The Venture Brothers, still excellent in reruns

My friend Chris H. and I started (re-)watching the first year of the Venture Brothers last night and I must say that I found them just as good in rerun as they were originally.  Perhaps this is due to being more familiar with the characters and seeing the story arcs with the knowledge of where they are going.

I was struck by the thought that I wouldn’t enjoy the Venture Brothers anywhere near as much without having experienced many of the TV shows, comic books, movies and other cultural phenomenan that, lets face it, are pretty mediocre.  For example, I know I enjoyed Men in Tights more because I had seen, and didn’t particularly care for, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Are there things you enjoy more because they are based on things that you didn’t enjoy that much?


A list of various things that I have been up to recently and/or are currently engaged in (in no particular order):

  • I started reading Charles Stross’ Halting State and have been enjoying it.
  • Turned “The Shaper’s Daughter” over to a friend for copy editing while I work on researching markets.
  • Finishing up the new scene to begin “The Alchemist of Liberty”.
  • Built a double loft (basically from scratch) for Merideth over the weekend.
  • Porting a bunch of my old wiki articles to the new wiki.
  • Started watching Torchwood. Three episodes and liking it a lot.
  • Researching a PHP based bookmark tool to add to
  • and someone at UofM has developed a new plastic that is as strong as steel and transparent.