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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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F. M. Busby

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Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

       1 Cage a Man (1973)
       2 The Proud Enemy (1975)
       3 End of the Line (1980)
       Cage a Man (1973) [SF]
       The Learning of Eeshta (1973) [SF]
       The Demu Trilogy (1980) [O/1,2,3] 
   Rissa Kerguelen and Bran Tregare
           1 Star Rebel (1984)
           2 Rebel's Quest (1985)
           3 The Alien Debt (1984)
           4 Rebels' Seed (1986)
           The Rebel Dynasty, Volume I (1987) [O/1,2]
           The Rebel Dynasty, Volume II (1988) [O/3,4] 
       Rissa Kerguelen
           1 Rissa Kerguelen (1976)
           2 The Long View (1976)
           3 Zelde M'Tana (1980)
           Rissa Kerguelen (omnibus) (1977) [O/1,2] 
   Slow Freight
       1 Slow Freight (1991)
       2 Arrow from Earth (1995)
       3 The Triad Worlds (1996) 


   All These Earths (1978)
   The Breeds of Man (1988)
   The Singularity Project (1993)
   Islands of Tomorrow (1994) 


   Getting Home (1987) 

Magazine Editor Series

   Cry of the Nameless
       Cry of the Nameless - 1958 (Fanzine) (1958) with Elinor Busby and Burnett Toskey and Wally Weber
       Cry of the Nameless - 1959 (Fanzine) (1959) with Elinor Busby and Burnett Toskey and Wally Weber 


   If This Is Winnetka, You Must Be Judy (1992) 

Short Fiction Series

   Jay Pearsall
       Pearsall's Return (1973)
       Search (1976)
       Nobody Home (1977)
       Never So Lost ... (1977) 


   A Gun for Grandfather (1957)
   Of Mice and Otis (1972)
   The Puiss of Krrlik (1972)
   Here, There, and Everywhere (1972)
   Proof (1972)
   The Real World (1972)
   Once Upon a Unicorn (1973)
   Three Tinks on the House (1973)
   2000½ - A Spaced Oddity (1973)
   Play It Again, Sam (1973)
   Road Map (1973)
   Tell Me All About Yourself (1973)
   I'm Going to Get You (1974)
   Getting Home (1974)
   What Was That? (1974)
   Collateral (1974)
   Time of Need (1974)
   Retroflex (1974)
   If This Is Winnetka, You Must Be Judy (1974)
   Misconception (1975)
   The Signing of Tulip (1975)
   Advantage (1975)
   Epilogue (Rissa Kerguelen) (1977)
   Prologue (Rissa Kerguelen) (1977)
   Backspace (1977)
   Come to the Party (1978) with Frank Herbert
   First Person Plural (1980)
   Balancing Act (1981)
   Backup System (1981)
   Wrong Number (1981)
   Stormer (1982)
   For a Daughter (1982)
   Dibs on Earth (1982)
   Before the Seas Came (1983)
   Mars is Monotonous (1984)
   The Absence of Tom Leone (1987)
   Where Credit Is Due (1989)
   Where Are You, Guy de Maupassant, Now That We Need You? (1990)
   Eden Regained (1991)
   Conquest (1991)
   The Implanted Man (1991)
   Tundra Moss (1991)
   Quantum Bleep: The Catagorical Imperative (1993) 

Essay Series

   Locus Obituary
       Alan E. Nourse (1992) with Charles N. Brown [only as by F. M. Busby and C. N. Brown ] 
   Read This
       Read This (NYRSF, May 1993) (1993) 


   Letter (Science Fiction Stories, May 1959) (1959)
   The Voter's Primer (1961)
   Return of the Plow: The SF Field Turned Over by "Renfrew Pemberton" (1966)
   The Plow Revisited (1967) [only as by Buz Busby ]
   Opinion 21: Not Much Resemblance? (1969) [only as by Buz Busby ]
   The Plough Shall Rise Again (1969)
   The Science Fiction Field Ploughed Under (1969)
   From Competition 8: Near-Miss SF Titles (1974)
   Reading Heinlein Subjectively ... The Reaction (1974) [only as by Buz Busby ]
   Letter (The Diversifier #12) (1976)
   Questions! (1976) [only as by Buz Busby ]
   Letter (Science Fiction Review #22) (1977)
   Letter (Locus #216) (1978)
   Introduction (The Humanoids) (1980)
   Letter (Locus #230) (1980)
   Author's Note (The Learning of Eeshta) (1980)
   Letter (Locus #238) (1980)
   My Two Cents' Worth (1981)
   Letter (Locus #268) (1983)
   Letter (Science Fiction Review #48) (1983)
   Letter (Science Fiction Review #50) (1984)
   Letter (Locus #280) (1984)
   untitled (The Faces of Science Fiction) (1984)
   Letter (Science Fiction Review #54) (1985) [only as by Buz Busby ]
   Letter (Science Fiction Review #58) (1986)
   Introduction (Getting Home) (1987)
   Remembrances (Dune) (1987)
   Letter (Locus #329) (1988)
   Response to "The New Generation Gap" (1989)
   Choices (1992)
   Letter (Locus #392) (1993)
   Introduction: The Last Wizard and Revenge of the Cat-Lady (1998)
   A Fan to Appreciate (2004)
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