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Charles Stross

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Charles Stross

    Charles David George "Charlie" Stross is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His works range from science fiction and Lovecraftian horror to fantasy.

Stross is sometimes regarded as being part of a new generation of British science fiction writers who specialise in hard science fiction and space opera. His contemporaries include Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams, and Richard Morgan.


Debut novel:

Laundry Files series[edit]

Laundry Files:

The Merchant Princes series[edit]

Stand-alone novels

Charles Stross in March 2013 at DortCon Dortmund, Germany

Eschaton series

Stross has announced that he is very unlikely to write a third book in this series.[2]

The Laundry Files

A series of science fiction spy thrillers about Bob Howard (a pseudonym taken for security purposes), a one-time I.T. consultant, now field agent working for British government agency "the Laundry", which deals with occult threats. Influenced by Lovecraft's visions of the future, and set in a world where a computer and the right mathematical equations is just as useful a tool-set for calling up horrors from other dimensions as a spell-book and a pentagram on the floor.

Stross also authorised, but did not author, an official role-playing game, The Laundry (2010, ISBN 1-907204-93-8, Gareth Hanrahan, published by Cubicle 7)[8][9] and a number of supplements based on the "Bob Howard – Laundry" series.[10] The system uses an adaptation of the Call of Cthulhu RPG rules (under licence from Chaosium).

Merchant Princes series

The Merchant Princes is a series in which some humans have an ability to travel between parallel Earths, which have differing levels of technology. This series is science fiction, even though it was originally marketed by the publisher as fantasy. It was originally intended to be a trilogy, but at the end the writing of the first novel, the publisher requested that it be split for shorter length, and this length carried over to the other novels. The first three books were collectively nominated for and won the Sidewise Award for Alternate History in 2007.

  • The Family Trade (2004, ISBN 0-7653-0929-7)
  • The Hidden Family (2005, ISBN 0-7653-1347-2)
  • The Clan Corporate (2006, ISBN 0-7653-0930-0)
  • The Merchants' War (2007, ISBN 0-7653-1671-4)
  • The Revolution Business (2009, ISBN 0-7653-1672-2)
  • The Trade of Queens (2010, ISBN 0-7653-1673-0)

The six books were later re-edited back into the originally intended form as three longer novels.[11] The new books were released in the UK beginning in April 2013,[12] and in DRM-free format in the United States in January 2014.Template:Cn

  • The Bloodline Feud ISBN 978-1447237617 (contains The Family Trade and The Hidden Family)
  • The Traders' War ISBN 978-1447237624 (contains The Clan Corporate and The Merchants' War)
  • The Revolution Trade ISBN 978-1447237648 (contains The Revolution Business and The Trade of Queens)

In January 2013 Tor announced a new Merchant Princes trilogy.[13]

Halting State series

Science-fiction/crime novels set 'fifteen minutes in the future' which concentrate on life in the early 21st century, and how innovations in policing, surveillance, economics, computer games, the internet, memes and other inventions may change our lives in the future. The series was originally planned to be a trilogy but Stross claimed his current plot idea were mooted by the Snowden revelations and he was no longer planning a third book.[14]

  • Halting State (2007, ISBN 978-0-441-01498-9)[15]
  • Rule 34 (2011, ISBN 978-0-441-02034-8)
  • The Lambda Functionary (working title- planned for 2014[1])(cancelled on 9 December 2013[14] )

Saturn's Children series

Stross's space opera series, featuring the android society that develops after the extinction of humanity.

Omnibus titles

The Science Fiction Book Club has published omnibus editions in the US that combine two books, without new material.

  • Timelike Diplomacy (2004; combines Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise)
  • On Her Majesty's Occult Service (2007, combines The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue)


  • Toast: And Other Rusted Futures (2002, ISBN 1-58715-413-7) available online, containing
    • "Toast: A Con Report” (Interzone, August 1998)
    • “Extracts from the Club Diary” (Odyssey 3, 1998)
    • “Ship of Fools” (Interzone 98, June 1995)
    • “Dechlorinating the Moderator” (Interzone 101, 1996)
    • “Yellow Snow” (Interzone 37, July 1990)
    • “Lobsters” (Asimov’s SF Magazine, June 2001); Best Novelette nominee, 2002 Hugo Awards[17]
    • "Antibodies" (Interzone 157, July 2000)
    • "Bear Trap" (Spectrum SF 1, January 2000)
    • "A Colder War" (Spectrum SF 3, August 2000) available online
  • Wireless: The Essential Charles Stross (2009, ISBN 978-0-441-01719-5), containing
    • "Rogue Farm" (Live Without a Net, 2003, edited by Lou Anders, ISBN 978-0-451-45945-9)
    • "Unwirer" with Cory Doctorow (ReVisions, 2004 edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel, ISBN 978-0-7564-0240-2)
    • "MAXOS" (Stross, Charles; Haafkens, Caroline; Mohammed, Wasiu (25 August 2005). "MAXO signals". Nature 436 (7504): 1206. DOI:10.1038/4361206a. )
    • "Missile Gap" (One Million A.D., 2005, edited by Gardner Dozois, ISBN 978-0-7394-6273-7)
    • "Snowball's Chance" (Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction, 2005, edited by Neil Williamson and Andrew J. Wilson, ISBN 978-1-84183-086-5)
    • "Trunk and Disorderly" (Asimov's Science Fiction, 2007)
    • "Down on the Farm" (Tor.com, 2008) available online
    • "Palimpsest"; Best Novella winner, 2010 Hugo Awards[18]

