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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons ebook and trade paperback available on Amazon (or here).
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
Read free chapters of Dispensing Justice here (or get it here).
Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Titles N (Library Box Cross Ref)

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# Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 N is for Noose Grafton, Sue B10 Mystery
2 Nagasaki Vector Smith, L Neil B38 Sci Fi
3 Naked Ape, the - a Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal Morris, Desmond A102 Non-Fiction
4 Naked Came the Manatee Hiaasen, Carl A79 Mystery
5 Naked Sun Asimov, Isaac B16 Sci Fi
6 Naked Sun Asimov, Isaac B35 Sci Fi
7 Naked Witch, The Bidart, Gay-Darlene B29 Romance
8 Name of the Rose Eco, Umberto B11 Historical Fiction
9 Name of the Wind Rothfuss, Patrick A68 Fantasy
10 Names - a Collector's Compendium of Rare and Unusual, Bold and Beautiful, Odd and Whimsical Dickson, Paul A84 Non-Fiction
11 Names and Nicknames of Places and Things Urdang, Laurence A84 Non-Fiction
12 Nanny Diaries McLaughlin, Emma A54 Fiction
13 Nanodreams Elliott, Elton B32 Sci Fi
14 Nanosystems Drexler, K. Eric A39 Non-Fiction
15 Nanotech, The Flynn, Micheal B24 Fantasy
16 Napoleon's Wars Esdaile, Charles A42 History
17 Napoleons of Eridanus Barbet, Pierre B15 Sci Fi
18 Narrative and Lyric Poems for Students Seward Jr., S.S. B40 Poetry
19 Nation of Steel: Making of Modern America 1865-1925 Misa, Thomas J A53 History
20 National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor O'Donoghue, Michael A72 Comic
21 Natural Healer's Acupressure Handbook Blate, Michael A54 Health
22 Nature of Mental Things, The Collins, Arthur W. A94 Philosophy
23 Nature of Mind, The Rosenthal, David M. A92 Non-Fiction
24 Nature of the Universe, The Hoyle, Fred B33 Non-Fiction
25 Nearly Normal Galaxies: from the Planck Time to the Present Faber, S M A53 Non-Fiction
26 Nebula Alert Chandler,A. Bertram B20 Sci Fi
27 Necrom Farren, Mick B11 Sci Fi
28 Neighborhood in Color Amerongen, Jerry Van A72 Cartoon
29 Neighborhood, The Amerongen, Jerry Van A52 Comic
30 Neighbors in Space White, W B A77 Sci Fi
31 Neptune Crossing Carver, Jeffrey A. B23 Sci Fi
32 Netbeans Boudreau, Tim; Glick, Jesse; Greene, Simeon A20 Computer
33 Netscape Programmers Guide Lam, Richard B. A8 Computer
34 Neural Networks in C++ Blum, Adam B6 Computer
35 Neuromancer Gibson, William A49 Comic
36 Neuromancer Gibson, William B7 Sci Fi
37 Neurophilosophy Churchland, Patricia Smith A31 Philosophy
38 Neutron Star Niven, Larry B5 Sci Fi
39 Neutron Star Niven, Larry B12 Sci Fi
40 Never Deal With a Dragon Charrette, Robert N. B27 Fantasy
41 Never Trust a Calm Dog Parker, Tom A70 Non-Fiction
42 Nevermen Amara, Phil A58 Comic
43 Neverness Zindell, David B36 Sci Fi
44 Neverwhere Gaiman, Neil B10 Fantasy
45 New Atlantis Silverberg, Robert A75 Sci Fi
46 New Barbarians Mitchell, Kirk B23 Fantasy
47 New Clues to Harry Potter: Book 5 Waters, Galadriel A79 Non-Fiction
48 New Comic Fantasy Ashley, Michael A40 Anthology
49 New Comics Anthology Callahan, Bob A49 Comic
50 New Destinies Baen, Jim B27 Sci Fi
51 New Diary: How to Use a Journal… Rainer, Tristine A54 Writing
52 New Dimensions Silverberg, Robert A69 Sci Fi
53 New Dinosaurs: Alternative Evolution Dixon, Dougal A81 Non-Fiction
54 New Earths - Restructuring Earth and Other Planets Oberg, James Edward A103 Non-Fiction
55 New Epicurean and the Adventures of a Schoolboy Anonymous A75 Fiction
56 New Father: Dad's Guide to the First Year Brott, Armin A A48 Non-Fiction
57 New First Course in the Theory of Equations Dickson, Leonard Eugene A2 Computer
58 New Garden Encyclopedia, The Seymour, E.L.D. A101 Reference
