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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Titles R (Library Box Cross Ref)

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# Title Authors Type Box ID Search
1 R is for Rocket Bradbury, Ray B14 Sci Fi
2 R-Master Dickson, Gordon R. B13 Sci Fi
3 R-Master Dickson, Gordon R. B18 Sci Fi
4 R-Master Dickson, Gordon R. B30 Sci Fi
5 Radio Amateur's Handbook, the (33rd Edition, 1956) Various A91 Reference
6 Radio Beasts Farley, Ralph Milne B3 Sci Fi
7 Radio Free Albemuth Dick, Philip K B38 Sci Fi
8 Radio Planet Farley, Ralph Milne B3 Sci Fi
9 Raft Baxter, Stephen B1 Sci Fi
10 Ragamuffin Buckell, Tobias S A47 Sci Fi
11 Ragged Astronauts, The Shaw, Bob B24 Sci Fi
12 Ragged Dick and Mark, the Match Boy Alger, Horatio A52 Fiction
13 Raiders of Gor Norman, John B34 Sci Fi
14 Railway Journey, the - the Industrialization of Time and Space in the 19th Century Schivelbusch, Wolfgang A91 History
15 Rainbow Goblins Rico, Ul De A82 Kids
16 Rainbows End Vinge, Vernor A69 Sci Fi
17 Raising the Stones Tepper, Sheri S. B11 Fantasy
18 Rakehells of Heaven Boyo, John B14 Sci Fi
19 Ralph 124C 41+ Gernsback, Hugo A44 Sci Fi
20 Random House Dictionary of the English Language, the (Second Edition) Unabridge Flexner, Stuart Berg A87 Reference
21 Ranks of Bronze Drake, David B11 Sci Fi
22 Ranxeorx in New York Liberatore, Tanino A49 Comic
23 Ranxeorx: Happy Birthday, Lubna Liberatore, Tanino A49 Comic
24 Rape of the Ape, The Sherman, Allan B19 Comedy
25 Rape of the Sun, The Wallace, Ian B22 Sci Fi
26 Raphael MacAvoy, R.A. B23 Fantasy
27 Raphael Santi, Bruno A73 Art
28 Rapid Math Tricks and Tips Julius, Edward H. A17 Non-Fiction
29 Raptors I Dufaux - Marini A58 Comic
30 Rapture Effect Carver, Jeffery A. B16 Sci Fi
31 Rapunzel's Revenge Hale, Shannon A73 Graphic Novel
32 Rational Grammar Gardies, Jean-Louis A101 Non-Fiction
33 Rationality of Emotion, The De Sousa, Ronald A94 Non-Fiction
34 Rats Bats and Vats Flint, Eric B37 Sci Fi
35 Ravagers, The Hamilton, Donald B31 Action
36 Raven Heaven Kato, Ken A47 Sci Fi
37 Raven Star Siddiqui, A. A37 Game
38 Raven: Swordsmistress of Chaos Kirk, Richard B34 Fantasy
39 Read Japanese Today Walsh, Len B40 Non-Fiction
40 Reader's Manifesto. a - An Attack on the Growing Pretentiousness in American Literary Prose Myers, B. R. A90 Non-Fiction
41 Reading Japanese Jorden, Eleanor Harz; Chaplin, Hamako Ito A105 Non-Fiction
42 Reading Like a Writer Prose, Francine A40 Non-Fiction
43 Readings in Machine Learning Shavlik, Jude W.; Dietterich, Thomas G. A2 Computer
44 Readings in Planning Allen, James; Hendler, James; Tate, Austin A9 Computer
45 Reality Dysfunction: Part 2 Expansion Hamilton, Peter F B39 Sci Fi
46 Reality Dysfunction: part 2 Expansion Hamilton, Peter F. B10 Sci Fi
47 Realm of Chaos: Lost and the Damned Priestley, Rick A11 Game
48 Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness Ansell, Bryan A11 Game
49 Realm of Yolmi ASP A24 Game
50 Realty Disjunction, The Hamilton, Peter F. B37 Sci Fi
51 Reap the East Wind Cook, Glen B7 Fantasy
52 Reasoning About Knowledge Fagin, Ronald; Halpern, Joseph Y.; Moses, Yoram; Vardi, Moshe Y. A8 Computer
53 Reasoning with Incomplete Information Etherington, David W. A8 Computer
