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The cliffhanger is the ending of an act, chapter, serial, novel, or some other discrete episode of story telling in such a way as to leave the action dramatically unfinished. For example, at the end of A Princess of Mars John Carter's love Deja Thoris is trapped in a room that is slowly rotating, so slowly that the opening will be closed for a year. --(Source: Fritz Freiheit) (e)

Lists of Cliffhangers


From Cliff Hanger at TvTropes:

A Cliff Hanger ends an act, episode, or even a whole season with some or all of the main characters in peril of some kind and the audience is made to wait for the outcome. Typically the smaller the amount of time the viewer is made to wait, the smaller the seeming peril.

A Cliff Hanger can also be centered around surprising revelations; either one just made, or one being saved for the 'hanger's resolution.

Named for the old Saturday matinée film serials which would frequently leave a character literally hanging from the side of a cliff, revealing how the character escaped in the next episode.

The season type of 'hanger has a flaw: if the show gets canceled, the 'hanger stays unresolved. A few such 'hangers are listed below. This is not to be confused with a Bolivian Army Ending at TvTropes, which is an intentionally unresolved cliffhanger as an ending. If this happens, the cliffhanger may be resolved in a movie or miniseries later on. Or, it may not... and that's why we have Fan Fiction.

Stories need not end with just one cliffhanger; there can be one for every independent plot thread if the writers think the audience will stand for it.

There are quite a few sub-types of 'hangers, as stated above:

Thriller Trope (category) (e)

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