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Comments prompted by Downbelow Station review

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Right up front I have to say that I haven't read Downbelow Station (1981) in well over twenty five years and I remember nearly nothing about it except that I liked it. It is in my reread stack, though. Despite my lack any coherent memory of Downbelow Station it is one of the novels that I regularly recommend. I've been trying to think of how I can say much, given the circumstances. As you pointed out, it's military SF, with strategic maneuvering of the combatants.

I think Downbelow Station was the third C. J. Cherryh novel that I read (following Gate of Ivrel and Merchanter's Luck) and almost certainly the first military SF that I read by female author (I say this because I consider Cherryh to be one of the better military SF authors regardless of her gender).

Thus I'm going to make this about military SF and military fantasy that I've read relatively recently.

Variations on military stories have a lot to do with viewpoint.

  • Soldier's perspective
  • Ship or Ship's Captain's perspective
  • Special forces' perspective
  • Strategic perspective
  • Tactical perspective
  • The Resistance or Guerilla's perspective
  • Invasions
  • Mixed Perspectives

One of the most common is from the perspective of the grunt.

Another common viewpoint is from the perspective of a starship captain.

I'll round up with some stories that might be considered Military SF.

I've marked my picks. Mostly this is because I liked it, but sometimes it's because it's genre/sub-genre defining, like Starship Troopers.

Soldier's Perspective


Special Forces' Perspective

Ship's or Ship's Captain's Perspective

Strategic Perspective

Tactical Perspective

The Resistance Perspective


Mixed Perspective

Possible Military SF

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