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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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My writing process

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So far, my writing process has been almost a entirely that of a panster. I usually start with an opening scene, a final scene, a plot, a viewpoint character, and, hopefully, a voice for that character. Then I connect up the two by writing from the opening scene on (the seat-of-my-pants part). One thing I like about not knowing the in-between parts, is the discovery of new characters and the side trips into subplots. I take a fair amount of notes, capturing ideas as I get them. I've noticed that if I take longer to write something, I generate more ideas, particularly in the arena of worldbuilding, but I also, as mentioned, I find new characters. Both of worldbuilding and character discovery have a tendency to warp the plot, but rarely change the foundations of the plot. Occasionally, the complete structure of story comes to me, which I capture in notes, but not as an outline. Another thing I've noticed is, if I don't have an ending clearly in mind, I will bog down and fail to complete the story. Which is to say, I can't figure out an ending to a story just by writing.

Some of the things I find useful:

  • An inline note marker for things that need to be done so I don't have to stop and think about something (see inline note marker)
  • Minimizing the amount formatting until the pre-publication phase (basically, only paragraph text, chapter headers, regular and italic text)
  • Using different mechanisms for the barf and polish phases, that is, I use the LibreOffice word processor during the barf phase, and print out and edit on paper during the polish phase
  • Keeping track of how many words I write each day (this is my getting writing done mechanism)
  • Treating each story as a project (see Authoring novels with LibreOffice for more details)
  • Treating each setting or world as a project
  • Keeping a file with copyedit notes (that is, when I notice a pattern of recurring errors I make note of it) while I write

From the perspective of idea to beta draft, I follow this procedure:

I have several processes for shepherding ideas to completed projects. I maintain a "sparks" file with ideas for everything from story titles, to plots I want to steal, to characters. Then, as ideas mature or become more compelling, I turn them into projects and put them into the "incubator" (i.e. a directory) and start a "notes" file. I will also (eventually) start a "body" file (i.e. the text of the story). When the body file reaches a sufficient word count, or I'm feeling particularly inspired by that project, I move it from the incubator to my top level writing directory where it moves into the "barf" phase (I use a "barf and polish" approach to writing). I put the majority of my effort into completing one project (moving it from barf to polish to beta reader drafts). Sometimes I get derailed or bogged down and move to a different project, but I'm always working one project with the intent of completing it. I always put any ideas I have for new or other projects into spark or specific project note files.


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