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John Christopher

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(as John Christopher unless noted)

Short Stories

Published in Science Fantasy

  • Monster published in "Science-Fantasy" Summer 1950 as Christopher Samuel Youd
  • Resurrection published in "Science-Fantasy" 4th issue, Spring 1952 as Christopher Samuel Youd
  • Confessional published in "Science Fantasy" 6th issue, Spring 1953 as John Christopher
  • Mr. Kowtshook published in "Science-Fantasy" Spring 1953, 6th Issue as Christopher Samuel Youd
  • Death Sentence published in "Science-Fantasy" March 1954, 7th Issue as Christopher Samuel Youd

Published in Galaxy Science Fiction

  • Socrates published in "Galaxy Science Fiction", SF Digest Magazine, March 1951 as Christopher Youd and as John Christopher in "Beyond Human Ken", edited by Judith Merril 1954
  • Man of Destiny published in "Galaxy Science Fiction", SF Digest Magazine, May 1951 as Christopher Youd
  • The Drop published in "Galaxy Science Fiction", SF Digest Magazine, March 1953 as Christopher Youd

Published in Astounding Science Fiction

  • Colonial published in "Astounding Science Fiction" Volume XLIII No. 2, April 1949
  • Christmas Tree published in "Astounding Science Fiction" Volume XLII No. 6, February 1949 as Christopher Youd

other magazines

1941: Dreamer published in "the pulp magazine" WEIRD TALES, Volume 35 Number 8C, march 1941 as C.S. YOUD
1951: Tree Of Wrath published in "Worlds Beyond Science-Fantasy Fiction", vol 1 #2, Jan. 1951 as Christopher Youd

The Tree illustrated by Quinn published in New Worlds, No 11, Nova publications 1951, Autumn 1951

1952: Breaking point piblished in New Worlds No 15 (Nova publications) May 1952 1953: unknown title published in "The best SF Stories" 3rd Series by Grayson & Grayson 1953

Relativity published in Space SF dig Vol 1 #4 Feb 1953
The prophet published in New Worlds No 20 (Nova publications) March 1953 and in Thrilling Wonder Stories Volume XLII No. 2, June 1953
Breaking Point published in April 1953 issue of "Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader" # 2 and in New Worlds No 15, May 1952
Planet of Change published in "Authentic Science Fiction Monthly" No. 36; Aug. 15, 1953
Blemish published in "Autenthic" No.39 November 1953 as John Christopher

1954: Talent published in 'Nebula' -SF Diges Magazine No 11, December 1954 as John Christopher

Talent for the Future published in "Fantastic Universe", December 1954, Issue Number 11
A Time of Peace published in "Saturn Science Fiction" # 4, 1954
Museum Piece published in "Orbit Science Fiction" Volume 1 No. 2, January 1954 and published in "New Worlds" #22 Vol. 8, No 22. April 1954
Aristotle published in "Authentic Science Fiction Monthly" No. 42, Feb. 15, 1954
Escape Route published in "New Worlds", June 1954, 24th Issue
Vacation published in "IF Worlds of Science Fiction" November 1954 /Vol. 4, #3 as John Christopher

1955: unknown title published in "British Digest New Worlds SF" #33 March 1955

Decoy published in "Science Fiction Stories", July 1955

1956: The Gardener published in "Tales of the frightened" ghost-edited by Michael Avallone, Vol 1 No 1 1956
1963: The Drop published in "Gateway To Tomorrow" edited by John Carnell, published by Panther 1963
1965: A Few Kindred Spirits published in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction", November 1965 Vol 29 No 5
1967: The Little People published in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" (Volume 32 #1 (Whole #188)) January 1967 - No. 3, March 1967)

Communication Problem published in "Beyond Infinity" Volume 1, Number 1. November - December 1967. Published by I. D. Publications Inc., Hollywood, California.

1969: Ringing Tone published in "The tenth PAN Book of Horror Stories" edited by Herbert van Thal 1969
1972: Specimen published in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" (Volume 43 #6 (Whole #259)) December 1972
1973: Christmas Roses published in "world zero minus" edited by Aidan and Nancy chambers 1973
1974: The Long Night published in "Galaxy" October 1974 1977: Summer's Lease published in "The best of britisch SF 1" published by Orbit books 1977

The new wine published in "The Best Science Fiction Stories" as John Christopher, 42 stories, 750 pages

1982: Blemish published in "In time to come" by Aidan and Nancy Chambers (ISBN 333143701)and in Science fiction (11 SHORT STORIES) chosen by James Gibson published by John Murray (ISBN 0719535026)
1988: Of Polymuf Stock published in "Science Fiction Stories" (Anthology of 20 Science Fiction stories chosen by Edward Blishen), published by Kingfisher Books 1988

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