford, Tully B17 Sci Fi
179 Hook: Star City Zetford, Tully B17 Sci Fi
180 Hook: Star Spanning Man of the Future Zetford, Tully B17 Sci Fi
181 Hook: Virility Gene Zetford, Tully B17 Sci Fi
182 Hormone Jungle Reed, Robert B36 Sci Fi
183 Horn - the Hot Zone Sloane, Ben A52 Sci Fi
184 Horn of Time Anderson, Poul B16 Sci Fi
185 Horn: Green Rhodan, Perry B17 Sci Fi
186 Horror, The Voltz, William B26 Sci Fi
187 Horror: Roleplaying in the World of the Supernatural Steve Jackson Games A23 Game
188 Horse and His Boy, A Lewis, C.S. B8 Fantasy
189 Horsemen from Nowhere Abramov, A; Abramov, S A34 Sci Fi
190 Hot Time in Old Town McQuay, Mike B25 Sci Fi
191 Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs, The Desmond, Adrian J. A4 Non-Fiction
192 Houdini on Magic Gibson, Walter B.; Young, Morris N. A89 Magic
193 Houdini's Escapes and Magic Gibson, Walter B. A89 Magic
194 Hounds of Skaith Brackett, Leigh B13 Sci Fi
195 Hour of Our Delight: Cosmic Evolution, Order, and Complexity Reeves, Hubert A53 Non-Fiction
196 House of Seven Gables (1898), The Hawthorne, Nathaniel A65 Fiction
197 House of the Rising Sun Hargrave, David A. C1 Game
198 House of the Wolf Wren, M.K. B9 Sci Fi
199 House That Stood Still, The Vogt, A.E. Van B32 Sci Fi
200 Houses of Iszm Vance, Jack B13 Sci Fi
201 Houses of Iszm Vance, Jack B18 Sci Fi
202 Houses of Iszm Vance, Jack B30 Sci Fi
203 Housesteads in the Days of the Romans Embleton, Ronald A83 History
204 How I Got Published - Famous Authors Tell You in Their Own Words White, Ray; Lindsay, Duane F1 Writing
205 How the Greeks Built Cities - the Relationship of Architecture and Town Planning to Everyday Life in Ancient Greece Wycherley, R.E. A104 History
206 How the Leopard Gets Its Spots Scientific American A60 Non-Fiction
207 How Things Work Vol. 1 - the Universal Encyclopedia of Machines Paladin A84 Reference
208 How Things Work Vol. 2 - the Universal Encyclopedia of Machines Paladin A84 Reference
209 How to Be Your Own Literary Agent - An Insider's Guide to Getting Your Book Published Curtis, Richard A90 Writing
210 How to Build a Flying Saucer Pawlicki, T B A63 Non-Fiction
211 How to Buy Stock Engel, Louis B33 Non-Fiction
212 How to Draw Superheroes Jael A72 Non-Fiction
213 How to Entertain Children With Magic You Can Do Merlini, The Great A89 Magic
214 How to Lie with Maps Monmonier, Mark A54 Non-Fiction
215 How to Live Forever Thompson, Colin A73 Sci Fi
216 How to Make and Fly Paper Airplanes Barnaby, Ralph S. B33 Non-Fiction
217 How to Make ESP Work for You Sherman, Harold B31 Paranormal
218 How to Make War - a Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare Dunnigan, James F. A92 Non-Fiction
219 How to Make War - a Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare - Revised Edition Dunnigan, James F. A105 Non-Fiction
220 How to Make War - a Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare for the Post-Cold War Era - Third Edition Dunnigan, James F. A105 Non-Fiction
221 How to Play Piano Evans, Rogers A50 Non-Fiction
222 How to Prove It - a Structured Approach Velleman, Daniel J. A93 Non-Fiction
223 How to Solve Physics Problems Ripin, Edwin M. A99 Physics
224 How to Stay Alive in the Wood Angier, Bradford B33 Non-Fiction
225 How to stay Alive in the Woods Angier, Bradford B4 Non-Fiction
226 How to Survive on Land and Sea Craighead A39 Non-Fiction
227 How to Write a Computer Manual Price, Jonathan A10 Computer
228 How to Write and Sell Your First Novel Collier, Oscar; Leighton, Frances Spatz A88 Writing
229 How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Williamson, J.N. A88 Writing
230 How to Writer a Damn Good Novel Frey, James N. A90 Writing
231 How Would Confucius Ask for a Raise Orsborn, Carol A16 Professional
232 Howard the Duck (Marvel Treasury Edition 12) Various A108 Comic
233 Howls Moving Castle Jones, Diana Wynne B24 Fantasy
234 HTML Pocket Reference Niederst, Jennifer A85 Reference
235 HTML Pocket Reference (2nd Edition) Niederst, Jennifer A85 Reference
236 Hugo Winners Asimov, Isaac A52 Anthology
237 Hugo Winners Asimov, Isaac B13 Anthology
238 Hugo Winners - Volume 1 and 2 Asimov, Isaac A34 Anthology
239 Human Factors in Engineering and Design McCormick, Ernest J A48 Non-Fiction
240 Human Machine, the - How the body works... Alexander, R. McNeill A108 Non-Fiction
241 Human-Computer Interaction Baecker, Ronald M.; Grudin, Johnathan; Buxton, William A.S.; Greenberg, Saul A7 Computer
242 Humanx Jackson, Steve A37 Game
243 Hummingbirds <gift dated 1962> Follett, John A54 Non-Fiction
244 Hundredth Monkey and Other Paradigms of the Paranormal, The Frazier, Kendrick A105 Non-Fiction
245 Hunt for Red October, The Clancy, Tom B1 Thriller
246 Hunters Lovejoy, Jack B32 Fantasy
247 Hunters of Gor Norman, John B34 Sci Fi
248 Hunters of Jundagai Bulmer, Kenneth B9 Sci Fi
249 Hunters of Jundagai Bulmer, Kenneth B13 Sci Fi
250 Hunters of the Red Moon Bradley, Marion Zimmer B13 Sci Fi
251 Hunting Party Moon, Elizabeth B2 Sci Fi
252 Hunting Party Moon, Elizabeth B37 Sci Fi
253 Huon of the Horn Norton, Andre B20 Fantasy
254 Hurray For B.C. Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
255 Hyde Park Headsman, The Perry, Anne B22 Mystery
256 Hyojun Hihongo Tokuhon (The Standard Japaense Readers] Book One Naganuma, N. A98 Non-Fiction
257 Hyperion Simmons,Dan B23 Sci Fi
258 Hypersea: Life on Land McMenamin, Mark A53 Non-Fiction
259 Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction Marcuse, F.L. A4 Non-Fiction
260 Hypnotism Estabrooks, George H. A99 Non-Fiction

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