54 Reassembled Man, The Kastle, Herbert D. B20 Sci Fi
55 Reavers of Skaith Brackett, Leigh B13 Sci Fi
56 Reavers, The Fraser, George MacDonald A28 Historical Fiction
57 Rebel of Rhada Giman, Robert Cham B3 Sci Fi
58 Rebel Worlds Anderson, Poul B15 Sci Fi
59 Rebel's Quest Busby, F.M. B1 Sci Fi
60 Rebellers Roberts, Jane B14 Sci Fi
61 Rebels in Hell Morris, Janet B36 Fantasy
62 Rebels of the Red Planet Fontenay, Charles L. B3 Sci Fi
63 Recall Not Earth MacApp, C.C. B3 Sci Fi
64 Reclamation Zettel, Sarah B5 Sci Fi
65 Recorded Sayings of Zen Master Joshu, The Green, James A93 Philosophy
66 Red Bear Lodge of Surlt: Scenarios Kraft, Rudy A11 Game
67 Red Genesis Sykes, S.C. B11 Sci Fi
68 Red Harvest Hammett, Dashiell A26 Action
69 Red Iron Nights Cook, Glen B7 Fantasy
70 Red King Syndrome: Miracleman Book 2 Moore, Alan A57 Comic
71 Red Limit Freeway DeChancie, John B1 Sci Fi
72 Red Moon and Black Mountain Chant, Joy B14 Fantasy
73 Red Orc's Rage Farmer, Philip Jose A63 Sci Fi
74 Red Skull (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B4 Action
75 Red Skull (Doc Savage), The Robeson, Kenneth B26 Action
76 Red Snow (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B17 Action
77 Red Spider and Other Cold War Thrillers (Nostalgia Ventures - Doc Savage 15) (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth A61 Action
78 Red Storm Rising Clancy, Tom A41 Thriller
79 Redbeard Resnick, Michael D. B8 Sci Fi
80 Reflections on Love After Life Moody, Raymond A. B21 Health
81 Reframing: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning Bandler, Richard A54 Non-Fiction
82 Regency Buck Heyer, Georgette B15 Romance
83 Regenesis Cherryh, C J A77 Sci Fi
84 Regiments of Night Ball, Brian N. B13 Sci Fi
85 Regular Expression Pocket Reference Stubblebine, Tony A85 Reference
86 Regular Expressions Friedt, Jeffrey E.F. A15 Computer
87 Reich Star Richardson, Ken A38 Game
88 Reign of Wizardry Williamson, Jack B13 Fantasy
89 Reign of Wizardry Williamson, Jack B18 Sci Fi
90 Reign of Wizardry Williamson, Jack B30 Fantasy
91 Reliable Data Structures in C Plum, Thomas A16 Computer
92 Religion: Gods, Priestly Posers and Cosmic Truths Steve Jackson Games A23 Game
93 Reluctant Widow Heyer, Georgette B15 Romance
94 Remarkables Reed, Robert B39 Sci Fi
95 Remember Me Clark, Mary Higgins B10 Mystery
96 Remember the Golden Rule Parker, Brant ; Hart, Johnny B31 Cartoon
97 Remembrance of Things Fast Ferrraro, Susan A103 Self Help
98 Renaissance Magic Mebane, John S A63 Non-Fiction
99 Rendezvous on a Lost World Chandler, A. Bertram B13 Sci Fi
100 Rendezvous on a Lost World Chandler, A. Bertram B16 Sci Fi
101 Rendezvous on a Lost World Chandler,A. Bertram B18 Sci Fi
102 Rendezvous on a Lost World Chandler,A. Bertram B30 Sci Fi
103 Rendezvous with Rama Clark, Arthur C. B13 Sci Fi
104 Rendezvous with Rama Clarke, Arthur C. B9 Sci Fi
105 Report on Probability A Aldiss, Brian W. B35 Sci Fi
106 Report on U.F.O., The Ruppelt, Edward J. B31 Paranormal
107 Representing and Acquiring Geographic Knowledge Davis, Ernest A6 Computer
108 Reptiles and Amphibians Schuster B33 Non-Fiction
109 Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds Daley, Brian B1 Sci Fi
110 Rescuers, The Sharp, Margery B25 Youth
