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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Writing markup notes

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The markup I use for translating into and out of pure ASCII.

== Character markers ==

[! !] -- non-breaking space(s) --> or [ ]
[#footnote reference#]
{{inline note}}
(9999) -- line numbers (at end of paragraph / line)

--- --> emdash (—)
-- --> endash (–)
(c) --> copyright
(tm) --> trademark
. . . / ... --> ellipses

['] Apostrophe (don't apply the normal smart quote rules to it)
(such as in [']Tis, or [']Tain't or Fish [']n['] chips, or Success['] likelihood. )
[('] Left single quote
[')] Right single quote
[("] Left double quote
[")] Right double quote
[[] Escaped open square bracket
[]] Escaped close square bracket
[ ] Escaped space(s)
[] Empty or non-character, which can just be stripped and ignored (but do it last,
so it can be used to seperate characters that would otherwise turn into markup)

== Paragraph markers ==

Change paragraph markers to start with square brackets.  i.e. [1]  [2]  etc. 
[<]  [>]  [><] etc. Can paragraph marks be combined?
 Such as narrow centered: [><][=]

[1] header 1
[2] header 2
[3] header 3
[4] header 4
[5] header 5
[6] header 6
[<] left justified paragraph
[>] right justified paragraph
[=] centered paragraph
[><] narrow paragraph
[|] monospaced paragraph
[:] hanging indent
[>>] indented paragraph
[*] bullet list
[#] numbered list
[;] 1st line indent

Unmarked paragraphs are assumed to be standard text body paragraphs, this is the same
as [;] marked paragraphs

Alternative markup using HTML:

<h1>header 1</h1>
<h2>header 1</h2>
<h3>header 1</h3>
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