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Using LibreOffice Writer templates

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I use LibreOffice templates (OTT files) extensively, but I don't use them in the typical LibreOffice manner, which is to say, I don't use templates as a starting point to edit documents, which I'll refer to as "boilerplate templates". This isn't to say I couldn't use templates this way, as I maintain a set of starting point or boilerplate documents, but they aren't OTT files, rather they are ODT files. Instead, I use templates to store sets of styles, including paragraph styles, character styles, list styles, and page styles.

If you're wondering why I don't bother with LibreOffice templates as boilerplate documents, there are couple of reasons. The most common, if not the most significant, is that the vast majority of the writing that I do is notes and the text of stories. A boiler plate for notes and stories would be something like consist of a chapter header and blank spot to start writing. I do have a "quick reference" for stories, and that could be boilerplate template, but I just find it easier to copy from an existing document. The more significant reason I don't use boilerplate templates is that templates can't have templates, which is to say, there is no easy way to transfer or impose styles from one template to another.

Because I use templates as a mechanism to apply styles to a document after I create it (or copy it from an existing boilerplate document), and LibreOffice (unfortunately) does not include a mechanism to do this, I use the extension TemplateChanger, (which you can download here: File:Template-changer-1.2.7.oxt, if you are unfamiliar with installing extensions, see installing extensions ).

Templates I commonly use:

Template NameDescription
BodyStandard set of styles for writing
Compact NotesStandard set of styles for taking notes
MSTraditional manuscript styles
NMSNew manuscript styles
NMS BetaNew manuscript for beta readers. Same as NMS, but adds paragraph numbering for easy reference.



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