111 Research Guide to Science Fiction Studies - an Annotated Checklist of Primary and Secondary Sources for Fantasy and Science Fiction Tymn, Marshall B.; Schlobin, Roger C.; Currey, L.W. A103 Non-Fiction
112 Rest of the Robots Asimov, Isaac A52 Sci Fi
113 Restaurant at the End of the Universe Adams, Douglas B35 Sci Fi
114 Resume with Monsters Spencer, William Browning B39 Fantasy
115 Resurrection Day (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B17 Action
116 Resurrection Day and Repel (Nostalgia Ventures - Doc Savage 2) (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth A61 Action
117 Resurrection Row Perry, Anne B9 Mystery
118 Retief and the Warlords Laumer, Keith B29 Sci Fi
119 Retief and the Warriors Laumer, Keith B37 Sci Fi
120 Retief at Large Laumer, Keith B8 Sci Fi
121 Retief's Ransom Laumer, Keith B34 Sci Fi
122 Retief's War Laumer, Keith B34 Sci Fi
123 Retief: Ambassador to Space Laumer, Keith B34 Sci Fi
124 Retief: Emissary to the Stars Laumer, Keith B34 Sci Fi
125 Return of Jeeves, The Wodehouse, P.G. A26 Comedy
126 Return of Kavin Mason, David B3 Sci Fi
127 Return of Moriarty, The Gardner, John B25 Mystery
128 Return of Nathan Brazil Chalker, Jack L. B13 Sci Fi
129 Return of the Emperor, The Cole, Allan; Bunch, Chris B2 Sci Fi
130 Return of the King, The Tolkien, J.R.R. B32 Fantasy
131 Return to Camelot: Chivalry and the English Gentleman Girouard, Mark A41 Non-Fiction
132 Return to Rocheworld Forward, Robert L. B11 Sci Fi
133 Return to the Stars Hamilton, Edmond B3 Sci Fi
134 Revenge of Moriarty, The Gardner, John B25 Mystery
135 Revenge of the Damned Cole, Allan; Bunch, Chris B15 Sci Fi
136 Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies Gardner, Craig Shaw B38 Fantasy
137 Revenge of the Valkyrie Gunnarsson, Thorarin B9 Fantasy
138 Reverence for Wood, A Sloane, Eric A98 Non-Fiction
139 Revision - a Creative Approach to Writing and Rewriting Fiction Kaplan, David Michael A86 Writing
140 Revolt in 2010 Heinlein, Robert A. B20 Sci Fi
141 Revolt on Alpha C Silverber, Robert A44 Youth
142 Revolution from Rosinante Gilliland, Alexis A. B7 Sci Fi
143 Revolution from Rosinante, The Gilliland, Alexis A. A26 Sci Fi
144 Revolutionary - Hostile Takeover #3 Swann, S Andrew B36 Sci Fi
145 Revolutions of 1848 - a Social History Robertson, Pricilla A90 History
146 Rewrite Right! - How to Revise Your Way to Better Writing Venolia, Jan A86 Writing
147 Rex Mundi: book 1 Guardian of the Temple Nelson, Arvid A58 Comic
148 Rex Mundi: book 2 River Underground Nelson, Arvid A58 Comic
149 Rex Mundi: book 4 Crown and Sword Nelson, Arvid A57 Comic
150 Rhapsody in Black Stableford, Brian M. B13 Sci Fi
151 Rhapsody in Black Stableford, Brian M. B18 Sci Fi
152 Rhapsody in Black Stableford, Brian M. B30 Sci Fi
153 Rich, the - a Study of the Species Davis, William A64 Non-Fiction
154 Richard the Second Shakespeare, William B38 Play
155 Rick Steve's French Phrase Book and Dictionary Steves, Rick A84 Non-Fiction
156 Rick Steve's German Phrase Book and Dictionary Steves, Rick A84 Non-Fiction
157 Rick Steve's Italian Phrase Book and Dictionary Steves, Rick A84 Non-Fiction
158 Riddle Master of Med McKillip, Patricia A. B12 Fantasy
159 Riddle of Dracula and Other Logical Puzzles Smullyan, Raymond A74 Non-Fiction
160 Riddle of Scheherazade Smullyan, Raymond A74 Non-Fiction
