Writers’ group report

Yesterday evening we had our first writers’ group meeting at the Great Lakes Chocolate and Coffee Co. (located on Jackson Rd. in Ann Arbor) rather than the standard location at Borders in Arborland (‘Tis the season and all, so Borders, who are quite gracious hosts, would rather not have us around for November and December). The topic of agents and editors who blog came up, as well as writing query letters and pitches. I wanted to share the interesting blog entry by eeknight on character based pitches (which is the excuse for this bit of blogging) so check out my prior blog entry on this here (see second paragraph). I also mentioned DeepGenre, which has the interesting ‘13-line critiques‘, which I am not sure that it is still active as the last submitted critique was in 2006, but the archive of 177 critiques is interesting.

I read another excerpt from “The Alchemist of Liberty” (sorry not much behind that link yet) and received some good feedback which has, luckily or not, started me writing a new opening scene (and I was reading in the middle of the story!).

Miss Snark has been indexed

The excellent and extensive blog by Miss Snark (“Where Miss Snark vented her wrath on the hapless world of writers and crushed them to sand beneath her T.Rexual heels of stiletto snark.”) has recently become more accessible. While it is unfortunate that Miss Snark has gone silent, there is much to be gleaned by what she has left behind. Kelly McCullough at Wyrdsmiths has put together an excellent index into Miss Snark’s posts which I am just beginning to explore.

Query letter

As an unpublished / unagented writer (I’m not using the term ‘author’, as I reserve it for writers who have been published) it is always interesting to look at query letters that actually worked, one of which can be found at Pub Rants, a blog by Agent Kristen (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at this year’s NASFIC).

Kristen follows up with additional discussions here and here. The second post includes the letter to the editor that to getting the book published.