Good to be back

It’s good to be back in Ann Arbor (as of Sunday evening) after a week in Norfolk, VA, and attending NASFIC in Raleigh, NC. I really enjoyed reconnecting with Joe, an old high school buddy and spending time with my daughter Merideth. While NASFIC was relatively sparsely attended, it was fun and I met some interesting people, attended informative panels, and, I should mention, Merideth won a prize for Best Recreation in the Masquerade for her Harley Quinn costume.

Submitted “All You Quantum Zombies”

I’ve submitted ”All You Quantum Zombies” to the Ann Arbor Book Fair Short Story Contest and am trying to put enough polish on my heavily tweaked ”Stealing a Seed of the Giving-Tree” in time to get it in by midnight.  It’s a bit dicey as to whether or not I’ll get it into shape and within the word count (you can guess which of those is more difficult for me).  Nose to the grind-stone and no writers’ group for me tonight.

Just finished the beta version of “Death’s Harp has One String”

Just finished up the beta version of “Death’s Harp has One String”. Which is two days early to hit my (self imposed) end-of-the-month deadline. It only took a week to do, but then the story was already written as the prologue to Tactics and I wanted to polish it, it wasn’t that difficult to come in ahead of the deadline. And its short. Only about 3500 words. Which is the shortest story I’ve ever been able to produce. Let’s see how the beta readers judge it…

New title for “Angst Gryphon” story

While I was in the shower this morning I had an inspiration for a new title for the “Angst Gryphon” short story that I have been working on.  It has a rather pulpy sensibility to it, which I like.  So without further ado I introduce Angst Gryphon’s debut story title:  “Death’s Harp has One String”

Finished first polish draft of “The Unmodified Man”

I’ve (finally!) finished my first polish draft the “The Unmodified Man” (another story in the Chronicles from the Nexus).  I’d planned on making it under 7500 words this time, but it came out to a bit over 11,500 words.  Ah well, I’m just going to have say that I don’t know how to write a short story.  I (think I) know how to write a story.  They just come out however long they’re going to come out.

Time to start my next story.

“The Alchemist of Liberty” copyedit finished

The copyedit of “The Alchemist of Liberty” is done and I will be picking it from Tracy this evening, which means I should be done with it by the end of the week. Beyond the copyedits, I’ve got a few tweaks I want to make with respect to some of the referenced names, but that won’t be a big deal.
I’ve been working away at the new opening scene for the sequel to AoL “Death Rides for Free”, and while it is taking a bit longer than I would like (I got distracted by writing a Java program to transform spreadsheet based term definitions into Wikipedia XML import file format, but more on that later). DRfF is coming along and I’ve been working out some interesting mechanics/implications for Monoliths and null space.

Update (and getting back into the blog thing)

Sorry for the longish silence.  I’ve been meaning to blog something — and there are a number of potentially interesting items ranging through the definition of “science fiction”; writers’ glossaries; Thanksgiving get togethers; what has been going on in my regular writers’ group; and a few more things… — but I have been distracted, primarily by my the short story that I’ve been working on, and, to a lesser degree, by the glossaries that I have been researching and wikifying.  More on both of those later.  As to anything else of real significance, well, not much.  Everyone I know is reasonably healthy and happy.  Which is a good thing going into the holiday season.