161 Rifts Siembieda, Kevin A32 Game
162 Rifts Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse Carella, C.J. A11 Game
163 Rifts Japan: World Book Eight Palladium A24 Game
164 Rifts Sourcebook Siembieda, Kevin A11 Game
165 Rifts Sourcebook Two: Mechanoids Siembieda, Kevin A11 Game
166 Rig Warrior Johnstone, William W. B20 Sci Fi
167 Rigger Black Book McGregor, Phillip A32 Game
168 Rim Gods Chandler, A. Bertram B14 Sci Fi
169 Rim Mercenaries, The High, Philip B28 Sci Fi
170 Rim of Space Chandler, A. Bertram B14 Sci Fi
171 Rim: a Novel of Virtual Reality Besher, Alexander B40 Sci Fi
172 Rimrunners Cherryh, C.J. B16 Sci Fi
173 Ring of Charon, The Allen, Roger MacBride B2 Sci Fi
174 Ring of Truth: Inquiry into How We Know What We Know Morrison, Philip; Morrison, Phylis A55 Philosophy
175 Ringworld Niven, Larry B12 Sci Fi
176 Ringworld Engineers Niven, Larry B12 Sci Fi
177 Ringworld: Companion 1 Chaosium A25 Game
178 Ringworld: Creatures Book Niven, Larry A25 Game
179 Ringworld: Explorer Book Niven, Larry A25 Game
180 Ringworld: Gamemaster Book Niven, Larry A25 Game
181 Ringworld: Technology Book Niven, Larry A25 Game
182 Riotous Assembly Sharpe, Tom B23 Comedy
183 Ripley's Believe it or Not! Ripley B31 Non-Fiction
184 Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Kennedy, Paul A53 Non-Fiction
185 Rise of Fascism Carsten, FL A42 History
186 Risen Empire: Book 1 of Succession Westerfeld, Scott A44 Sci Fi
187 Rissa and Tregare Busby, F.M. B2 Sci Fi
188 Rite of Passage Panshin, Alexei B13 Sci Fi
189 Rite of Passage Panshin, Alexei B18 Sci Fi
190 Rite of Passage Panshin, Alexei B30 Sci Fi
191 Rite of Passage Panshin, Alexei B34 Sci Fi
192 Rituals of Infinity Moorcock, Michael B12 Fantasy
193 Rival Rigelians, The Reynolds, Mack B20 Sci Fi
194 River of Dancing Gods Chalker, Jack L A52 Fantasy
195 Riverworld: Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld Caparula, J.M. A37 Game
196 Road to Sci Fi Volume 5: British Way Gunn, James A77 Sci Fi
197 Road to Sci Fi Volume 6: Around the World Gunn, James A77 Sci Fi
198 Road to Science Fiction vol 3: from Heinlein to Here Gunn, James A40 Anthology
199 Road to Science Fiction vol 4: from Here to Forever Gunn, James A40 Anthology
200 Roadmarks Zelazny, Roger B17 Fantasy
201 Roar Devil (Doc Savage) Robeson, Kenneth B17 Action
202 Roar, The Clayton, Emma A28 Sci Fi
203 Robert Brownings Poem (1896) Porter, Charlotte A64 Poetry
204 Robert's Rules of Order - the Classic Manual of Parliamentary Procedure Robert, Henry A. A100 Reference
205 Robin Hood Schroeder, Robert M. A36 Game
206 Robin Hood: Rolemaster Staplehurst, Graham A36 Game
207 Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel B31 Fiction
208 Robot Warriors Perrin, Steve A37 Game
209 Robot Warriors - the Mechanics of Boobytrapping Whitney, Lyle A95 Non-Fiction
210 Robot Zoo Kelly, John A82 Kids
211 Robots: Bold Experiements, Faithful Servants, Soulless Killers Steve Jackson Games A23 Game
212 Robots: How Science Works Donati, Leonbattista A55 Non-Fiction
213 Rocheworld Forward, Robert L. B11 Sci Fi
214 Rock Names Dolgins, Adam A84 Non-Fiction
215 Rock of Ages Williams, Walter Jon B5 Sci Fi
216 Rock on Almanac: First Four Decades of Rock N Roll Clark, Dick A62 Reference
