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Soon I Will Be Invincible

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Soon I Will Be Invincible
Soon I Will Be Invincible (cover).jpg
Hardcover, cover art by Geoff Spear
Title Soon I Will Be Invincible
Publication Year 2007
Debut Novel Yes
Author Austin Grossman
Genre Superhero
Superhero Fiction Overview
Superhero Culture Level 4.5 (0 to 5)
Superhero Power Level 4 (0 to 5)
Supervillain Power Level 4 (0 to 5)
Superhero Genre Level 5 (0 to 5)
Story Survey
Starting Genre Modern
Starting Perspective 1st
Starting Tense present tense
Starting Action Level 1 (out of 5)
Starting Hook Level 4.5 (out of 5)
Starting Tension Level 1.5 (out of 5)
Starting Genre Level 4 (out of 5)
Cover Hook Level 4 (out of 5)
Reviewer Fritz
Reviewer read? Yes
Story Text
First Paragraphs
Chapter One - Foiled Again

This morning on planet Earth, there are one thousand, six hundred, and eighty-six enhanced, gifted, or otherwise-superpowered persons. Of these, one hundred and twenty-six are civilians leading normal lives. Thirty-eight are kept in research facilities funded by the Department of Defense, or foreign equivalents. Two hundred and twenty-six are aquatic, confined to the oceans. Twenty-nine are strictly localized -- powerful trees and genii loci, the Great Sphinx, and the Pyramid of Giza. Twenty-five are microscopic (including the Infinitesimal Seven). Three are dogs; four are cats; one is a bird. Six are made of gas. One is a mobile electrical effect, more of a weather pattern than a person. Forty-one are off-continuity, permanent emigres to Earth's alternate realities and branching timestreams.

Six hundred and seventy-eight use their powers to fight crime, while four hundred and forty-one use their powers to commit them. Forty-four are currently confined in Special Containment Facilities for enhanced criminals. Of these last, it is interesting to note that an unusually high proportion have IQs of 300 or more -- eighteen to be exact. Including me.

Wikipedia Soon I Will Be Invincible

Soon I Will Be Invincible

    Doctor Impossible—evil genius, would-be world conqueror—languishes in prison. Shuffling through the cafeteria line with ordinary criminals, he wonders if the smartest man in the world has done the smartest thing he could with his life. After all, he's lost every battle he's ever fought. But this prison won't hold him forever.

Fatale—half woman, half high-tech warrior—used to be an unemployed cyborg. Now, she's a rookie member of the world's most famous super-team, the Champions. But being a superhero is not all flying cars and planets in peril—she learns that in the locker rooms and dive bars of superherodom, the men and women (even mutants) behind the masks are as human as anyone.

Soon I Will Be Invincible is a wildly entertaining first novel, brimming with attitude and humor—an emotionally resonant look at good and evil, love and loss, power and glory.


I was hooked from the first paragraph. Who knew a list could be so interesting?

One of the inspirations for Nova Genesis World and Dispensing Justice.

Cover Gallery

Soon I Will Be Invincible (cover).jpg
Hardcover, cover art
by Geoff Spear
Soon-i-will-be-invincible-2 260x400.jpg
Alternative cover, art
by Bryan Hitch


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