Short fiction


  • The Web Architect's Handbook (1996, ISBN 0-201-87735-X)

Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

   Halting State
       1 Halting State (2007)
       2 Rule 34 (2011) 
       1 The Atrocity Archive (2001) also appeared as:
           The Atrocity Archive (Part 1 of 3) (2001)
           The Atrocity Archive (Part 2 of 3) (2002)
           The Atrocity Archive (Part 3 of 3) (2002) 
       2 The Jennifer Morgue (2006)
       3 The Fuller Memorandum (2010)
       4 The Apocalypse Codex (2012)
       5 The Rhesus Chart (2014)
       The Atrocity Archives (2004) [O/1+nva]
       The Concrete Jungle (2004) [SF]
       Pimpf (2006) [SF] [also as by Charlie Stross ]
       On Her Majesty's Occult Service (2006) [O/1-2+nva+nt]
       Down on the Farm (2008) [SF]
       Overtime (2009) [SF]
       Equoid (2013) [SF]
       Three Tales from the Laundry Files (2014) [C] 
   Saturn's Children
       1 Saturn's Children (2008)
       2 Neptune's Brood (2013)
       Bit Rot (2011) [SF] 
   Singularity Sky
       1 Singularity Sky (2003)
       2 Iron Sunrise (2004)
       Timelike Diplomacy (2004) [O/1-2] 
   The Merchant Princes
       1 The Family Trade (2004)
       2 The Hidden Family (2005)
       3 The Clan Corporate (2006)
       4 The Merchants' War (2007)
       5 The Revolution Business (2009)
       6 The Trade of Queens (2010)
       The Bloodline Feud (2013) [O/1,2]
       The Traders' War (2013) [O/3,4]
       The Revolution Trade (2013) [O/5,6] 


   Accelerando (2005)
   Glasshouse (2006)
   Scratch Monkey (2011)
   The Rapture of the Nerds (2012) with Cory Doctorow 


   Toast (2002)
   Wireless (2009) 


   Approaching Xanadu (1989)
   Lobsters (2002)
   A Colder War (2005)
   Antibodies (2005)
   Missile Gap (2007)
   Down on the Farm (2008)
   Overtime (2009)
   Palimpsest (2011)
   Equoid (2013) 


   The Web Architect's Handbook (1996)
   Japan 2007 (2007) 

Short Fiction Series

   Macx Family
       1 Lobsters (2001)
       2 Troubadour (2001)
       3 Tourist (2002)
       4 Halo (2002)
       5 Router (2002)
       6 Nightfall (2003)
       7 Curator (2003)
       8 Elector (2004)
       9 Survivor (2004) 
   Ancient of Days
       1 Ancient of Days (1992)
       2 Red, Hot and Dark (1993) 
   Warhammer Universe
       Warhammer 40,000
           Monastery of Death (1990) 


   In Search of a Fergussen Event (1985)
   The Boys (1987)
   In the Dream Time (1988)
   The Reavers and the Dead (1989) [only as by Charles Davidson ]
   Generation Gap (1989)
   Approaching Xanadu (1989)
   Yellow Snow (1990)
   Something Sweet (1991) with Simon Ings [only as by Charles Stross and Simon D. Ings ]
   SEAQ and Destroy (1991)
   Examination Night (1992)
   The Midlist Bombers (1992)
   Tolkowsky's Cut (1993) with Simon Ings
   Ship of Fools (1995)
   Dechlorinating the Moderator (1996)
   A Boy and His God (1997)
   Extracts from the Club Diary (1998)
   TOAST: A Con Report (1998)
   Extracts from the Club Diary: 1889 to 2019 (1998)
   Bear Trap (2000)
   A Colder War (2000)
   Antibodies (2000)
   Big Brother Iron (2002)
   Jury Service (2002) with Cory Doctorow
   Rogue Farm (2003)
   Flowers from Alice (2003) with Cory Doctorow
   The Rapture of the Nerds: Jury Duty and Appeals Court (2004) with Cory Doctorow
   Unwirer (2004) with Cory Doctorow
   The Clan Corporate (excerpt) (2005)
   Snowball's Chance (2005)
   MAXO Signals (2005) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: MAXO Signals: A New and Unfortunate Solution to the Fermi Paradox (2007)
       Variant Title: MAXOS (2009) 
   Remade (2005)
   Missile Gap (2005)
   M*ss*g* *n * t*m* c*ps*l* (2006)
   Trunk and Disorderly (2007)
   Minutes of the Labour Party Conference, 2016 (2007)
   Halting State (excerpt) (2008)
   Palimpsest (2009)
   A Bird in the Hand (2011)
   A Tall Tail (2012) 


   Expressing Myself (1985)
   Letter (Focus 11) (1985)
   Letter (Vector 154) (1990) with Simon Ings
   Myths, Computers and Cyberpunk (1990)
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   Afterword: The Golden Age of Spying (2006)
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   Japan 2007 (2007)
   Vorwort (Blutmusik) (2008)
   Introduction (Wireless) (2009)
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   Greg Bear and Lewis Shiner (1989) with Greg Bear and Lewis Shiner
   Charles Stross: Exploring Distortions (2003)
   Charles Stross: Fast Forward (2005)
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   Charles Stross: Contrarian (2011)
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