217 Rocket Pocket Manual for Amateurs Ley, Willy A4 Reference
218 Rocketeer Stevens, Dave A49 Comic
219 Rockets and Jets Zim, Herbert S. A64 Non-Fiction
220 Rockets in Ursa Major Hoyle, Fred A65 Sci Fi
221 Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Piro, Sal A60 Non-Fiction
222 Roger Zelazny Morrow, Gray A58 Comic
223 Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus in Dictionary Form Kipfer, Barbara Ann F1 Reference
224 Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form Morehead, Philip D. A85 Reference
225 Roget's II - the New Thesaurus Berkley A84 Reference
226 Rogue in Space Brown, Fredric B13 Sci Fi
227 Rogue in Space Brown, Fredric B18 Sci Fi
228 Rogue in Space Brown, Fredric B30 Sci Fi
229 Rogue Mistress Herber, Keith A37 Game
230 Rogue Moon Budrys, Algis B28 Sci Fi
231 Rogue Powers Allen, Roger MacBride B1 Sci Fi
232 Rogue Queen Camp, L. Sprague de B14 Sci Fi
233 Rolemaster Companion ICE A24 Game
234 Rolemaster Companion II ICE A24 Game
235 Rolemaster Companion III ICE A24 Game
236 Rolemaster Companion IV ICE A24 Game
237 Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues Christensen, Troy A11 Game
238 Roller Coaster World Bulmer, Kenneth B16 Sci Fi
239 Rollerball Caan, James B3 Sci Fi
240 Rolling Stones, The Heinlein, Robert A. A27 Sci Fi
241 Rolling Stones, The Heinlein, Robert A. B21 Sci Fi
242 Rolling Stones, The Heinlein, Robert A. B28 Sci Fi
243 Roman Army Connolly, Peter A60 Non-Fiction
244 Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan Simkins, Michael A83 Non-Fiction
245 Roman Fort MacDonald, Fiona A82 Non-Fiction
246 Roman Imperial Army Webster, Graham A64 History
247 Roman Legions Parker, HMD A74 History
248 Romance of Lust Anonymous B38 Fiction
249 Ronin Miller, Frank A57 Graphic Novel
250 Roots of Strategy - 5 Military Classics Phillips, T R A44 Non-Fiction
251 Roots of Strategy: Book 2 - 3 Military Classics Stackpole Books A44 Non-Fiction
252 Rossetti and his Circle Prettejohn, Elizabeth A66 Art
253 Royal Escape Heyer, Georgette B9 Historical Fiction
254 Royal Escape Heyer, Georgette B19 Historical Fiction
255 Royal Flash Fraser, George MacDonald A75 Historical Fiction
256 RPC Bloomer, John A8 Computer
257 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Fitzgerald, Edward A50 Poetry
258 Rule-Based Expert Systems - the MYCIN Experiments of the Stanford Heuristic Programming Project Buchanan, Bruce G.; Shortliffe, Edward H. A96 Computer
259 Rules of Encounter Rosenschein, Jeffery S.; Zlotkin, Gilad A15 Non-Fiction
260 Rules of Engagement: Sequel to Once a Hero Moon, Elizabeth B39 Sci Fi
261 Rules of Thumb Parker, Tom A88 Reference
262 Runaway Brain: Evolution of Human Uniqueness Wills, Christopher A39 Non-Fiction
263 Runequest Perrin, Steve A32 Game
264 Runequest Runequest A24 Game
265 Runequest Scenario Pack 1: Balastor's Barracks Perrin, Henderson James A45 Game
266 Runes of Doom, The Hargrave, David C1 Game
267 Runestaff Moorcock, Michael B12 Fantasy
268 Running of Beasts, The Pronzini, Bill B27 Mystery
269 Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot Franken, Al B21 Comedy
270 Russian Secret Police Hingley, Ronald A74 Non-Fiction
271 Russian Through Pictures: Book 1 Richards, I A A47 Non-Fiction

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