Red Rook Progress Report #4

RR SymbolToday, after declaring an end to the Barf Phase yesterday evening, The Red Rook moved into it’s second primary production stage, which I dub the Polish Phase. RR currently stands at a little over 78,500 words, which is reasonably close to my target of 80K words for the rough draft. Amazingly, I managed to maintain a 1K+ words per day all the up to the day before the final day (yesterday was I only managed to eke out 900 words or so), and all with only a moderate amount of pushing myself. If prior experience holds, I should be able to get a polished draft to my beta readers in about thirty days.

Red Rook Progress Report #3

RR SymbolYesterday marked another 20,000 words since the Red Rook progress report #2, and a mere 20,000 left to go for my targeted fist draft length of 80K. I continue to roll out 1K+ words a day, and I keep wondering when I’m going to hit the wall. But I’m pretty determined to do 80K in 80 days (or A Novel in Around 80 Days, but that’s a post for another day). At this point I’m reasonably certain I can get the beta draft of the Red Rook done by the end of September, and the ‘final’ version done by the end of November.


Red Rook Progress Report #2

Just passed over the half-way point of 40,000 words on the Red Rook rough draft yesterday. I’ve managed to maintain a rate of over 1K words per day, which has been a pleasant surprise for me. If yo had asked me that I would could have turned out 1,000 plus words a day for 38 days straight, I would have said ‘No way!’. Hope to make it at least to the end of July at this rate.


Red Rook Progress Report #1

This month was a good month. I’ve made good progress on the Red Rook, (sequel to Dispensing Justice, the first in my Nova Genesis superhero SF series) (and it’s from Penny’s viewpoint, rather than Michael’s) and it now stands at a bit over 21,000 words, which is a little over a quarter of the way to my 80,000 word goal for my first polish draft. What has been a little surprising is that I’ve been averaging slightly more than a thousand words a day. I think it’s because I’ve been bouncing around a lot, writing scenes and partial scenes as they come to me. Not sure how long that will last, but I’m hoping to keep the pace up at least through half-way. Of course, at some point I’m going to have slow down and fill in the gaps.

Dispensing Justice first (barf) draft complete

A quick announcement that the first draft, or as I refer to it, the barf draft, of my superhero science fiction YA novel Dispensing Justice is complete at 68,300 words. Now on to the polish phase.  Oh, and stay tuned.  It won’t be that long before it goes beta.

FoWaG barf draft finished

Just finished up the barf phase draft of “Fortress of Wind and Glass”. Came in about fifty percent longer than I had originally projected at a bit over 15,000 words. Doesn’t look like I’ll finish the first polish pass by the end of November, but should have it done by the 7th of December.