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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Young Men in Spats

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Young Men in Spats

    These eleven stories describe the misadventures of the delightfully idle "Eggs," "Beans," and "Crumpets" that populate the Drones club: young men wearing spats, starting spats, and landing in sticky spots. For the first of his many appearances in the Wodehouse canon, Uncle Fred comes to what he believes to be the rescue.

Table of Contents

  1. "Fate" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
  2. "Tried in the Furnace" (Drones Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps and Pongo Twistleton)
    • UK: Strand, September 1935
    • US: Cosmopolitan, March 1937
  3. "Trouble Down at Tudsleigh" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
    • UK: Strand, May 1935
    • US: Cosmopolitan, May 1939
  4. "The Amazing Hat Mystery" (Drones Percy Wimbolt and Nelson Cork)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, August 1933
    • UK: Strand, June 1934
  5. "Good-Bye to All Cats" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, November 1934
    • UK: Strand, December 1934
  6. "The Luck of the Stiffhams" (Drone Stiffy Stiffham)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, November 1933
    • UK: Strand, March 1934
  7. "Noblesse Oblige" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, September 1934
    • UK: Strand, November 1934
  8. "Uncle Fred Flits By" (Drone Pongo Twistleton, Uncle Fred)
    • US: Redbook, July 1935
    • UK: Strand, December 1935
  9. "Archibald and the Masses" (Drone Archibald Mulliner, told by Mr Mulliner)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, August 1935
    • UK: Strand, February 1936
  10. "The Code of the Mulliners" (Drone Archibald Mulliner, told by Mr Mulliner)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, February 1935
    • UK: Strand, April 1935
  11. "The Fiery Wooing of Mordred" (non-Drone story told by Mr Mulliner)
    • US: Cosmopolitan, December 1934
    • UK: Strand, February 1935
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