59 New Hacker's Dictionary, the (Third Edition) Raymond, Eric S. A86 Reference
60 New Handbook of the Heavens Bernard, Bennet, Rice A47 Sci Fi
61 New Handy Dictionary of the Latin and English Languages Woodhouse, S. C. A90 Reference
62 New Hugo Winners: vol III Willis, Connie A52 Anthology
63 New Inquisition, the - Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science Wilson, Robert Anton A91 Non-Fiction
64 New Kind of Science Wolfram, Stephen A39 Non-Fiction
65 New Maps of Hell Amis, Kingsley A27 Non-Fiction
66 New Mutants Claremont, Chris A57 Comic
67 New Peanuts Book Featuring Snoopy Schulz, Charles M A80 Cartoon
68 New Penguin World Atlas, The Hall, Peter A87 Reference
69 New Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form, The Lewis, Norman A85 Reference
70 New Rules for Classic Games Schmittberger, R. Wayne A89 Game
71 New Sci Fi from Ace and Roc Ace and Roc Books A47 Anthology
72 New Science of Strong Materials, The Gordon, J.E. A4 Non-Fiction
73 New Space Opera Dozois, Gardner A40 Anthology
74 New Space Opera Dozois; Strahan A34 Anthology
75 New State of the World: Atlas Kidron, Michael A70 Non-Fiction
76 New Teen Titans, The Wolfman B32 Sci Fi
77 New Up-To-Date English-Japanese Conversation Dictionary Vaccari, Mr.; Vaccari, Mrs. O. B40 Reference
78 New Worlds Moorcock, Michael A71 Sci Fi
79 New Writings in SF 3 Carnell, John B14 Anthology
80 New Writings in SF 4 Carnell, John A52 Anthology
81 Newnes Mathematics Pocket Book for Engineers Bird, J. O. A84 Reference
82 News from the Fringe - True Stories Kohut. John J A65 Non-Fiction
83 News from the Fringe - True Stories - More Shepard, Chuck A65 Non-Fiction
84 Newspaper History of the World Jones, Michael Wynn A46 History
85 Newspaper Magic Anderson, Gene A60 Magic
86 Newton Rules Biology - a Physical Approach to Biological Problems Pnnycuick, C.J. A100 Non-Fiction
87 Newtons Connon Keyes, Gregory J. A27 Fantasy
88 Next Hundred Years - Unfinished Business of Science Furnas, C. C. A64 Non-Fiction
89 Nibelungenlied, The Hatto, A.T. B19 Adventure
90 Nicholas Cricket Joyce, William A108 Fiction
91 Nicholas Nickleby Dickens, Charles B38 Fiction
92 Nift the Lean: Raiders of the Infernal Domains! Shea, Michael B38 Fantasy
93 Night Face Anderson, Poul B14 Sci Fi
94 Night Mare Piers, Anthony B35 Sci Fi
95 Night of Light Farmer, Phillip Jose B3 Sci Fi
96 Night of Light Farmer, Phillip Jose B4 Sci Fi
97 Night of the Living Rat Pinkwater, Daniel M. B5 Youth
98 Night of the Living Shark Pinkwater, Daniel M. A4 Youth
99 Night of the Luving Gator! Pinkwater, Daniel M. B27 Sci Fi
100 Night of the Wolf Leiber, Fritz B4 Sci Fi
101 Night of the Wolf, The Leiber, Fritz B23 Sci Fi
102 Night Runners of Bengal Masters, John B11 Historical Fiction
103 Night Spiders Lymington, John B3 Fiction
104 Night Walk Shaw, Bob B13 Sci Fi
105 Night Walk Shaw, Bob B18 Sci Fi
106 Night walk Shaw, Bob B30 Sci Fi
107 Night Whispers McNaught, Judith A30 Fiction
108 Night Winds Wagner, Karl Edward B22 Fantasy
109 Nightfall Asimov, Isaac B14 Sci Fi
110 Nightfall Goodis, David B11 Fiction
111 Nightrunners of Bengal Masters, John B19 Historical Fiction
112 Nightside the Long Sun Wolfe, Gene A4 Sci Fi
113 Nightventures: Pharaoh: Play supplement Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura A45 Game
114 Nightventures: Rahasia: Characters Level 1-2 Hickman, Tracy; Hickman, Laura A45 Game
115 Nightwitch Devil (The Avenger), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
116 Nightworld Bischoff, David B35 Sci Fi
117 Nihongo Notes 1: Speaking and Living in Japan Muzutani, Osamu; Muzutani, Nobuko B40 Non-Fiction
118 Nihongo Notes 2: Expressing Oneself in Japanese Muzutani, Osamu; Muzutani, Nobuko B40 Non-Fiction
119 Nihongo Notes 3: Understanding Japanese Usage Muzutani, Osamu; Muzutani, Nobuko B40 Non-Fiction
