A Brief Overview of Superhero Fiction

In the past fifty years I would venture to say that less than fifty novels and anthologies have been published that fall within the superhero genre, excluding Marvel and DC media spinoffs. If you include Marvel and DC, I think the number is somewhere between 100 and 200. So I set out to prove or disprove this supposition. The following overview of superhero fiction is the result. In this overview, I won’t be including graphic novels. Link to the full wiki version of this article.
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Megamind Megafun!

Taking a few hours away from my push to complete Dispensing Justice I went to see Megamind yesterday and was megapleased with it. It was the best supervillain movie that I have seen to date (Despicable Me being my second choice), although The Incredibles remains my favorite superhero film. In the pantheon of movies from 2010, Megamind rocks!

Megamind hits all the right notes, at least if you are interested in an action packed, animated spectacle. Did I mention that it was funny and sweet, too? I should note that I didn’t see the 3D version, but I plan on going back for just that. The only other movie to draw me back to the theatre this year was RED.

Megamind is well plotted, has excellent characterization, ripping dialogue, and engrossing world building. Megamind was fine tuned down to within an inch of its life. And in a good way. It even managed to surprise me a couple of times.

Bottom line, run, don’t walk, to the theatre and see Megamind.