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Captain Future and the Space Emperor

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Captain Future and the Space Emperor

    President Carthew was in his office when the monster appeared - a giant, hunched creature, bizarrely hideous...The President gaped as a guard appeared in the doorway and pointed his weapon at the fanged being.

"Don't shoot!" Carthew cried, but too late. The beast lay dead on the floor.

Carthew sighed deeply as he confirmed his fears. The corpse on the floor was Sperling, his best secret agent, transformed into this hairy brute by the dread peril that threatened to destroy them all.

Only one man left alive might be able to ward of off total doom. The President flashed an emergency call for Captain Future...

Author:Edmond Hamilton
Genre:Science Fiction
Tags:Publication, Book, Novel, Pulp, Space Opera, Captain Future, Captain Future (series), Influenced by Doc Savage, Android Character, Robot Character, Pick, Novel Pick, SF Pick, Space Opera Pick, Pulp Pick
Read:2017, 1970s
Characters:Captain Future (e)
Viewpoint:Third Person
Series:Captain Future
  1. Captain Future and the Space Emperor (1940/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  2. Calling Captain Future (1940/1969)
  3. Captain Future's Challenge (1940/1969)
  4. The Triumph of Captain Future (1940) / Galaxy Mission (1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  5. Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones (1941) by Edmond Hamilton
  6. Star Trail to Glory (1941) by Edmond Hamilton
  7. The Magician of Mars (1941/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  8. The Lost World of Time (1941) by Edmond Hamilton
  9. Quest Beyond the Stars (1942/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  10. Outlaws of the Moon (1941/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  11. The Comet Kings (1942/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  12. Planets in Peril (1942/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  13. The Face of the Deep (1943/2011) by Edmond Hamilton
  14. Worlds to Come (1943) by William Morrison
  15. The Star of Dread (1943) by Edmond Hamilton
  16. Magic Moon (1944) by Edmond Hamilton
  17. The Tenth Planet (1969) / Days of Creation (1944) by William Morrison
  18. Red Sun of Danger (1945) / Danger Planet (1968/2014) by Edmond Hamilton
  19. Outlaw World (1946/1969) by Edmond Hamilton
  20. The Solar Invasion (1946/1968) by Manly Wade Wellman
  21. The Return of Captain Future (1950) by Edmond Hamilton
  22. Children of the Sun (1950) by Edmond Hamilton
  23. The Harpers of Titan (1950) by Edmond Hamilton
  24. Pardon My Iron Nerves (1950) by Edmond Hamilton
  25. Moon of the Unforgotten (1951) by Edmond Hamilton
  26. Earthmen No More (1951) by Edmond Hamilton
  27. Birthplace of Creation (1951) by Edmond Hamilton
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Captain Future:
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