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DJ reviews

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Dispensing Justice (cover).png
When high school freshman Michael Gurrick's father is killed by supervillains, he takes up his father's supersuit and seeks justice (or will it be vengeance?) against his father's killers. (e)

DJ reviews

Reviews listed in chronological order.

Jenny's mini-review[edit]

Posted December 14th, 2011

Dispensing Justice – a superhero tale told in an alternative 80s world, this book moves fast and is full of delicious fight scenes. Part of the joy for older readings is finding 80s pop-culture references, but younger readers will love it just the same for the characters and actions. Recommended for YA readers who love superheros, the 80s, and saving the day. You’re welcome to read the first chapter for free.

Paul Turnbull's review[edit]

Review of Dispensing Justice by Paul Turnbull -- 5 stars at Amazon -- 2011/12/21

     First, full disclosure, the author is a long time friend of mine. It is a strange feeling when a good friend becomes one of your favorite authors.
     I expected this to be a fun book and a quick read and it certainly was, but it turned out to be so much better than I bargained for. The superhero genre and science fiction in general has a long history of producing books that are fun to read and nothing more. I was amazed to find that my eyes were tearing up at the end of the story and I almost wanted to stand up and cheer for the hero.
     The author is well read in the genre and pays homage to some of the greats without coming off as a parody. Like old school science fiction, the setting becomes almost like another character that is developed through the course of the story.
     There's greatness on so many levels in this book. I liked the short chapter, serial like, format. I enjoyed the references to gaming and 80's pop culture. I especially liked that the story is a classic, coming of age, type story in a sci-fi/superhero wrapper. It was a quick read, which is important for someone like me that just doesn't have time to read for pleasure anymore.
     It's the action sequences where the author stands apart from the average writer these days. It was like there was a graphic novel playing in my imagination.
     The characters are fun and engaging. I really hope the series catches on in a big way because there are going to be interesting things happening with the dynamics of the group the author has created. After finishing the book I had that feeling of honest regret that a person has when they know they won't be seeing a friend again for awhile.
     I could have spent the five bucks on a hot and ready pizza. I'm so glad I downloaded this story instead.

-- Paul Turnbull

Bob Brill's review[edit]

Bob is a friend and fellow writer. Here's his review of Dispensing Justice. -- Fritz 11:31, 23 December 2011 EST

     I'm way beyond the age of the intended audience for Dispensing Justice, so I know almost nothing about the current genre of young adult action adventure. However, this story reconnected me with that long ago time when I was totally absorbed in the world of comic books that displayed the doings of superheroes and supervillains. Author Fritz Freiheit is well positioned to be one of the genre's keenest writers, still in tune with his childhood passions, yet mature enough to bring the genre forward for today's young readers. In my day female characters were planted in the stories as helpless victims to be rescued by male superheroes. In Dispensing Justice the girls and ladies are well portrayed as superheroes (and supervillains too). No shrinking violets here.
     I had a good time reading this story. The action is fast paced, no long explanatory passages, and the narrative is spiced with humor and a youthful, zesty spirit. Although the young heroes take on adult responsibilities, they are still kids. When they are not fighting supervillains, they indulge in the latest role playing games. Early in the story superhero in training, Michael Gurick, wonders whether he can fit into the crime-fighting suit, both physically and metaphorically, of his deceased superhero father. When he is shot out of a cannon on his way to face his first adult challenge, his childish thought is, "It was better than the best amusement park ride. Ever."
     This is the first of a forthcoming series called the Nova Genesis World. This sparkling tale is an auspicious beginning for the series, a treat for the young reader and the young at heart.

-- Bob Brill  (e)

DJ is the acronym for the Nova Genesis novel Dispensing Justice, the first novel in Fritz Freiheit's Nova Genesis SF superhero world. (e)


In 1947, a near-Earth supernova's wavefront washes the solar system with cosmic radiation. Thirty seven years later, high school freshman Michael Gurick's father is killed by supervillains. Michael takes up his father's super-identity to seek justice --- or will it be revenge?

Dispensing Justice is a young adult, science fiction novel featuring original superheroes in an alternate history setting. Cover art and interior illustrations by Matt Howarth. It is the first book in the Nova Genesis World series. (e)

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