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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Walter Jon Williams

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Short fiction collections

Notable short fiction

Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

   Dagmar Shaw
       1 This Is Not a Game (2009) also appeared as:
           Translation: Ceci n'est pas un jeu [French] (2010) 
       2 Deep State (2011)
       3 The Fourth Wall (2012)
       Diamonds from Tequila (2014) [SF] 
       1 Hardwired (1986) also appeared as:
           Translation: Câblé [French] (1987) 
       2 Voice of the Whirlwind (1987) also appeared as:
           Translation: Le souffle du cyclone [French] (1988) 
       Solip: System (1989) [SF] also appeared as:
           Translation: Solip: System [German] (1990)
           Translation: Solipsystem [Polish] (1995)
           Translation: Solip:système [French] (2001) 
       1 The Crown Jewels (1987) also appeared as:
           Translation: Les joyaux de la couronne [French] (1998) 
       2 House of Shards (1988)
       3 Rock of Ages (1995)
       Ten Points For Style (1996) [O] 
       1 Metropolitan (1995) also appeared as:
           Translation: Heer van de Nieuwe Stad [Dutch] (1996)
           Translation: Plasma [French] (2000) 
           Translation: Metropolitan (Complete Novel) [Italian] (1999) 
       2 City on Fire (1997) also appeared as:
           Translation: De Nieuwe Stad in Vlammen [Dutch] (1998) 
           Translation: Città di fuoco (Complete Novel) [Italian] (2001)
           Translation: La Città E L'abisso (Complete Novel) [Italian] (2002) 
   Praxis Universe
       Impersonations (2016)
       Dread Empire's Fall
           1 The Praxis (2002)
           2 The Sundering (2003)
           3 Conventions of War (2005) also appeared as:
               Logs (Complete Novel) (2004) 
           Investments (2004) [SF] 
       1 Quillifer (2017)
       The Triumph of Virtue (2017) [SF] 
   Star Wars Universe
       Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
           14 Destiny's Way (2002) also appeared as:
               Translation: Wege des Schicksals [German] (2006) 
           Ylesia (2002) [SF] also appeared as:
               Translation: Ylesia [German] (2006) 
   Wild Cards Universe
       Wild Cards
           6 Ace in the Hole (1990) with Stephen Leigh and Melinda M. Snodgrass and Victor Milán and Walton Simons
           11 Dealer's Choice (1992) with George R. R. Martin and Stephen Leigh and Edward Bryant and John J. Miller
           Witness (1986) [SF] also appeared as:
               Translation: Der Zeuge [German] (1989)
               Translation: Świadek? [Polish] (1992) 
           Mortality (1988) [SF]
           While Night's Black Agents Their Preys Do Rouse: I (1991) [SF]
           While Night's Black Agents Their Preys Do Rouse: II (1991) [SF]
           Feeding Frenzy (1994) [SF]
           Road Kill (2014) [SF] 


   Ambassador of Progress (1984)
   Knight Moves (1985) also appeared as:
       Translation: Le coup du cavalier [French] (2010) 
   Angel Station (1989) also appeared as:
       Translation: Engelstation [German] (1992) 
   Days of Atonement (1991) also appeared as:
       Translation: Sept jours pour expier [French] (1993) 
   Aristoi (1992) also appeared as:
       Translation: Aristoï [French] (1995) 
   The Rift (1999) [also as by Walter J. Williams]
   Implied Spaces (2008) also appeared as:
       Translation: Avaleur de mondes [French] (2009) 


   Facets (1990)
   Frankensteins and Foreign Devils (1998)
   The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories (2010) 


   Elegy for Angels and Dogs / The Graveyard Heart (1990) with Roger Zelazny
   Worlds That Weren't (2002) with S. M. Stirling and Mary Gentle and Harry Turtledove 


   Solip: System (1989)
   Dinosaurs (1991)
   Wall, Stone, Craft (1993)
   Ylesia (2002)
   The Green Leopard Plague (2009)
   The Boolean Gate (2012) 

