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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons ebook and trade paperback available on Amazon (or here).
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
Read free chapters of Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons here
The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
Read free chapters of Dispensing Justice here (or get it here).
Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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List of Fritz's fiction descriptions

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"The Alchemist of Liberty"

The Alchemist of Liberty is a novella wherein the Night Whippoorwill and the Intrepids return to Arbaris to rescue a Shaper family. (e)

"All You Quantum Zombies"

A physics professor is presented with a very unusual proposal by a very old man. (e)

Dispensing Justice

In 1947, a near-Earth supernova's wavefront washes the solar system with cosmic radiation. Thirty seven years later, high school freshman Michael Gurick's father is killed by supervillains. Michael takes up his father's super-identity to seek justice --- or will it be revenge?

Dispensing Justice is a young adult, science fiction novel featuring original superheroes in an alternate history setting. Cover art and interior illustrations by Matt Howarth. It is the first book in the Nova Genesis World series. (e)

Doc Morrow: The Neopolymath

In Doc Morrow: The Neopolymath enter a shiny new alternate history of the 20th Century, one which envisions the year 2000 from a 1950’s Atomic Age science fictional perspective, one with a shiny-spacesuit Atompunk sensibility. It has been a century driven by a deeper Great Depression, three world wars, and a full-out atom-powered race to space. Follow Doc Morrow, “The Neopolymath” and his six companions in an adventure where the seven members of the “Doc Squad” pursue the murderer of Doc's father, The Polymath, from the mile-high towers of Chicago to the underground-tech-Mecca of New Zurich-Geneva, to a final confrontation on the Morrow's asteroid space station in L5-Earth orbit. (e)

"Fortress of Wind and Glass"

Angst Gryphon, an unterpaladin of Trang, is sent to the frontier city Bolt Hole on the Sea of Glass to recover stolen monopole-taps. In the process, Gryphon must work through half-truths and lies to find a way to justice and still fulfill the terms of the contract and recover the goods. (e)

Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons

Where a sufficiently advanced entertainment system is indistinguishable from magic.

Vance Coreman wakes in a bathtub full of ice water fully dressed, with no memory of how he got there or even who he is. He finds a scarlet-skinned and devil-horned woman in neat business attire standing over him telling him he has an appointment with a potential client and to stop lazing around. Miss Doolittle, his secretary, tells him that, yes she is a demon and that his name is Vance Coreman and that he's here to undertake investigations. The client turns out to be a beautiful angel fearful of her sorcerer husband and wanting to recover an artifact before her husband discover that she has stolen it. As Coreman tracks down the brazier he must also find out who he is and why someone trying to kill him.
Parallel Visions: City of Angels, City of Demons is an urban fantasy novel with a twist, and is the first of the Parallel Visions stories featuring Vance Coreman and his quest to uncover his past and those who stole it from him by retracing his path through the varied and fantastical Realms of AMBR. (e)

"Parallel Visions: Shell Game"

Vance Coreman's arrival in the latest AMBR realm puts him on the road and in the sights of a marauders and corporate bounty hunters. (e)

The Red Rook

Penny picks up the story started in Dispensing Justice more or less where it ended on December 7th, 1984.

In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.  (e)

"The Shaper's Daughter"

Wherein a young girl is confronted with her mother's past. (e)

Template:CBW title

Carbon Black World takes a stab at rebooting old pulp thrillers reset in a near-future panopticon semi-dystopian context. (e)

Template:CftN title

The Nexus, or Chronicles from the Nexus, is a transhuman far-future science fiction setting and the first setting that I developed as a writer. It can trace its roots back to mid-to-late 1970s fantasy role playing games I game mastered.  (e)

Template:DMW title

Doc Morrow World is a retro-future science fiction setting. Unlike previous settings, it's roots do not (directly) trace their way back to my role playing experiences. Instead, Doc Morrow World is an explicit attempt to reboot Doc Savage into an alternate history designed to evoke the visions of future past. (e)

Template:NGW title

Nova Genesis World is a superhero science fiction setting and the second setting that I developed as a writer. It can trace its roots back to mid-to-late 1970s superhero role playing games I game mastered. (e)

Template:ParaV title

Parallel Visions is intended to a series of science fiction stories where the setting changes with every story but the main character does not. One of the main reasons that I'm developing it is because I want to revisit SF and fantasy stories. as well as RPG settings as writer that I loved as a reader and/or player. (e)

Template:TangoC title

This is my attempt at a bit of military SF, hopefully, in the tradition of Hammer's Slammers and The Cold Cash War. (e)

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Template:LIVN description (e)

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Template:LIVP description (e)

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