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Robert A. Heinlein

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Novels marked with an asterisk * are generally considered juvenile novels, although some works defy easy categorization.

Early Heinlein novels

Mature Heinlein novels

Late Heinlein novels

Early Heinlein works published posthumously

Short fiction

"Future History" short fiction

Other short speculative fiction

Note that all the works initially attributed to Anson MacDonald, Caleb Saunders, John Riverside and Simon York, and many of the works attributed to Lyle Monroe, were later reissued in various Heinlein collections and attributed to Heinlein.

At Heinlein's insistence, the three Lyle Monroe stories marked with the symbol '§' have never been reissued in a Heinlein anthology.

Other short fiction


Complete works

  • The Virginia Edition, a 46-volume hardcover collection of all of Robert Heinlein's stories, novels, and nonfiction writing, plus a selection of his personal correspondence, was announced by Meisha Merlin Publishing in April 2005; the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust (which now owns all the Heinlein copyrights) instigated the project. Meisha Merlin went out of business in May 2007 after producing six volumes: I Will Fear No Evil, Time Enough for Love, Starship Troopers, For Us, the Living, The Door into Summer, and Double Star. The Trust has since embarked on an effort to publish the edition itself, having formed the Virginia Edition Publishing Co. for this purpose (see virginia_blog). As was true for the Meisha Merlin effort, individual volumes will not be sold; subscribers must purchase the entire edition.

(NOTE: In July 2007, the Heinlein Prize Trust opened the online Heinlein Archives [see link below], which enables anyone to view the manuscript versions of all Heinlein's works.)



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