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Neal Stephenson

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Neal Stephenson

    Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde, Anathem, and the three-volume historical epic the Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World), as well as Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac. He lives in Seattle, Washington.


Snow Crash (cover).jpg
Snow Crash (1992)
by Neal Stephenson
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

The Diamond Age (cover).jpg



Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

   The Baroque Cycle
       1 The Baroque Cycle (Volume Presentations)
           1 Quicksilver (2003) also appeared as:
               Translation: Quicksilver [German] (2004) 
           2 The Confusion (2004) also appeared as:
               Translation: Confusion [German] (2006) 
           3 The System of the World (2004) also appeared as:
               Translation: Principia [German] (2008) 
       The Baroque Cycle (Book Presentations)
           1 Quicksilver: The Baroque Cycle #1 (2006)
           2 King of the Vagabonds: The Baroque Cycle #2 (2006)
           3 Odalisque: The Baroque Cycle #3 (2006)
           4 The Confusion, Part I: The Baroque Cycle #4 (unpublishedQuestion mark)
           5 The Confusion, Part II: The Baroque Cycle #5 (unpublishedQuestion mark)
           6 Solomon's Gold: The Baroque Cycle #6 (unpublishedQuestion mark)
           7 Currency: The Baroque Cycle #7 (unpublishedQuestion mark)
           8 The System of The World: The Baroque Cycle #8 (unpublishedQuestion mark) 
   The Foreworld Saga
       1 The Mongoliad: Book One (2012) with Mark Teppo and Cooper Moo and Nicole Galland and Erik Bear and Greg Bear and Joseph Brassey
       2 The Mongoliad: Book Two (2012) with Mark Teppo and Cooper Moo and Nicole Galland and Joseph Brassey and Greg Bear and Erik Bear
       3 The Mongoliad: Book Three (2013) with Erik Bear and Joseph Brassey and Greg Bear and Mark Teppo and Cooper Moo and Nicole Galland 


   Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller (1988) also appeared as:
       Variant: Zodiac (1988)
       Translation: Volles Rohr [German] (1989)
       Translation: Zodiac: Un giallo ecoterrorista [Italian] (1998)
       Translation: Zodiac [French] (2002) 
   Snow Crash (1992) also appeared as:
       Translation: Snow Crash [German] (1994)
       Translation: Het Babelvirus [Dutch] (1995)
       Translation: Le samouraï virtuel [French] (1996)
       Translation: Samurai: Nome de Código [Portuguese] (2002)
       Translation: Snow Crash [Hungarian] (2006)
       Translation: Snow crash [French] (2009) 
   Interface (1994) with J. Frederick George also appeared as:
       Variant: Interface (1994) [as by Stephen Bury]
       Translation: Interface: Chi sarà il prossimo presidente degli Stati Uniti? Un nuovo, sensazionale effetto speciale [Italian] (1995) [as by Stephen Bury]
       Translation: Il Presidente «Interface» [Italian] (2002) [as by Stephen Bury]
       Variant: Interface (2002) [as by Frederick George and Neal Stephenson] 
   The Diamond Age (1995) also appeared as:
       Translation: Diamond Age: Die Grenzwelt [German] (1996)
       Translation: L'âge de diamant [French] (1996)
       Translation: Alchemist [Dutch] (1998)
       Translation: La era del diamante [Spanish] (2007) 
   Cryptonomicon (1999) also appeared as:
       Translation: Crytonomicon: Le code Enigma [French] (2000)
       Translation: Cryptonomicon [German] (2001)
       Translation: Le réseau Kinakuta: Cryptonomicon II [French] (2001)
       Translation: Cryptonomicon [Dutch] (2001)
       Translation: Cryptonomicon III: Golgotha [French] (2001)
       Translation: Criptonomicón 1: El Código Enigma [Spanish] (2002)
       Translation: Criptonomicon II: El codigo Pontifex [Spanish] (2005)
       Translation: Criptonomicon III: El codigo Aretusa [Spanish] (2005) 
   Anathem (2008) also appeared as:
       Translation: Anathem [German] (2010) 
   Reamde (2011) also appeared as:
       Translation: Error [German] (2012)
       Translation: Le réseau [French] (2014)
       Translation: La frontière [French] (2014) 
   Seveneves (2015) also appeared as:
       Translation: Amalthea [German] (2015) 
   The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. (2017) with Nicole Galland 


