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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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List of recommended space opera novels

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Warning, this list contains books which I read a long time ago. They may well be trying for the modern palate.



Perry Rhodan

Perry Rhodan (series):

  1. Enterprise Stardust
  2. The Radiant Dome
  3. Galactic Alarm
  4. Invasion from Space
  5. The Vega Sector
  6. The Secret of the Time Vault
  7. Fortress of the Six Moons
  8. The Galactic Riddle
  9. Quest Through Space and Time
  10. The Ghosts of Gol
  11. The Planet of the Dying Sun
  12. The Rebels of Tuglan
  13. The Immortal Unknown
  14. Venus in Danger
  15. Escape to Venus
  16. Secret Barrier X
  17. The Venus Trap
  18. Menace of the Mutant Master
  19. Mutants Vs. Mutants
  20. The Thrall of Hypno
  21. The Cosmic Decoy
  22. The Fleet of the Springers
  23. Peril on Ice Planet
  24. Infinity Flight
  25. Snowman in Flames
  26. Cosmic Traitor
  27. Planet of the Gods
  28. The Plague of Oblivion
  29. A World Gone Mad
  30. To Arkon!
  31. Realm of the Tri-Planets
  32. Challenge of the Unknown
  33. The Giant's Partner
  34. SOS: Spaceship Titan!
  35. Beware the Microbots
  36. Man and Monster
  37. Epidemic Center: Aralon
  38. Project: Earthsave
  39. The Silence of Gom
  40. Red Eye of Betelgeuse
  41. The Earth Dies
  42. Time's Lonely One
  43. Life Hunt
  44. The Pseudo One
  45. Unknown Sector: Milky Way
  46. Again: Atlan!
  47. Shadow of the Mutant Master
  48. The Dead Live
  49. Solar Assassins
  50. Attack from the Unseen
  51. Return from the Void
  52. Fortress Atlantis
  53. Spybot!
  54. The Blue Dwarfs
  55. The Micro-Techs
  56. Prisoner of Time
  57. A Touch of Eternity
  58. The Guardians
  59. Interlude on Siliko 5
  60. Dimension Search
  61. Death Waits in Semispace
  62. The Last Days of Atlantis
  63. The Tigris Leaps
  64. Ambassadors from Aurigel
  65. Renegades of the Future
  66. The Horror
  67. Crimson Universe
  68. Under the Stars of Druufon
  69. The Bonds of Eternity
  70. Thora's Sacrifice
  71. The Atom Hell of Grautier
  72. Caves of the Druufs
  73. Spaceship of Ancestors
  74. Checkmate: Universe
  75. Planet Topide, Please Reply!
  76. Recruits for Arkon
  77. Conflict Center: Naator
  78. Power Key
  79. The Sleepers
  80. The Columbus Affair
  81. Pucky's Greatest Hour
  82. Atlan in Danger
  83. Ernst Ellert Returns!
  84. Secret Mission: Moluk
  85. Enemy in the Dark
  86. Blazing Sun
  87. The Starless Realm
  88. The Mystery of the Anti
  89. Power's Price
  90. Unleashed Powers
  91. Friend to Mankind
  92. The Target Star
  93. Vagabond of Space
  94. Action: Division 3
  95. The Plasma Monster
  96. Horn: Green
  97. The Phantom Fleet
  98. The Idol from Passa
  99. The Blue System
  100. Desert of Death's Domain
  101. Blockade: Lepso
  102. Spoor of the Antis
  103. False Front
  104. The Man with Two Faces
  105. Wonderflower of Utik
  106. Caller from Eternity
  107. The Emperor and the Monster
  108. Duel Under the Double Sun
  109. The Stolen Spacefleet
  110. Sgt. Robot
  111. Seeds of Ruin
  112. Planet Mechanica
  113. Heritage of the Lizard People
  114. Death's Demand
  115. Saboteurs in A-1
  116. The Psycho Duel
  117. Savior of the Empire
  118. The Shadows Attack

Reading Recommendation

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