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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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A6 (Library Box)

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#Box IDTitleAuthorsTypeTagsSearch
1 A6Algorithms in CSedgewick, RobertComputer Algorithms, Algorithms, C++ (Computer Language), Computer(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
2 A6ApacheLaurie, Ben; Laurie, PeterComputer Computer(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
3 A6Applying UML and Patterns: Intro to OOLarman, CraigComputer Computer, Object Oriented, Software Pattern, UML(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
4 A6C Wizard's Programming ReferenceSchwadererComputer C++ (Computer Language), Computer, Software Development(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
5 A6Dynamic HTMLGoodman, DannyComputer Computer, HTML (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
6 A6EJB CookbookSullins, Benjamin G.; Whipple, Mark B.Computer C++ (Computer Language), Computer, Java (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
7 A6Google HacksCalishain, Tara; Dornfest, RaelComputer Computer(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
8 A6Java and XSLTBurke, Eric M.Computer Computer, Java (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
9 A6Java DataAyers, Danny; Bell, John; Bettis, Carl Calvert; VariousComputer Computer, Java (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
10 A6JavaScriptFlanagan, DavidComputer Computer, Java (Computer Language), JavaScript (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
11 A6Numerical Recipes in CPress, William H.; Taukolsky, Saul A.; Vetterling, William T.; Flannery, Brian R.Computer C++ (Computer Language), Computer(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
12 A6PerlWall, Larry; Schwartz, Randal L.Computer Computer, Perl (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
13 A6Qualitative Reasoning about Physical SystemsBobrow, Daniel G.Computer Computer(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
14 A6Representing and Acquiring Geographic KnowledgeDavis, ErnestComputer Computer, Geography(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
15 A6Simulation, Knowledge-based computing, and Fuzzy StatisticsNegoita, Constantin Virgil; Ralescu, DanComputer Computer, Simulation(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
16 A6UNIX Documentation PreparationAT; TComputer Computer, UNIX(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)
17 A6Visual Basic Add-insRoman, StevenComputer Computer, Visual Basic (Computer Language)(G) (A) (T) (W) (F)

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