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Alchemistry (Nexus)

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Alchemistry (Nexus)

Nanotechnology. Some forms of alchemistry are mediated by tech, other forms are meant to operate in the dimlands or during an interregnum and not need the mediation of Monoliths. (e)

Related terms


A practitioner of alchemistry. (e)

alchemical ecology

The alchemistry permeating an organism's tissue, both inter- and intra-cellular. (e)


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Alchemy is the process of alchemistry. (e)


The alchemical substance used in biotanks providing a source of materials for alchemical reactions and heat sink for the waste heat of those reactions. (e)


Biological tank. Commonly used in medtech for repairing biological systems, such as humans. (e)

bloom (alchemical)

A run-away alchemical process, typically occurring in life support systems. (e)


Alchemical protective or regenerative potion, typically infused throughout an organism. (e)


Applied technology for manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level. In the context of Chronicles from the Nexus and the Glossary Nexium, alchemistry and nanotechnology are basically synonymous. (e)


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quash (alchemical)

Quash is an alchemical substance used to suppress or neutralize other alchemical substances activity. (e)

quash pit

A quash pit is a reservoir of quash kept on hand for emergency suppression of alchemical substances or artifacts. (e)

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Alchemistry (Nexus) (category) (e)

Alchemistry (Nexus) (category) (e)

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