A Brief Overview of Superhero Fiction

In the past fifty years I would venture to say that less than fifty novels and anthologies have been published that fall within the superhero genre, excluding Marvel and DC media spinoffs. If you include Marvel and DC, I think the number is somewhere between 100 and 200. So I set out to prove or disprove this supposition. The following overview of superhero fiction is the result. In this overview, I won’t be including graphic novels. Link to the full wiki version of this article.
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Novella length SF and Fantasy anthology open for submissions

Jim Van Pelt had a post on LiveJournal yesterday linking to an announcement of novella length SF and Fantasy anthology / market that is open for submissions.  I’ve added Alembical at Paper Golem to my market research links and am currently reviewing my novella length stories to see which one I would like to submit.  I would like to submit “Up in the Nightgaunts Gang”, but it needs a polish pass, and at 18,500 words, is a little short of the 20,000 word minimum that Alembical is looking for.  But given my prior track record and writing process, it is likely that it will break the minimum by the time I am done polishing.