Short Fiction Series

   College of Mystery
       Lethe (1997) also appeared as:
           Translation: Lete [Polish] (2000)
           Translation: Léthé [French] (2001) 
       The Green Leopard Plague (2003) also appeared as:
           Translation: La plaga del leopardo verde [Spanish] (2004) 
       Pinocchio (2008) 
   Earth's End
       Twelve Swords of Power
           Woundhealer (1995) 
   H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds Universe
       2 War of the Worlds Sequels
           3 War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches
               Foreign Devils (1996) 
       Consequences (1988) 
   The Change / The Event
       2 Emberverse
           The Venetian Dialectic (2015) 

Short Fiction

   Side Effects (1985) also appeared as:
       Translation: Effets secondaires [French] (1985)
       Translation: Nebeneffekte [German] (1992) 
   Sarah Runs the Weasel (1986) only appeared as:
       Translation: Sarah setzt das Wiesel ein [German] (1988) 
       Sarah Runs the Weasel (Part 1 of 2) (1986)
       Sarah Runs the Weasel (Part 2 of 2) (1986) 
   Panzerboy (1986) also appeared as:
       Translation: Vozač pancera [Croatian] (1987) 
   Video Star (1986) also appeared as:
       Translation: Video Star [German] (1988)
       Translation: Video zvijezda [Croatian] (1988)
       Translation: Gwiazda wideo [Polish] (1991) 
   Ligdan and the Young Pretender (1987)
   Wolf Time (1987) also appeared as:
       Translation: Zeit des Wolfs [German] (1987) 
   Mr. Koyama's Comet (1987)
   Unto the Sixth Generation: Epilogue (1987)
   Unto the Sixth Generation: Part One (1987)
   Unto the Sixth Generation: Part Two (1987)
   Unto the Sixth Generation: Prologue (1987)
   Dinosaurs (1987) also appeared as:
       Translation: ダイノサウルス? [Japanese] (1989)
       Translation: Dinosaurier [German] (1989)
       Translation: Dinosaures [French] (1991)
       Translation: Dinosaurussen [Dutch] (1996) 
   Surfacing (1988) also appeared as:
       Translation: Emergence [French] (1989)
       Translation: Aus der Tiefe [German] (1990) 
   Flatline (1988) also appeared as:
       Translation: Mrtva pruga [Croatian] (1989)
       Translation: Flatline [German] (1990)
       Translation: Flatline [Italian] (2002) 
   The Nolacon Visitation (1988) with Patrick H. Adkins and Michael A. Banks and Pat Cadigan and Jayge Carr and Susan Casper and Jack L. Chalker and George Alec Effinger and Raymond E. Feist and David Gerrold and Janet Kagan and Michael P. Kube-McDowell and Mike Resnick and Ralph Roberts and Joel Rosenberg [only as by Patrick H. Adkins and Michael Banks and Pat Cadigan and Jayge Carr and Susan Casper and Jack L. Chalker and George Alec Effinger and Raymond E. Feist and David Gerrold and Janet Kagan and Michael P. Kube-McDowell and Mike Resnick and Ralph Roberts and Joel Rosenberg and Walter Jon Williams]
   The Bob Dylan Solution (1989)
   No Spot of Ground (1989)
   Elegy for Angels and Dogs (1990)
   Prayers on the Wind (1991)
   Erogenoscape (1991)
   Transfer erogenny [Polish] (1993)
   Wynurzenia [Polish] (1993)
   Wall, Stone, Craft (1993) also appeared as:
       Translation: Acqua, pietra, arte [Italian] (1994)
       Translation: Wall, Stone, Craft [German] (1996)
       Translation: Le Prométhée invalide [French] (2005) 
   Red Elvis (1994) also appeared as:
       Translation: Elvis le rouge [French] (2000) 
   Broadway Johnny (1995)
   Bag Lady (1998)
   The Bad Twin (1998)
   The Picture Business (1998) also appeared as:
       Translation: Das Filmgeschäft [German] (1998) 
   Daddy's World (1999) also appeared as:
       Translation: Il mondo di papà [Italian] (2009) 
   Argonautica (1999)
   Tauromaquia (2000) with Daniel Abraham and Michaela Roessner and Sage Walker
   The Last Ride of German Freddie (2002)
   Destiny's Way (excerpt) (2002)
   Millennium Party (2002) also appeared as:
       Variant: The Millennium Party (2002) 
   Margaux (2003)
   The Sundering (excerpt) (2003)
   The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid (2004)
   Solidarity (2005)
   Incarnation Day (2006)
   Womb of Every World (2007)
   Send Them Flowers (2007) also appeared as:
       Translation: Avec des fleurs [French] (2009) 
   Abrizonde (2009) also appeared as:
       Translation: Abrizonda [Italian] (2011)
       Translation: Abrizonde [French] (2013) 
   Deep State (excerpt) (2010)
   The Fate Line (2011)
   The Fourth Wall (excerpt) (2011)
   The Boolean Gate (2012)
   The Golden Age (2014) 

