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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Tim Powers

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The Skies Discrowned
also published as Forsake The Sky: a science fiction adventure novel.
An Epitaph in Rust
also published as Epitaph in Rust.
Powers of Two, (2004)
re-release of Skies Discrowned and Epitaph in Rust.
The Drawing of the Dark (1979)
The siege of Vienna was actually a struggle between Muslim and Christian magicians over the spiritual center of the West, which happens to be a small inn and brewery in Vienna. The "dark" is a beer that has been brewing for centuries, which the Fisher King will eventually drink.
The Anubis Gates (1983)
A time travel story set mostly in 1810, featuring a brainwashed Lord Byron, magic, Egyptian gods and a werewolf.
Dinner at Deviant's Palace
Unusually for Powers, this is set in the future, in a postatomic America in which an extraterrestrial psychic vampire is slowly taking over.
In 2001 the group Cradle of Filth released a song in entitled "Dinner at Deviant's Palace" that was simply the Lord's Prayer backmasked.
On Stranger Tides
moves to the 18th century Caribbean; with pirates (many of them real characters, primarily Blackbeard), voodoo, zombies, Juan Ponce de Leon, and a strangely quantum-mechanical Fountain of Youth.
The Stress of Her Regard
concerning the dealings of the Romantic poetsByron and Shelley are major characters—with vampire-like beings from Greek mythology.
Fault Lines series
Last Call
a professional poker player finds out that he lost far more than he won in a poker game played with Tarot cards two decades ago.
Expiration Date
a boy possessed by the spirit of Thomas Edison is hunted through Los Angeles by people wanting to consume the ghost he carries.
Earthquake Weather
sequel to both Last Call and Expiration Date, involving the characters of both: two fugitives from a psychiatric hospital, the magical nature of multiple personality disorder, and the secret history of wine production in California.
Declare (2001)
a Cold War espionage thriller which evokes Lovecraftian horror and the Epic of Gilgamesh, involving Kim Philby, djinn and the Ark on Mount Ararat.
Three Days to Never (2006)
time travel, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, and more.

Short story collections

  • Night Moves and Other Stories
  • On Pirates (with James Blaylock)
  • The Devils in the Details (with James Blaylock)
  • Strange Itineraries: 2005, published by Tachyon Publications of San Francisco, California

Other published work

  • The Complete Twelve Hours of the Night (1986) Joke pamphlet cowritten by James Blaylock and published by Cheap Street Press; features in The Anubis Gates
  • A Short Poem by William Ashbless (1987) Another joke chapbook written by Phil Garland which Tim Powers and James Blaylock went along with. Published by The Folly Press.
  • The Bible Repairman (2005) A chapbook containing an original short story. Published by Subterranean Press.
  • Nine Sonnets by Francis Thomas Marrity (2006) A chapbook containing nine sonnets "written" by one of the main characters in Three Days to Never. Published by Subterranean Press and given away with the collectors' edition of Three Days To Never.
  • A Soul in a Bottle (2007) A ghost story about a poetess largely based on American poet Edna St Vincent Millay. This novella published by Subterranean Press.
  • Three sonnets by Cheyenne Fleming (2007) Printed loose and inserted into the collectors' edition of A Soul in a Bottle.

Bibliography from ISFDB

Fiction Series

   * Fault Lines
         o Fault Lines (1998) [O/2,3]
         o 1 Last Call (1992)
         o 2 Expiration Date (1995)
         o 3 Earthquake Weather (1997) 


   * The Skies Discrowned (1976)
         o Variant Title: The Skies Discrowned (1976) [as by Timothy Powers ]
         o Variant Title: Forsake the Sky (1986) 
   * Epitaph in Rust (1976)
         o Variant Title: An Epitaph in Rust (1989)
         o Variant Title: Epitaph in Rust (1976) [as by Timothy Powers ] 
   * The Drawing of the Dark (1979)
   * The Anubis Gates (1983)
   * Dinner at Deviant's Palace (1985)
   * On Stranger Tides (1987)
   * The Stress of Her Regard (1989)
   * Declare (2000)
   * Three Days to Never (2006) 


   * Night Moves and Other Stories (2000)
   * On Pirates (2001) with James P. Blaylock [as by William Ashbless ]
   * The Devils in the Details (2003) with James P. Blaylock
   * Strange Itineraries (2004) 


   * Powers of Two (2004) [O] 

Cover Art

   * Cover: Nova Express, Winter 1988 (1988)
   * Cover: Doughnuts (1997)
   * Cover: The Bible Repairman (2006) 


   * The Way Down the Hill (1982)
   * Night Moves (1986)
   * The Better Boy (1991) with James P. Blaylock
   * We Traverse Afar (1993) with James P. Blaylock
   * Where They Are Hid (1995)
   * Itinerary (1999)
   * Through and Through (2003)
   * Fifty Cents (2003) with James P. Blaylock
   * Pat Moore (2004)
   * The Bible Repairman (2006)
   * A Soul in a Bottle (2006)
   * Pilot Light (2007) with James P. Blaylock [as by William Ashbless ] 


   * Introduction (Ubik: The Screenplay) (1985)
   * Introduction (Trilobyte) (1987)
   * Tim Powers: A Bibliography (1988)
   * The Pigs Have All Gone to France (1988)
   * Diving in at Sag Harbor (1988)
   * Holding Bogart's Fort (1999)
   * Foreword (What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations of Philip K. Dick) (2000)
   * Running Away with the Circus (2000)
   * Story Notes (Night Moves and Other Stories) (2001)
   * Introduction (On Pirates) (2001)
   * A New Anthology (L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XVIII) (2002)
   * Introduction (The Man in the Moon) (2002)
   * Introduction (The Devils in the Details) (2003)
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