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Better Know a Genre - Romance (link)

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Long ago I found a hardcore SF-head friend of mine reading a romance novel. I was a bit disconcerted, but he told me that he enjoyed the author's writing a great deal. So, being young and vaguely open-minded, I gave Georgette Heyer a try. I'm glad I did.

Here's the comment I put on the original post by Jeni Chappelle:

Romance is one of those genre's that crosses over into every other genre (I can't think of a genre that romance isn't compatible with off hand), and is a great way to explore characters, give them motivations, and otherwise leaven a narrative with subplots. I see that you've included Paranormal and Time-Travel as subgenres, to which I would add science fiction (there are other spec-fic subgenres of Romance, too). I'm thinking of Linnea Sinclair specifically, as she writes SF that is shelved in Romance. Then there's Lois McMaster Bujold, whose most recent novel Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (2012) is a great romance that's very reminiscent of Georgette Heyer. If you like SF and romance, I highly recommend Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.

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