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Amnesiac hero reading list

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amnesiac hero

Wherein the hero has amnesia. He can't remember a thing, except oddly his own name. Sometimes, although rarely, the hero cannot remember his name. Then an someone has to say "Well, we have to call you something!" and they have to make up a name for themselves. Usually, the Amnesiac Hero:
  • Has amazing fighting skills, and has no idea how he got them. This makes his origin even more mysterious.
  • Is found by a handsome/beautiful soon-to-be Sidekick, who helps them on their journey to remembering who they are.
  • Has a dark and depressing past that they probably don't want to remember anyway.
Amnesiac Heroes are common in RPGs and horror games, and are always the heroes in Ontological Mysteries and Quest for Identity. Even if those plots aren't being used, it's a easy way to get the player up to speed, as they're just being introduced to the setting, while the character lives there and should otherwise know about it already.
(Source: https://allthetropes.orain.org/wiki/Amnesiac_Hero )


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