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Bobiverse (series)

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Bobiverse (series)

    Bob, after being run down in the prime of his life, wakes up in the future as a mind cloned into A.I. His adventure is only beginning as he finds himself as the mind and sole occupant of a self-replicating interstellar exploratory ship.

Author:Dennis E. Taylor
Genre:Science Fiction, Space Opera
Tags:Series, Read, Pick, Series Pick, SF Pick, Space Opera Pick, New Space Opera Pick, Bobiverse (series), Space Opera, New Space Opera, AI, AI Character, Mental Clone, Uploading, VR, First Contact, Von Neumann Machine, Multiple First Person, Read as Audiobook, Pick, Novel Pick, SF Pick, Space Opera Pick, New Space Opera Pick
Pick Comment:

I think the Bobiverse has a great one-two punch of delivering a fun space opera story. The writing is good without being flowery, with lots a dialogue and well reasoned worldbuilding. What makes it really snap pop and crackle is the narrator, who takes on the difficult task of a multiple first person narrative where at least half of the characters are the same character. Or, they are all derived from the same character. Which brings us to the one big idea, that is, recording and transferring a dead human's mind to a computer, then sending that computer out as sub-light exploration ships that are self-replicating Von Neumann machines. A lot of the cachet of the stories comes from the pop-culture references, which, at least for me, not too heavy handed. It strongly reminds me of Ready Player One in this sense. The space operatic elements come from the exploration, which works well because the people doing the exploration are synonymous with their ships and are effectively immortal, barring cosmic violence or war. It reminds me a bit of the Professor Jameson stories in this way (brains in robotic bodies exploring the universe).

If there are any drawbacks to the Bobiverse series, it might be the amount time given to a band of primitive aliens the one of the Bobs becomes fascinated with in the first book. It wasn't bad, just a tad different focus and a possible distraction to the main story. On the other hand, it does provide Taylor with an opportunity to maintain a "human touch" to a bunch of immortal machines.

I've read the first three books of the Bobiverse trilogy and am planning re-reading them as preface to reading the fourth. I've also read one other book by Dennis E. Taylor, The Singularity Trap, a standalone novel that explores the Fermi Paradox. It wasn't quite as good as the Bobiverse books, but it was fun read that wound up on pick list.

For what it's worth, I recommend the Bobiverse books fairly often, both from an audio perspective, as well as an SF perspective.
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Sequence:Bobiverse: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)For We Are ManyAll These WorldsHeaven's River
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Heaven's River

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   1 We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (2016) also appeared as:
       Translation: MI, Bob [Hungarian] (2017)
       Translation: My Jsme Legie [Czech] (2018)
       Translation: Nous sommes légion (Nous sommes Bob) [French] (2018)
       Translation: Ich bin viele [German] (2018) 
   2 For We Are Many (2017) also appeared as:
       Translation: Wir sind Götter [German] (2019) 
   3 All These Worlds (2017)
   4 Heaven's River (2020)
   The Bobiverse (2018) [O/1,2,3]
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (cover).jpg
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