“Winters’ Unexpected Arrival” transitioning from ‘barf’ to ‘polish’ early

It feels like I am getting close to the end of the “barf” phase for “Winters’ Unexpected Arrival” and I’m shy of even halfway to my 7500 word goal.  Which is interesting, as I tend to write fairly long stories and have been working off of a 750 word synopsis of WUA so I was expecting the “barf” phase to last well into 6000 word range.  Fine, no problem.  It just means that I will start the “polish” phase early.  This is just as well, as WUA is a departure from what passes for my standard style writing, and I expect that I will need the extra time for polishing.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good about what I’ve done so far.  The change of style hasn’t really been as difficult as I was anticipating, and I got some good reactions out of Chris H. last night when I forced him he kindly listened to me read some bits of it.