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Selected Stories (1993 anthology)

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Author:O. Henry
Editor:Guy Davenport
Tags:Publication, Book, Short Story
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Box:A42 (e)
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Suggestions for Further Reading

"The famous "O. Henry" ending is always plausible and logical. O. Henry’s characters are never pawns of fate: they carry their destiny within themselves." - Guy Davenport in the introduction.

From The Four Million (1906)

  • "The Coming-Out of Maggie"
  • A Service of Love
  • Between Rounds
  • An Unfinished Story
  • After Twenty Years
  • By Courier

From The Trimmed Lamp (1907)

  • The Pendulum
  • The Buyer from Cactus City
  • Brickdust Row
  • The Foreign Policy of Company 99
  • The Count and the Wedding Guest
  • The Country of Elusion

From Heart of the West (1907)

  • The Ransom of Mack
  • The Higher Abdication
  • A Call Loan
  • The Princess and the Puma
  • The Indian Summer of Dry Valley Johnson
  • The Reformation of Calliope

From The Voice of the City (1908)

  • The Complete Life of Johns Hopkins
  • Doughtery's Eye-Opener
  • While the Auto Waits
  • The Defeat of the City
  • The Plutonian Fire
  • Squaring the Circle
  • The Fool-Killer
  • Transients in Arcadia
  • Extradited from Bohemia
  • From Each According to His Ability
  • The Memento

From The Gentle Grafter (1908)

  • Jeff Peters as a Personal Magnet
  • Modern Rural Sports
  • The Man Higher Up
  • Hostages to Momus

From Roads of Destiny (1909)

  • The Guardian of the Accolade
  • Phoebe
  • A Double-Dyed Deceiver
  • A Retrieved Reformation
  • Friends in San Rosario
  • The Emancipation of Billy
  • A Departmental Case
  • The Renaissance at Charleroi
  • Two Renegades

From Options (1909)

  • "The Rose of Dixie"
  • Schools and Schools
  • Thimble, Thimble
  • The Moment of Victory
  • No Story

From Strictly Business (1910)

  • The Gold That Glittered
  • The Day Resurgent
  • The Thing's the Play
  • A Municipal Report
  • Proof of the Pudding
  • The Venturers

From Whirligigs (1910)

  • The Theory and the Hound
  • The Ransom of Red Chief
  • The Whirligig of Life
  • The Roads We Take
  • A Blackjack Bargainer
  • One Dollar's Worth
  • Madame Bo-Peep, of the Ranches

From Sixes and Sevens (1911)

  • Witches' Loaves
  • The Duplicity of Hargraves
  • October and June
  • The Church with an Overshot-Wheel

From Rolling Stones (1912)

  • The Atavism of John Tom Little Bear
  • The Marquis and Miss Sally

From Waifs and Strays (1917)

  • Out of Nazareth
  • Hearts and Hands
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