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David Weber

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Published works

Many of Weber's books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the Baen Free Library or, in the case of more recent books, in the form of sample chapters (typically the first 25-33% of the work). Where the links below include '/library/' in the URL, they are the whole text of the book. Weber's publisher, Baen Books, is a pioneer in the sale of books in various electronic formats and all the linked titles below can be downloaded for payment if they are not available for free.

The hardback edition of War of Honor contained "The Honorverse CD", a compilation of texts which amongst other things held electronic copies of the entire Honor series to that point (including the anthologies up to Changer of Worlds). The CD label explicitly states that the contents are freely distributable and the CD itself has been mirrored on various websites. This CD was only the first: there have now been seven other CDs released by Baen with different books.

Honor Harrington series

(Note: External links are to online copies of the books at two sites run by Baen Books: baen.com and webscription.net. The complete and unabridged ebooks from the At All Costs CD are also available online.
Worlds of Honor collections

Short stories related to the Honor Harrington Series - edited by David Weber

Novels related to the Honor Harrington series

Heirs of Empire series

War God series

Other novels

Safehold series


Steve White

These books are based on the Starfire games.

John Ringo

Empire of Man series.

With Eric Flint

In the 1632 series:

In the Honor Harrington series:

With Linda Evans

Multiverse series.

(Note: The complete and unabridged ebooks from the "Hell Hath No Fury" CD are also available online.

Bibliography from ISFDB

Fiction Series

   * Assiti Shards
         o Assiti Shards (1632)
               + 163x
                     # 2 1633 (2002) with Eric Flint
                     # 6 1634: The Baltic War (2007) with Eric Flint 
   * Bolo
         o Miles to Go (1995)
         o Bolo! (2005)
         o Old Soldiers (2005) 
   * Empire of Man
         o 1 March Upcountry (2001) with John Ringo
         o 2 March to the Sea (2001) with John Ringo
         o 3 March to the Stars (2003) with John Ringo
         o 4 We Few (2005) with John Ringo 
   * Fifth Imperium
         o Empire from the Ashes (2003) [O/1,2,3]
         o 1 Mutineers' Moon (1991)
         o 2 The Armageddon Inheritance (1993)
         o 3 Heirs of Empire (1996) 
   * Hell's Gate
         o 1 Hell's Gate (2006) with Linda Evans
         o 2 Hell Hath No Fury (2007) with Linda Evans 
   * Honor Harrington Universe
         o A Beautiful Friendship (1998)
         o Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington (2001) [SF]
         o Changer of Worlds (2001) [SF]
         o Nightfall (2001) [SF]
         o Crown of Slaves (2003) with Eric Flint 
         o Honor Harrington
               + 1 On Basilisk Station (1993)
               + 2 The Honor of the Queen (1993)
               + 3 The Short Victorious War (1994)
               + 4 Field of Dishonor (1994)
               + 5 Flag in Exile (1995)
               + 6 Honor Among Enemies (1996)
               + 7 In Enemy Hands (1997)
               + 8 Echoes of Honor (1998)
               + 9 Ashes of Victory (2000)
               + 10 War of Honor (2002)
               + 11 At All Costs (2005) 
         o The Saganami Island
               + 1 The Shadow of Saganami (2004)
               + 2 Storm from the Shadows [forthcoming: Mar 03 2009] 
   * Hrandani/War God
         o 1 Oath of Swords (1995)
         o 2 The War God's Own (1998)
         o 3 Wind Rider's Oath (2004) 
   * Safehold
         o 1 Off Armageddon Reef (2007)
         o 2 By Schism Rent Asunder (2008) 
   * Starfire
         o The Stars at War (2004) [O/2,3] with Steve White
         o The Stars at War II (2005) [O/1,4 (expanded)] with Steve White
         o 1 Insurrection (1990) with Steve White
         o 2 Crusade (1992) with Steve White
         o 3 In Death Ground (1997) with Steve White
         o 4 The Shiva Option (2002) with Steve White 


   * Path of the Fury (1992)
         o Variant Title: In Fury Born (expanded) (2006) 
   * The Apocalypse Troll (1999)
   * The Excalibur Alternative (2002)
   * Insurrection (revised and expanded) (2005) with Steve White 


   * Worlds of Weber (2008) 

Anthology Series

   * Honor Harrington Universe
         o Honor Harrington Anthologies
               + 1 More than Honor (1998) with David Drake and S. M. Stirling
               + 2 Worlds of Honor (1999)
               + 3 Changer of Worlds (2001) with Eric Flint
               + 4 The Service of the Sword (2003) 


   * The Warmasters (2002) with Eric Flint and David Drake 

Nonfiction Series

   * Honor Harrington Universe
         o Honor Harrington Reference
               + Jayne's Intelligence Review - The Havenite Republican Navy (unknown) with Thomas Pope and Ken Burnside
               + Jayne's Intelligence Review - The Royal Manticoran Navy (unknown) with Thomas Pope and Ken Burnside 


   * Field of Dishonor (excerpt) (1994)
   * A Certain Talent (1996)
   * The Captain from Kirkbean (1998)
   * What Price Dreams? (1999)
   * The Hard Way Home (1999)
   * Sir George and the Dragon (2001)
   * 1633 (excerpt) (2002) with Eric Flint
   * The Service of the Sword (2003)
   * Wind Rider's Oath (excerpt) (2004)
   * In the Navy (2004)
   * Web of Deception (2004)
   * At All Costs (excerpt) (2005)
   * Hell's Gate (excerpt) (2006) with Linda Evans
   * Hell's Gate(Excerpt) (2006) with Linda Evans 


   * Introduction (Bran Mak Morn) (1996)
   * The Universe of Honor Harrington (1998)
   * Appendices (The War God's Own) (1999)
   * Preface (Odyssey) (2002)
   * Introduction (Interstellar Patrol) (2003)
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