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Configuring LibreOffice Writer

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I configure Writer to show the Navigator panel on the left and the Style panel on the right. Normally the Navigator and Style panels open as free-floating windows.

When initially opened, Writer does not show either panel, as in the following screenshot.

LibreOffice Writer config 01 (sreenshot).jpg

Open the Navigator by pressing F5 (on Windows) or via the menu ViewNavigator.

LibreOffice Writer config 03 (sreenshot).jpg

Floating Navigator window.

LibreOffice Writer config 04 (sreenshot).jpg

Open the Style panel by pressing F11 (on Windows) or via the menu FormattingStyle and Formatting.

LibreOffice Writer config 05 (sreenshot).jpg

Floating Navigator and Styles windows.

LibreOffice Writer config 06 (sreenshot).jpg

Drag Navigator window up and just to the left of the top of the left hand scroll. An outline of where the Navigator will dock. Drop it and should dock on the right.

LibreOffice Writer config 07 (sreenshot).jpg

Docked Navigator.

LibreOffice Writer config 08 (sreenshot).jpg

Drag the Style window to the right. Just before it reaches the right hand scroll an outline of where the Style window will dock. Drop it and should dock on the left.

LibreOffice Writer config 09 (sreenshot).jpg

Now both floating panels are anchored.

LibreOffice Writer config 10 (sreenshot).jpg

See Configuring LibreOffice Writer (e)  (e)


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