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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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This template is a "wrapper", making it faster and easier to use the [X]HTML <span>...</span> element, for those who prefer to write in wikicode rather than bare HTML tags. It supports all of the HTML element's features that would be useful on Wikipedia and accepts them as parameters.

A span in Web coding terms is an inline element of content, such as a character, word, or sentence. It does not act as a block object. A span does not correspond to any particular predetermined thing - it might be a phrase that needs to be green, or a character that needs to be twice the size of normal, etc. It is thus general, not semantic markup.


  • |1=   the content of the span; this parameter does not have to be specified, but if it is not, the template will break if the span contains an equals sign (=), due to limitations of the MediaWiki software
  • |style=   apply arbitrary CSS style directives to the content of the span; this is by far the most common usage, especially for changing font characteristics. Do not use quotes; for example |style=color:red; font-family:serif;
  • |title=   specify a pop-up "tooltip" that appears when the mouse hovers over the span (in most browsers); the second most common use
  • |class=   assign one or more CSS classes to the span
  • |id=   assign an HTML ID to the element, e.g. for #linking, CSS styling at a higher level, and other purposes; it must be unique on the page, and begin with an alphabetic letter

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