120 Nihongo Notes 4: Understanding Communication in Japanese Muzutani, Osamu; Muzutani, Nobuko B40 Non-Fiction
121 Nihongo Notes 5: Studying Japanese in Context Muzutani, Osamu; Muzutani, Nobuko B40 Non-Fiction
122 Nihongo Notes 6: Situational Japanese 1 Muzutani, Osamu; Muzutani, Nobuko B40 Non-Fiction
123 Nile Empire - the Sourcebook of Pulp Reality, The Winninger, Ray A107 Game
124 Nine Billion Names of God Clarke, Arthur C. B14 Sci Fi
125 Nine Princes in Amber Zelazny, Roger B22 Fantasy
126 Nine Princes in Amber Zelazny, Roger B37 Fantasy
127 Nine Tailors, The Sayers, Dorothy L. B27 Mystery
128 Nineteenth-Century Costume and Fashion Norris, Herbert A70 Reference
129 Ninja Lustbader, Eric Van B16 Action
130 Ninja Hero - a Martial Arts Campaign Book for the Heor System and Champions Allston, Aaaron A107 Game
131 Ninja High School Dunn, Ben A57 Comic
132 Ninja's Revenge Anthony, Piers B2 Sci Fi
133 Ninjs and Superspies Wujcik, Erick A107 Game
134 Nippon Tech: Sourcebook of Mega-Corp Reality West End Games A25 Game
135 Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers Farrand, Phil A65 Non-Fiction
136 No Body Pickard, Nancy B21 Mystery
137 No Direction Home Spinrad, Norman B13 Sci Fi
138 No Direction Home Spinrad, Norman B18 Sci Fi
139 No Direction Home Spinrad, Norman B30 Sci Fi
140 No Men Who Smiled No More (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B22 Action
141 No Trace With Terra High, Philip B20 Sci Fi
142 No Wind of Blame Heyer, Georgette A52 Mystery
143 No Wind of Blame Heyer, Georgette B10 Mystery
144 No Wind of Blame Heyer, Georgette B15 Mystery
145 Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy Trimble, Louis B12 Sci Fi
146 Nobody Gets the Girl Maxey, James A89 Sci Fi
147 Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown Schulz, Charles M. B31 Cartoon
148 Noir Jeter, K.W. B37 Sci Fi
149 Nomad of the Time Streams Moorcock, Michael A77 Sci Fi
150 Nomads of Gor Norman, John B34 Sci Fi
151 Non-Player Character, The Willis, L.W. ; Costley, K.D. C1 Game
152 Non-Player Character: Basic Module Willis; Costley A35 Game
153 Non-Stop Aldiss, Brian W. B1 Sci Fi
154 Nonborn King, The May, Julian B25 Sci Fi
155 Nonesuch Heyer, Georgette B15 Romance
156 Noreascon 3: Memory Book: Facilities Services: 1989 Noreascon A21 Convention
157 Noreascon Three: 47th World Sci Fi Convention: 1989 Noreascon A21 Convention
158 Noreascon Three: 47th World Sci Fi Convention: 1989:Progress Report 5 Noreascon A21 Convention
159 Noreascon Three: 50th Anniversary: 1989 Noreascon A21 Convention
160 Norstrilia Smith, Cordwainer B16 Sci Fi
161 Norstrilia Smith, Cordwainer B26 Sci Fi
162 Northanger Abby Austen, Jane B5 Fiction
163 Northworld Drake, David B11 Sci Fi
164 Nostromo Conrad, Joseph B11 Fiction
165 Not-men Williamson, Jack B13 Sci Fi
166 Not-men Williamson, Jack B18 Sci Fi
167 Not-men Williamson, Jack B30 Sci Fi
168 Notnaidag Robber Headquaters Clegg, John Scott C1 Game
169 Nova Delany, Samuel R. B4 Sci Fi
170 Nova Delany, Samuel R. B12 Sci Fi
171 Novel of the Last World Anton York, Immortal Binder, Eando B3 Sci Fi
172 Novel: 1984 Orwell B13 Sci Fi
173 Now Wait for Last Year Dick, Philip K. B7 Sci Fi
174 Nuclear Delusion: Soviet-American Relations Kennan, George F. A43 Non-Fiction
175 Nudist on the Late Shift Bronson, PO A30 Non-Fiction
176 Numbers in Theory and Practice vol 3 Liffick, Elaise W A60 Non-Fiction
177 Numbers, Predictions and War - the Use of History Evaluate and Predict the Outcome of Armed Conflict Dupuy, T.N. A104 Non-Fiction
178 Numerical Methods, Software, and Analysis Rice, John R. A1 Computer
179 Numerical Recipes in C Press, William H.; Taukolsky, Saul A.; Vetterling, William T.; Flannery, Brian R. A6 Computer
180 NYPD 2025 Stryker, Hal B36 Sci Fi

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