Essay Series

   Read This
       Read This (NYRSF, November 1992) (1992) 
   Thought Experiments
       Science Fiction Village (2005) 


   Introduction (Solip: System) (1989)
   Read This (NYRSF, February 1989) (1989)
   Note (Aristoi) (1992)
   Letter (NYRSF, May 1993) (1993)
   My Three Rogers: An Appreciation (1995)
   Old Man, Your Kung-Fu Is Useless! Walter Jon Williams Tackles Hong Kong Cinema (1996)
   Ten Chinese Films That Will Turn Your Head Around (1996)
   Walter Jon Williams: A Bibliography (1996) with Lawrence Person
   Letter (Ansible 123) (1997)
   Afterword (Lethe) (1998)
   Introduction to A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (2001)
   My Three Freds (2001)
   Afterword to "The Last Ride of German Freddie" (2002)
   Yuen Woo-Ping and the Art of Flying (2003) also appeared as:
       Translation: Yuen Woo-Ping und die Kunst des Fliegens [German] (2003) 
   On "The Green Leopard Plague" (2005)
   Williamson Lectureship Lunch Speech (2005)
   Jack Williamson (2007)
   Fred Saberhagen (2007)
   Tony Hillerman (2008)
   Afterword (Abrizonde) (2009)
   A Singular Being (Power & Light) (2009)
   Introduction (The Star-Stealers: The Complete Adventures of The Interstellar Patrol, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Two) (2009)
   The Rapture Different (2011)
   Quelques mots sur Elvis le Rouge [French] (2014) 

Interviews by This Author

   Walter Jon Williams: Unintended Consequences (2007) with Walter Jon Williams 

Interviews with This Author

   Walter Jon Williams: Too Wild & Imaginative (1990) by uncredited
   You're Right, It Is a Blowtorch! or, Power, Plasm, and Villainous Publishing Scum: An Interview with Walter Jon Williams (1996) by Dwight Brown and Lawrence Person
   Walter Jon Williams: Feng Shui in Worldbeat City (1996) by uncredited
   Walter Jon Williams: The Tech of Magic (1997) by Liz Holliday
   Geomancer Supreme: An Interview with Walter Jon Williams (1998) by John Kenny
   Daemones in the Head (2000) by Jayme Lynn Blaschke
   Walter Jon Williams: Unintended Consequences (2007) by Walter Jon Williams
   Practice for Something Else: Walter Jon Williams (2010) by Jeremy L. C. Jones
   Feature Interview: Walter Jon Williams (2011) by Chris Moriarty
   Author Spotlight: Walter Jon Williams (Lightspeed, September 2012) (2012) by Moshe Siegel
   A Few Words with Walter Jon Williams (2015) by uncredited
   Author Spotlight: Walter Jon Williams (Lightspeed, July 2016) (2016) by Moshe Siegel
   InterGalactic Interview with Walter Jon Williams (2017) by Lawrence M. Schoen 

Non-Genre Titles

Fiction Series

   Privateers and Gentlemen
       1 The Privateer (1981) [only as by Jon Williams]
       2 The Yankee (1981) [only as by Jon Williams]
       3 The Raider (1981) [only as by Jon Williams]
       4 The Macedonian (1984) [only as by Jon Williams]
       5 Cat Island (1984) [only as by Jon Williams]
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