About to buy Denver WorldCon memberships

I’m about to buy my Denver WorldCon memberships and am sending out probing email to the old “Brat Pack” (and few others) to see who might be planning on attending. Merideth (F., not D.-W.) will be driving out from Michigan with much listening to books on CD (like our journey to NASFIC last year). We will be taking our time and may stop in Omaha to see Merideth (D.-W., of course). On the way back I may try and make a swing through the Black Hills of SD, depending on timing and money.

Anybody from the old LASFS “Brat Pack” planning on attending? Drop me an eLine or comment.

Preparing to submit “The Shaper’s Daughter”

As I prepare to submit “The Shaper’s Daughter” to one of the SF mags, I am contemplating how to write the cover letter. I remember reading that you should keep your cover / submission letter short and simple and allow the story to sell itself. I’ve looked around for where I read that, but haven’t been able to find it. In the process, I’ve noted that there isn’t, or at least I haven’t come across, much in the way of advice for writing cover / submission letters for magazines. Queries (to agents and editors), on the other hand, are much easier to find. Maybe I just haven’t worked out the proper search terms for this sort of advice.

Southern California fires and friends (hope everyone is OK) – Updated, IV

I’m in the process of trying to get a hold of friends in southern California. Hope everyone out there is OK. If anyone knows anything about Alex P., Michael C., Liz M., Mike D., Peter F., or Sivan D. (all originally LASFS friends) please drop me a line. (It is possible that Roger J., but I lost track of him in Las Vegas, so I don’t know if he is in the area or not.) Continue reading “Southern California fires and friends (hope everyone is OK) – Updated, IV”