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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Space Knight

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Space Knight

    In a universe where technology and magic co-exist, Nicholas Lyons desires one thing: to serve his queen as a Space Knight in the Royal Trident Forces. But when his final mission as an Academy cadet goes horribly wrong, Nicholas discovers he possesses illegal magical abilities that grant him power far beyond that of a normal man, knight, or mage.

When a clandestine assignment lands Nicholas on the worst starship in the kingdom’s fleet, he finds a motley crew of warriors hiding their own terrible secret. Death and betrayal lurk around every corner, and Nicholas finds himself torn between his loyalties to his new crew, or the oath he swore to his queen.

And death no matter which choice he makes.

Author:Samuel E. Green, Michael-Scott Earle
Genre:Science Fantasy
Tags:Publication, Book, Novel, Science Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Read, Read as Audiobook, Series Starting Point, Abandoned Series, Unpick, Space Knight (series)
Comment:I'll start with good. Space Knight (2017) by Samuel E. Green, Michael-Scott Earle has a lot of action scenes, some interesting worldbuilding, a reasonable variation on the The Three Musketeers plot, and a refreshing mixture of SF and Fantasy elements. Unfortunately, the bad outweighed the good. It clocked in at an exceptionally high eye-roll rating, with many points of convenient conincidence, failure to communicate, and unexploited obvious errors on the part of the protagonist. I quickly tired of how many times I was told that main character couldn't let his poor mother go unsupported or had emotional boughts of fear, elation, or lust (of the blood and sexual kind). (e)
Viewpoint:First Person
Series:Space Knight
Sequence:Space KnightSpace Knight → more...
Library:Titles S (Library Box Cross Ref)
Box:E2 (e)
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