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On February 3rd, 1947 a supernova wavefront changed everything. A previously unknown galactic civilization intervened saving the majority of life of Earth. In the wake of the Galactics’ intervention, people started to develop powers declaring themselves superheroes and supervillains. Thirty seven years later Michael Gurick watches his superhero father die, and vowed to revenge by Dispensing Justice.

A Brief Overview of Superhero Fiction

In the past fifty years I would venture to say that less than fifty novels and anthologies have been published that fall within the superhero genre, excluding Marvel and DC media spinoffs. If you include Marvel and DC, I think the number is somewhere between 100 and 200. So I set out to prove or disprove this supposition. The following overview of superhero fiction is the result. In this overview, I won’t be including graphic novels. Link to the full wiki version of this article.
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Tropes – Part 1 – Shedding Some Light On Tropes

Tropes – Part 1 – Shedding Some Light On Tropes (wiki version)

Last week, at the Tuesday night’s AAAWG meeting, the topic of tropes came up. When I was asked what a trope was, I am chagrined to say that I didn’t have an immediate cogent answer and referred the questioner to While I was (and am) comfortable with my internal conceptualization of tropes — which is another way of saying that I could (and can) identify a trope when confronted with one — as well as being familiar with the dictionary definition, I didn’t have a definition that I could whip out and say a trope is X. Continue reading “Tropes – Part 1 – Shedding Some Light On Tropes”