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AAWC 2007 Session 2 - The Editor-Writer Relationship

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2007/05/18 - 10:30-12:00 - The Editor-Writer Relationship


Debra Garrison

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Lives in NY
  • Grew up in AA
  • Knopf / Pantheon
  • dgarrison@randomhouse.com

Alison Swan

  • Poet / Writer
  • Editor
  • Writing Teacher
  • Editor of Fresh Water: Women Writing on the Great Lakes
  • Lives in Chelsea
  • a_swan@sbcglobal.net

  • Swan:
    • Listen to everything, but choose what resonates with you. [On feedback about your work.]
    • The more published [an author is], the more open people/authors are to input. --> echoed by Garrison.
    • Need to develop the skill of taking advice.
  • Garrison:
    • Love other voices.
    • Good editors love other voices and want to to edit.
    • Editors are paid to express their opinion.
  • Swan:
    • Best thing to do to find an editor is to go to writers' conferences.
  • Q: What about mentors in writing?
    • Garrison: Sometimes working with an established author (at a workshop) may establish a connection that will give you a leg up in finding an agent.
    • Swan: Programs (grad and otherwise) helps establish connections. ==> [FF:] Pity Clarion is gone.
    • Garrison: Looking for that unique Voice / perspective.
  • Q: What does an agent bring to you [as an editor]?
    • Garrison: NF, proposal, sample chapter and outline. Fiction, whole novel. Agents also brings the relationship, history, known taste, etc.
  • Q: How does one get assigned an editor?
    • Garrison: usually the editor that acquires the book.
  • Swan: The most important thing for a first book is to have a good, strong manuscript.

Q: How do you ask a "name" to read something (if you've had some contact...)?

    • Garrison: Be gracious, keep it short and sweet.
    • Swan: Proceed with an open spirit, then it will come back to you. --> Heath Taylor [local to AA author] has been generous with his time...
  • Book Expo America (check for program [on their website]) [is a good place to] research for publishers.

NOTES: Quoted comments were statements made by Craig Holden

Square bracketed stuff I added when I typed this in.