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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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A51 (Library Box)

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#Box IDTitleAuthorsTypeTagsSearch
1 A51101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your InterviewFry, RonProfessional Professional(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
2 A51America's Dumbest CriminalsButler, DanielFiction Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
3 A51American DynastyPhillips, KevinNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
4 A51Art of Deception, TheCapaldi, NicholasNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
5 A51Bloom CountyBreathed, BerkeCartoon Cartoon(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
6 A51Bull's EyeAdams, JamesBiography Biography, Weapons(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
7 A51Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer CultureEwen, StuartNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, R(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
8 A51Censored: News That Didn't Make the News and WhyJensen, CarlNon-Fiction News, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
9 A51Character of Physical LawFeynman, RichardNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
10 A51Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and TriumphJohnson, EdgarBiography Biography(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
11 A51Connections to the WorldDanto, Arthur CNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
12 A51Constructive AnatomyBridgman, George BNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
13 A51Content and ConsciousnessDennett, Daniel C.Philosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
14 A51Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest: True NewsKohut, John J.Non-Fiction News, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
15 A51Engineering in the Ancient WorldLandels, J GNon-Fiction Engineering, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
16 A51Engines of Creation: Coming Era of NanotechnologyDrexler, K EricNon-Fiction Nanotech, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
17 A51Enigma of Japanese PowerWolferen, Karl vanNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
18 A51FregeWeiner, JoanPhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
19 A51Geological Guide to Mammoth Cave National ParkPalmer, Arthur NNon-Fiction Geology, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
20 A51German Myths and LegendsMacKenzie, Donald A.Mythology Mythology(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
21 A51Let's Be HumanFleischman, HarryNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
22 A51Magic Tricks and Card TricksJonson, WilfriedMagic Cards, Magic(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
23 A51Making of Middle-Class Culture 1815-1914Gay, PeterNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
24 A51Meaning of MeaningOgden, C KPhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
25 A51Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and PatternHofstadter, Douglas R.Philosophy AI, Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
26 A51Of Arms and MenO'Connell, Robert L.Non-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
27 A51On Knowing and the KnownLucey, Kenneth GPhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
28 A51Ontological Relativity and Other EssaysQuine, W VPhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
29 A51Paradigms Regained: Further Exploration of the Mysteries of Modern ScienceCasti, John LNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Science(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
30 A51People's History of the American RevolutionRaphael, RayHistory History(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
31 A51Philosophy of Artificial intelligenceBoden, Margaret APhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
32 A51Social Contract and DiscoursesRousseau, Jean-JacquesPhilosophy Philosophy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
33 A51Speleology: Study of CavesMoore, George WNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
34 A51Stupid White MenMoore, MichaelComedy Comedy(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
35 A51Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to PattenCreveld, Martin VanNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
36 A51Useless Japanese InventionsKawakami, KenjiNon-Fiction Japan, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
37 A51User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to SizeNorretranders, TorNon-Fiction Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
38 A51Vector and Tensor AnalysisHay, G ENon-Fiction Mathematics, Non-Fiction(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
39 A51War Ends and MeansSeabury, PaulNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, War(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
40 A51World's Best Travel GamesBarry, Sheila AnneGame Game, Travel(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
41 A51You Know WhoCiardi, JohnKids Kids(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
42 A51Zen of EatingKabatznick, RonnaNon-Fiction Non-Fiction, Zen(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
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