   Seveneves (free sample) (2015) 


   In the Beginning ... Was the Command Line (1999) also appeared as:
       Translation: Die Diktatur des schönen Scheins: wie grafische Oberflächen den Computernutzer entmündigen [German] (2002) 
   Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing (2012) 

Short Fiction

   Snow Crash (excerpt) (1992)
   from Snow Crash: Chapter 1 (1993)
   Snow Crash (excerpt) (1993)
   Spew (1994)
   The Great Simoleon Caper (1995)
   Excerpt from the Third and Last Volume of 'Tribes of the Pacific Coast' (1995)
   Crunch (1998)
   Quicksilver (excerpt) (2002)
   Quicksilver (excerpt) (2002)
   King of The Vagabonds (excerpt) (2003)
   Qdalisque (excerpt) (2006)
   Atmosphaera Incognita (2013)
   Seveneves (free sample) (2015)
   The System of the World (excerpt) (unknown) 


   Blind Secularism (1993)
   In the Kingdom of Mao Bell (selected excerpts) (1994)
   Mother Earth, Mother Board (1996)
   Why I Am a Bad Correspondent (1998)
   "Everything and More" Foreword (2003)
   P.S. (Quicksilver) (2003)
   P.S. (Quicksilver) (2003)
   Slashdot Interview (2004)
   The Salon Interview (2004)
   Turn On, Tune In, Veg Out (2006)
   It's All Geek to Me (2007)
   Gresham College Lecture (2008)
   Note to the Reader (Anathem) (2008)
   Metaphysics in the Royal Society 1715-2010 (2010)
   Innovation Starvation (2011)
   Locked In (2011)
   Arsebestos (2012)
   Introduction (Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing) (2012)
   Time Magazine Article about "Anathem" (2012)
   Under-Constable Proudfoot (2012)
   Preface: Innovation Starvation (Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future) (2014)
   Authors' Note (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.) (2017) with Nicole Galland 

Interviews by This Author

   Neal Stephenson: The Past Through Tomorrow (2004) with Neal Stephenson
   Neal Stephenson: And Now the News (2008) with Neal Stephenson
   Neal Stephenson: Exponential Crisis (2015) with Neal Stephenson 

Interviews with This Author

   A Discussion with Neal Stephenson (unknown) by uncredited
   Transatlantic Interface (1994) by Simon Ings
   Neal Stephenson (1996) by Tanya Brown
   Neal Stephenson: Cyber-Noir? (1996) by David V. Barrett
   Neal Stephenson: Digital Economies of Scale (1997) by Stephen McClelland
   Neal Stephenson: Cryptomancer (1999) by uncredited
   Neal Stephenson: The Past Through Tomorrow (2004) by Neal Stephenson
   Interview: Neal Stephenson (2004) by Andrew Macrae
   Neal Stephenson: And Now the News (2008) by Neal Stephenson
   Feature Interview: Neal Stephenson (2012) by David Barr Kirtley
   The End of Sitting (2012) by Paul Graham Raven and Simon Ings
   Q+A (2013) by Stephen Cass
   Neal Stephenson: Exponential Crisis (2015) by Neal Stephenson 

Non-Genre Titles


   The Big U (1984) also appeared as:
       Translation: Panique à l'université ! [French] (2004)
       Translation: Big U [German] (2005) 
   The Cobweb (1996) with J. Frederick George also appeared as:
       Variant: The Cobweb (1996) [as by Stephen Bury]
       Translation: Cobweb [Italian] (1997) [as by Stephen Bury]
       Translation: CobWeb: Il complotto [Italian] (2000)
       Variant: Cobweb (2006) [as by Frederick George and Neal Stephenson]
       Translation: La Telaraña [Spanish] (2008)
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